Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Gamin Edge 500

Well i have been a little slack over this festive period but with the owner of secret project Jago i poking and chasing me for his new toy's i suppose i should get on and do something so here is his latest bit of kit, the new Garmin edge 500 and it is cool, about half the size of the 705 and minus the gps bit which Lot's of us never use anyway it makes an awesome training tool concentrating on your cycling and fitness needs. Now i am sure some colour options will be next on their list if this unit sells well but it is still ant+ compatible and so on and any weight weenies out there will be changing to these from their 705's to save a few more grams I'm sure.Now over the next few days ill bring you my Vo2 test and what it told me and lots of shiny new dales arriving at the start of next week so there will be those as well so until tomorrow enjoy your evening.

Friday, 25 December 2009

Happy Christmas

Well happy christmas to all and i hope you all where ever you are have a great christmas.

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

2010 Fizik

Well as the parts begin to roll in for project jago-i a new Fizik Antares 00 arrived and it's lovely.
The saddle is around 10 g lighter than 2009 and runs a much stiffer carbon base this year but has the added benefit of the wingflex system giving a tad more comfort and also to help alleviate Ivan Basso's sciatica. The saddle like most products purchased for this bike is of a very high quality finish and looks great in the flesh and i just can't wait to get it built.

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Hoops for Jago1

Well parts are now arriving for project jago 1 or should i say jago i, more on that later but for now carbon hoops. Delivered today were these lovely Edge 45 carbon clincher rims, these puppies weighed in at 405g each and are finished perfectly. We have gone for the Edge rims due to their strength and durability as an all day/training rim but light enough for a race day wheel as well.
The rear will be laced with a powertap hub in black and the front is yet to be confirmed.
More images on these as their built and tomorrow we will see what Fizik dropped off for us.

Monday, 21 December 2009

Toastie as 1,2,3

Well i picked these up today for one of our customers and i have to say they look and feel lovely, you get 3 pairs of glove's in total No.1 an inner silk style glove to offer some base insulation then No.2 a normal glove with a lovely long cuff to tuck into your jacket, some well positioned padding on the palm and finished very nicely. Last of all No.3 gives your ultimate cold day top layer lobster glove which when fitted over glove's 1 and 2 fits perfectly giving no discomfort or tight spots, no irritating seems and not overly baggy as you may expect. These gloves do look a very high standard in the flesh and the asking price of £99.99 i think is very good considering a normal warmish glove costs around £40, 3 pairs for £100 to this quality is awesome.
Now briefly we looked at the beginnings of Jago1 the other day (supersix hi-mod) well it looks as though it's going DI2 specific on this build which means i just bought a new frame, hoorah.
Night yall.

Friday, 18 December 2009

Goodies from Ian

Well Mr Carvel comes up trumps again, this guy will be a true loss to the UK when distribution changes in 2010 so much so we may kidnap him and keep him in the shop basement but i digress, today the postman delivered to me one of our gillets signed by the following, Roel Paulisson, Martin Gujan, and Marco Fontana the Cannondale factory mtb team. To some this may seem quite boring but if you read this blog regularly you would probably get the impression i do like a Cannondale and a team rider or two so i love this stuff it's pure gold dust for me and will look great in the shop when its famed and on display for our customers to see.
This will now go with our Liquigas team signed jersey (thanks Rory) another true Cannondale trooper. Well over the next few days i will prepare my list of Cannondale highlights for 2009 but for the moment i will leave you all to your Friday night whilst i carry on my pointless existence.

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Let's Get Festive

Well plenty of snow in Pinner tonight people so the journey to work should be great tomorrow, not as much snow as Dan is probably dealing with but to us Brits it's a nightmare god only knows how this country ever won any wars based on the fact that it's 2009 and we cant even grit the f*****g roads in time but on a lighter note and emphasis is on the light bit here, a certain customer of ours ordered a 2010 Supersix frame set which arrived rather rapidly (thanks again Ian) and it's fookin light. The frame is a 58cm (my size) Hi-Mod S6 weighing 900g ouch yes 900g and the Cannondale crank is on it's way the lightest and stiffest spinning thing in the known universe and far more reliable than a UK weather report.
This bike will be one stealthy wippet when it's built and as part's roll in ill keep you up to date with the build which will now be refereed to as Jago1 , childish ? who cares it's my blog.
Well im off to play in the snow with my dog otherwise all the bloody kid's round here will steel it before they go to school and remember people 2 wrongs don't make a right but 3 rights make a left.

Monday, 14 December 2009

Tim Johnson I

Well Tim Johnson took his 3rd national championship this weekend in Oregon with a commanding lead after J pow had to make a bike swap Tim just stayed in charge and took the win. Jeremy Powers and Jamie Driscoll took 5th and 6th to make it yet another strong finish from the cannondale boys and is it me or is TJ looking a little bit Ali G in this picture.

