Sunday, 12 February 2012

Castelli Liquigas and Cipo

Quite an Italian feel to this weeks blurb and rightly so, firstly with the cold weather we took a look at Castelli's 2012/2013 winter collection "a bit early for that isn't it" i hear you say but its never to early for Castelli's clothing as it's all so good. The main theme for this on coming year will be Green. This isn't me on a Liquigas rant saying i told you so and green is the future etc etc (although funny enough it is) but various Italian clothing manufacturers and ill expand on the various in a few weeks, have shown and told that 2012 is the year of green. Below are a few items that we at the shop all agreed on in the flesh are lovely, some will be a very definite yes or no for most but the UK is so boring, black black and black with a touch of grey/black no wonder cycling looks so dull to some people. Come on chaps and chapesses live a little and indulge.
Firstly a few nice Jackets.

And for the Ladies.


Awesome jersey's
There is loads but ill wait until nearer the time to give full specs as the range can always change but look out for the winter suit which is a Transparente jersey joined to a pair of Sorpasso tights, colour aside (which is wicked) its a great suit for the long winter days and there is also a cyclocross set with a short and super Roubaix inner.
Shorts tights and bibs stay as are really but as usual the collection is massive , well made and uber comfy and as soon as our Summer range lands next month ill post all the good bits up then. As for Mr Cipo and his cycles our first Logos has arrived and we are very pleased, the frame looks very nice in the flesh as expected, a little more subtle than the RB1000 with its angles and bends but equally as stunning and whats also nice and was embraced by us immediately is the removable cover under the BB area for cable routing and set up.

The frame weighs in at 1150g in a med which is highly acceptable given the ride quality of these puppies and they really do need to be seen in the flesh as images do not reflect the sexy lines of these bikes. RB800 and RB1000 on their way aswell so a full range on display shortly. The RB800 just got a cracking 10/10 from cycling weekly, Bianchi's Oltre just got a storming review from cycling plus and Cannondale ? well what can i say all our brands are kicking arse just ask Elia Viviani as he snaps up what he can aboard his EVO. Isn't this a pretty thing Evo team and little brother CAAD10 resting in the warm.

Well thats enough for today but keep an eye on our website Bicycle for info in the shop and our soon to be online store for all your Green needs or pop in for some Cipo love and a general natter about nothing in particular. Feed time Ciao.

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Bits and peaces

As it's been a week since the last post i suppose i should do something otherwise what is the point. We have had a few Ultegra Di2 bikes arrive these last few weeks from Bianchi and Cannondale but just had no time to build them so no road tests as yet but we have group sets in stock and i know they have been all over the web for months but now having them in the flesh shows just how simliar they really are. Excuse the usual standard of amazing quality photos but just so you can see both together thats all. Apparently the Ultegra is a little slower on its change than the Dura-ace but other than a few grams thats about it so really is worth considering and after the typical reliability shimano offer with Di2 the Ultegra will be just as reliable which is great from a UK weather perspective and daily user point of view and at the groupset cost makes me think is it time to go electric.

The mechs although really not interesting or exciting to look at still look just as good so money well spent me thinks, road test to come shortly.

Other things looking good at present are 3T's stealth stem and post , Mavic's cosmic ultimates and my belt drive hybrid from Focus, oh yes ive turned 40 and im doing my mid-life crisis on a budget. My newish commute monster is an 8 speed internal hub belt driven beauty, quiet as a ninja , faster than Usain Bolt and only for the most testosterone packed animals of us but an in-depth view into the belt drive shortly.
Meantime Shabi oops i mean Szabi (personel joke) is preparing for his second holiday already this year sorry i mean training camp i dont know whats come over me tonight. His Cannondale Flash carbon 1 29'r trail muncher is due into the country in a few more weeks and Cannondale have already sold through on 29'rs in carbon for the year and strangely Scott have also ran out of bikes so maybe a factory in the far east somewhere forgot to order enough carbon ? i dont know but still it's a shame only January and already gone i wish i could say the same for politicians. So Shabi and his new bike will soon be back from holiday and rolling round the woods in the dark but hes feeling fit and has some great sponsors on board this year who he will do proud im sure. We are off to the Core bike show tomorrow for a little fun and to see what we can blag so photos and incredibly funny belly cramp inducing stories to follow from there im sure. Well off to bed as its gonna be a long day.

Friday, 20 January 2012

Cannondale Evo 2012

Our family of Evo's is growing nicely at present however some of you members of the cycling public keep coming in and buying them so we have to get more and they are already selling out for the year in certain sizes and models which makes me think come May and Giro time there will not really be any left.
This may sound a little over the top but im afraid it isn't so hopefully Mr and Mrs Cannondale will get it on a little more often over these coming months and produce some more offspring.

So as it stands above you have the SRAM red bike nearest followed by the Di2 model them the (dribbling again) Liquigas Team model. All Evo's run the same frame and fork set up but different paint finished leave different weights. The Red and Team models both weigh 6.5kg dead without pedals (size measured team=56cm  Red=54cm) the Di2 model 58cm weighs 6.4kg (54cm pictured) and your more than welcome to pop in to see for your self. The spec of all 3 bikes is great and doesn't require any upgrading at all unless it's for personel reasons on preferred equipment. Complete bikes begin at £4000 to ober £8k for the ultimate and we will be offering frame and fork sets from March onwards in the Dura-ace black and white but these will be ltd so if your genuinely interested let me/us know asap.

The ride quality is as expected with these, fantastic. Lots of people were quick to say its more comfortable than the old one and its less comfortable etc etc before the bike had even hit the tarmac. The bike is stiff fast and very agile even more so than the original Supersix and with the light weight it just fly's and climbs like thing that climbs really well, really really well it even makes fat blokes like me want a red poka dot jersey. The steerer tubes come through quite tall and 99% of them will probably get the chop but at least you have the option to play around as we are not all rubber band bendy.

As the CAAD10 is to the CAAD9 the Evo is to the Supersix all amazing bikes but still a step up the ladder in performance and all round usability. The Team model has always been my favourite since i bought my first Liquigas bike in 2008 i have loved them all and my collection grows, i know why ride a team bike if your not in the team or even race etc quite frankly who cares there are millions of people wearing football shirts who can barely string a sentence together so i feel justified and if your going to spend £500 or £10,000 on something then buy the something you want not what others suggest, your only here once as far as we know so make the stay a good one.

Yum to the Cannondale SI chainsets and BB30 bottom brackets that everyone now adopts and double yum to the SRAM red/black/green (Dear Mr SRAM colour options on the new group please how hard can it be)

Tidy internal cable routing for the rear brake which exits from the top tube alla Synapse on the smaller framed models.

Lastly and we have been asked, why no go aero tube shapy, Cannondale wanted to keep and better the ride quality and comfort as you get more aero you get stiffer and heavier so they adopted the sensible bit, the tubes have been downsized to cut through the air quicker basically but with a different carbon lay up to allow the stiffness etc to be kept.  Think 5 Chocolate biscuits in your mouth apposed to one biscuit, one biscuit gets the job done quicker, strange analogy but it works on my level. Well all that talk of biscuits has made me hungry so im off, i hope you have learnt some new words today and enjoyed the pictures. Todays blog has been bought to you by the colour Green and the number 6.
Kettles on Ivan get a move on.

Bless him he's last again.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

It's beginning

Well after a fairly dull year last year this one has started with a bang. It may be cold out round here but the sun was shining this weekend and the cycling has been mental. Are the Olympics having an effect im not sure. It's far to early to tell but im seeing Nike posters every where of Cavendish and Harry Main, the local area is rammed with roadies, you cant drive round Box hill for all the cyclists churning up the Olympic course to be and even the local skatepark is stacked out with kids from 5 years old upwards doing tricks i would of said were impossible when i was a teenager (very very long time ago). Now whilst i mention skateparks and how well cycling seems to be doing here in blighty at present can i just throw a few facts out there. English down hill world champions Steve Peat and Tracey Moseley, world champions for feck sake and who new about generally yet premiership footballers shed a toe nail and it's front page of the papers. Jamie Bestwick anyone , anyone no never heard of him well imagine if we won the world cup, what an achievement we would spend the next 60 years bragging about it, Jamie Bestwick holds and has held the past 5 X-Games vert gold medals (world cups) and 7 Dew tours as well and when you watch what he does you'll know why. Its about time these athletes started getting the recognition they deserve as they push their sports forward day in day out , they dont earn Manchester United wages and they work extremely hard and have done to get where they are so i hope 2012 see's these guys and girls up there in the public eye.

Cycling covers all different disciplines so lets support them all and make it a great year for the UK, who knows a few Golds wouldn't hurt now would they.
In other news lots of nice shiny things leaving the shop over the last few days and lots more shiny things to come, there is a lovely EVO Di2 custom build around the corner, ltd edition Sidi shoes, Kask helmets new Cavendish model to come , Ultegra Di2 first ride and Scalpel 29'rs so im going to be busy over the next few weeks and then come April we go for a spin with Cipo, the Lion King as he lives and breathes so lts to do. The shop site is now and to an extent still being updated with the web shop due in Febuary.
Well tomorrow is my day off so i have an early appointment at the Gym then ill send a few hours at Harrow skatepark on my BMX whilst all the kids are at school pretending im Jamie Bestwick as i hop over a coke can and generally hurt myself so enjoy your week peoples and i will return.