Friday, 11 December 2009

Wiggo a go go

So Mr Wiggins has jumped ship to team SKY not Cannondale related but he is a brit so i should care i suppose. I think he will do well at Sky he knows the coaching staff etc so should feel comfy and hopefully it will allow him to take British cycling a bit further up the rankings and speaking of which we have sports personality of the year on Sunday and Cav is on the list so get votes in people another cyclist win would be good for business.
Meantime Ian @ Cannondale Europe has sent me a little something special which i will tell more of when i get it and i have just finished my 2nd FTP test and my average watts is up by about 25 which I'm happy with as all Ive done in the last month is commute ill start proper training next week for the oncoming sportive season with a goal of the 2011 etap in a decent time, i have managed to drop the 7lbs of weight i wanted to before Christmas so now i can focus on shedding a bit more and on that note I'm off to the kitchen I'm sure one chocolate biscuit wont hurt.
tot straks

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Where is Szabi

Well Szabi is doing his FTP test this morning as we speak or as i write this i should say to see what the numbers say being the 24hr Hungarian champion he has a lot to live up to in 2010 so he is training hard and staying focused and flys out to Spain to a training camp on Sunday and after finding out Roel Paulisson was at Cannondale this week he has even more determination he loves those guy's and wouldn't mind filling Roel's shoes one day I'm sure so Roel if you read this any tips for him ?.
I need coffee bye.

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

It's all going on in Basel

Well it's all happening in Cannondale Europe this week the European factory racing team are there doing a little pr work at the mo so hopefully a little more on that before the weekend also Mr Carvel your a star and will be well missed when Cannondale UK goes live in Febuary and you stay in the land of tobelerone with all those green goodies. Ian has managed to get me a CAAD9 fork and have it painted in the colour i need, see its not what but who you know, thanks again mate and more on the fork job to come and while I'm on about Ian dude i hear your over in January so what say we get russ from the west country and have it large you know it makes sense and grab as much stuff from the liquigas cabinet as you can before you visit :)
Well I'm off to eat something bad and check my beard growth meantime here is Szabis Supersix.

Monday, 7 December 2009

J Pow on form

Well Jeremy Powers took another win at round 8 of the USGP in Portland out sprinting Todd Wells (specialized) and letting Tim Johnson grab 3rd. Read the full report here- FULL REPORT- meanwhile just had a nice shiny cabinet delivered at work for our nice shiny bit's to be displayed in so expect some sad shiny thing photos to be placed on here shortly. My friend and shop mechanic Szabi has just built up a lovely 2009 Supersix Hi-mod which I'm sure will be on his blog shortly when he get's off it long enough to take a picture.
I have a new old toy to build up shortly for winter training but i think I'm gonna grab a few day's back on the Supersix before Christmas as Szabi is making me jealous.
Well they say you learn something new everyday so - Gute Nacht

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Santa if you listening

Well i wouldn't turn a pair of these down if i found them in my stocking on Christmas morning, one of Mavics lightest ever sets of wheels weighing in at just 950g a pair (claimed) these should make for a wicked pair of climbing wheels at the Giro in 2010 and i believe a certain Mr Basso will be using a pair but i think for financial reasons ill be looking at some R-sys SL's will be the one for me.

Saturday, 5 December 2009

Where has the time gone

Well I've neglected my blog a bit recently so time to make up for it. Christmas is coming which means one thing to me, crap weather and so far we have had some serious rain here in the UK but i promise you there will be hose pipe Ban's this summer anyway the question is to train or not to train.
A few months back i was all up for it but i have decided to give it a miss until January and just hit the turbo a few times amongst my commuting.
Mainly watching my weight and trying to drop a few pounds its actually been working really well but i have mad a big change to my diet, watching calories where there from and when but just over a lb a week at present which is ideal so touch wood ill hit 14st on the nose just as i get into my training so ill be lugging a stone and a bit less up the hills this year which should make a difference i hope. Now in the meantime those Liquigas boys have been having some fun in the snow at their first training camp but it has been based on fun and team building by now they should be over in Spain a little warmer and getting the legs working.It's been a really good year for Cannondale on the rave scene with Roel Paulisson wooping the endurance rides Chrissie wellington at Kona and as for the Cannondale cyclocrossworld team, all i can say is amazing so let's hope the guys in Liquigas green can claim a few more victories this oncoming year. Well I'm off to carry on with the year's advertising for the shop so ill be back soon peeps.
The image above to the right shows team Liquigas praying to the Cannondale Supersix their one true reason to live.

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Specializd Contador

Well if the rumours are true Specialized have just bought Contadors arse literally and possibly dare i say it a Tour De France win now that's creative marketing and also Basso to possibly join Contador in 2011, well i hope Basso puts in a good season this year and does not let him self down as for Contador h wont get a third he's not a great, big statement but he's no armstrong or Merckx i think a Shleck or to have a point to make this season and never i mean never count out Nibali, Pelli and Kruizeger a lot to come from those guy's and don't forget the bloke on the left, night.