Monday, 9 January 2012

Back to normal

Well finally we are back to normal, as much as i love Christmas and all that festive stuff i do love to get back to a routine, mainly for my stomach i think as one week a year of traumatic expansion is enough. So we are 200 days away from the Olympics and we all wonder here in blighty if it will be great or a traditional cock up. To be honest i was thinking along the cock up route but over the last week seeing the amount of people in the shop looking, enquiring and buying bikes to get in shape and ready for this massive summer i now begin to think it's actually going to be ok medals or not im sure it will go down well and hopefully get such viewing numbers here it will help prompt kids to get out off the X-box with their massively over worked opposing thumbs and zombie stares and find out just how much of a laugh sport can be with your friends which brings me round to Cav, S.P.O.T.Y what a result and a truly deserved one plus the guy is so much a team player hes just what the sport needs so well done to him.

So more 2012 product is beginning to land in the shop and ill be displaying it as the weeks go by and we get to use it but for now the Sidi Ergo 3's are in and looking lovely. Firstly the speedplay specific sole offers more adjustment for and after than a std shoe would do it also lowers the stack height and saves you weight 62g to be precise. The carbon is T700 and comes from a factory that also makes parts for believe it or not Ducati and Ferrari, Come on it's Italian what do you expect. New this year is a vent at the front of the sole which opens to allow air flow up into the mid part of the shoe keeping your feet cooler in the hotter weather. The shoe has 4 closure systems on the upper, your standard security velcro strap nearest the toe, the second is the techno 2 system (twisty dial bit)  in the middle a buckle and strap at the top of the foot which can be adjusted on the non buckle side side to allow for a high or low instep giving closure and pressure on the correct part of the foot and lastly the heal closure system which was tested with Liquigases Ivan Basso a few years back. This lets the shoe give a secure fit above the heal that does not squeeze or pinch or effect blood flow but means if you were running your straps looser due to very long miles, aches, discomfort or just need a little room to keep your feet awake it keeps the shoe in place and feeling safe.

The current RRP is £309.99 and their in stock now, a full range of colours and models from Sidi will be on our web shop come mid Febuary when it goes live. Keep an eye on here or here for more info.
And lastly if your lucky enough to be a Liquigas sponsored rider you get these.

Super bling im on the blag as we speak or you read and i write etc, oh you get it. Well thats enough for tonight i need sleep and protein.


Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy new year

Well we are here 2012 has just begun and hopefully a great year for us all. This will be a big year for us in the UK with the Olympics and high hopes for Gold medals especially in the cycling. Cavendish at SKY will im sure make for a very interesting Tour, how will the team work it with Wiggo will they go for sprinter, overall points and placement and so on and that's if there are no injuries or changes due to the Olympics but whatever happens im sure it will be a memorable year and hopefully one where we stop hearing about all the doom and gloom of recession. So far the shop has been buzzing over christmas with people eager to get riding, a mix of mild weather and the excitement of whats to come i think.

I will try to run a good mix of things this year from whats new in the shop to what just plain works regardless. Lots of cycling miles to do this year and comment on and also just general fitness achievements. I have managed to drop 2 stone in the last 10 weeks so hills are feeling enjoyable now and ill share with you how i did it. Szabi has a busy year of races this year with his 24hr solo career and his first year with a group of top notch sponsors. Follow his blog for all that goes on but i will keep you informed anyway with a pre season write up to follow this week.

Turning 40 this year has messed up my thinking and made me buy a hybrid to commute on, dark times i thought but actually not thanks to Focus bikes and my new belt drive beauty, also the addition of my BMX via ZEAL BMX (thanks Mr Hitchcox) ill admit i love BMX and have done since the age of 9 and quite frankly couldn't imagine the last 31 years without it in my life, its character building, it keeps you fit, it makes you determined and to continuously push yourself plus keep A&E busy so works all round but ill do a stint on my visits to XC in Hemel and Harrow skatepark with my son soon.
The shops online store will open shortly which we are all quite excited about and hopefully will give people a bigger insite to what we sell and what we are about.

I will give an up to date link shortly for the shop just awaiting a few amendments to be done first. Strava what fun this site is after a bit of a slow year for me and lack of interest in the road bike this site kicked me straight back into touch with routes and records to break all over the place including competitions and so on so if you havent seen it yet take a look and feel free to join our club Bicycle richmond to help us build those KOM points. Now i must go and ready myself and get my blogs, tweets and god knows what other things in place so once again Happy new year folks, get out on the bike get down the gym be positive and lets make 2012 a year to be proud of. I will leave you with this video Congrats to Robbie and Levi what a way to kick off the year.


Sunday, 11 December 2011

Change is coming

January 1st it all starts here