Friday, 13 November 2009

Winter blues

Well 3 weeks since my last post how bad am i but to be honest the weather has changed it's all dark and dingy and i feel low however my CX( has put a smile on my face over the last few weeks and cross is picking up a lot of attention in the world at the moment and in the UK which is great especially the way the Cannondale boy's are riding. The pic is of Martin Gujan's new cx bike which looks lovely. Also Cannondale have released the on bike more info to follow in the next few days but we are ordering one at work for reasons ill explain later, well this was just a quick one i need to make some lunch then chase Rory to find out what the Liquigas paint job will be for next year.
Later peeps.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

System 6 2009

Well this bike always got lots of hype " the best bike cannondale ever made" "stiffest bike in the world" but i just think it looks dam good. This is a 2009 smu model basically if a dealer were to ring the big C and say i want to order 30 system 6's with sram red groupsets and cosmic carbon wheels they will do it that's why the bike pictured is a 2009 model but never seen anywhere, shame really it was a lovely bike, meanwhile my powertap hub is working and now i have a new way of training which is great. We are receiving a lot of interest in Cannondales F1 and Flash in the shop at present and the cyclocross calls are beginning to come through as well now so CX9's here we come.
It seems everyone is taking up cyclocross at the mo which is brilliant for a sport which has never had much exposure over here in the UK but well deserves it, I'm really keen to try it but all that cold wet mud and running doesn't do much to inspire me i mean you have to be fit and everything i think ill stick my favourite sport of which i hold a pro status, a seasoned pro at that yep you got it spectating you know it makes sense.

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Cross Vegas

Well if your getting into Cyclocross like so many others seem to at the moment make sure you check out Dan and Mike Cotty for an in sight in to getting into it and look at
Cross Vegas for a quick blast of the pro scene, them boy's are quick.

Friday, 16 October 2009

CX9 go go go

Well finally it's built Szabi the shop Mechanic, friend and euro loony put my bike together today and it got it's first ride home. Firstly it still needs a few bit's the white spokes for the front wheel are on back order,i want some speedplay pedals for it which are also on back order and that will do it for the moment.
I haven't ridden this bike since January and the only original bit's are the f&f and chainset and after using my supersix for the last 6 months i was expecting to feel a little let down by the ride but what do you know I'm actually really impressed.
Firstly i noticed how stiff and responsive it feels, heavier to shift along than the s6 but 100% fast not as smooth as the S6 in terms of comfort but as a CX/Crit bike i can see why it's so amazing very very happy with acceleration and response also it's handling very nimble and pinpoint accurate.
The fast forward wheels (built by Szabi) with powertap rear hub felt very stiff rotationally however new rims + new pads + cantilever brakes = very fast ride home and not much stopping but at the end of the day all i can say is silk missile.

Frame CAAD9 BB30 Cyclocross

Fork Cannondale Premium

Rear Shock N/A

Rims FFWD F4rc

Hubs Powertap elite+

Spokes DT swiss

Tires Schwalbe Durano plus 700x25c

Pedals Time ATAC

Crank FSA Gossamer BB30, 36/46

Chain SRAM 10speed

Rear Cogs SRAM OG1070 12/27

Bottom Bracket FSA BB30

Front Derailleur SRAM Rival

Rear Derailleur SRAM Rival

Shifters SRAM Force

FSA Wing Pro Compact

Stem FSA ST-OS-115 (31.8 mm, 1.125")

Headset Cane Creek CX9 SI, inkl. Cablehanger 1.125"

Brakeset Tektro CR520

Brakelevers SRAM Force

Saddle Fi'zi:k Aliante

Seat Post Cannondale C2

Monday, 12 October 2009

Big C Weekend

Well if your a Cannondale devotee as i am this weekend was great firstly Chrissie Wellington sets a new course record on board her Slice at Kona with an amazing bike ride and only 22 men finishing in front of her that is some amazing performance and takes the 17 year old record from Paula Newby-Fraser and in 2nd place Mirinda Carfrae again riding the Cannondale slice.
Next fast Roel Paulissen aboard his Team Scalpel won the Roc d'azur and on a cyclocross mission with their CAAD9's destroying the field were Jeremy powers winning in Ohio and team mates Tim Johnson and Jamey Driscoll taking 1st and 2nd in Rhode island so not a bad weekend at all for the big C.
As for here in blighty this week ill be building up my bike finally and at the shop we have looking at Giro eye wear so pics and info to follow soon.
And if your into design and stylish stuff have a look at this blog its got some cool stuff.

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Haircut 100

Well Friday was a little quiet and Szabi asked if i would trim his hair as he happened to have some clippers with him, not being one to turn down a challenge i obliged, maybe i have a hidden talent who knows Vidal Sasoon might be emailing me right now.