Saturday, 28 February 2009

Hello all

Nice to see a few more people looking at my blog i hope it's not to boring, i didnt get a chance to write last night as my wife was on facebook all night so i have been patient waiting to get on the pc tonight. I went for a ride with my friend Szalbi around Richmond park last night after work to start getting my miles up, not many to start with but i need to build it up slowly as i feel knackered most of the time. Szalbi could ride for hours but he is at least 10 years younger than me and almost half my weight but ill get their in the end. Anyway the singlespeed was great round the park but what i found weird was because it is pitch black up their at nighttime you can only see 20 feet in front of you so you cant work out where the road is going by that i mean up or down, it just felt wierd anyway the Deer were running everywhere but it was a really nice ride and the ride home from there was really good aswell but legs felt a little dead this morning probably down to riding my singlespeed everywhere but i really love riding this bike it's like my BMX'S when i was a kid it just feels right and the fact that im doing my journey in the same time as i do on my geared bikes show's it works.
I think a few more weeks and ill up the gearing again but ill throw some leg squats and bits in on the weights first to get ready.
The picture above is my Cannondale Caad9 which i have hardly ridden, it is a lovely looking bike but im holding out for a 2010 Supersix like team Liquigas are riding at present or maybe a Storck i dont know all dreams at the moment.
Things to check out,
Lee Mack live Well funny
Halo movie trailer on you tube, pasta chicken and mushrooms in a mushroom source (Mmmm)
Mule bars (we sell them)
and of course anything by Cannondale and the Prodigy.

Au Revoir, viszontlátásra,arrivederci and goodnight

Thursday, 26 February 2009


Tattoos love em or hate em it's a marmite thing personally though im addicted, im in the process of my fourth at present but having it blendid into an existing one so i can have my arm as one complete sleeve in traditional Japenese style. The pic above is a flower on the inside of left arm yet to be coloured (doh) and have some water added to meet the large Koi carp on the outside of my arm, Why you ask well every Tattoo has a meaning and in Japan the Koi stands for a if you like some one who has struggled on his chosen path but succeeded. Much as the fish have to struggle upstream which is a trecherous journey so they can mate and succeeded in their life.
I think all Tats should be done for a reason, a story etc so when people ask why you can explain even inlighten with your answer, well thats my take ill get some of the Koi on shortly and for all you Cannondale/Liquigas fans a special Tattoo for you tomorrow night so keep lookin.
Goodnight from London to you all.

Day off

Day off today so we have walked the dog this morning and im going off to do some painting at our old house. we took a drive over to Berkhamstead last night and i paid my first visit to little Martha Jane the familys lates arrival, above is a pic of my son Tommy saying hello to his new cousin.
It's funny but you forget how small new borns are they seem so fragile but im sure we will have her on a bike within 18months just watch this space.
Right i'm off to paint but ill be back later with some other stuff.

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

A little bored

Pretty quiet day today so im just kicking round feeling bored although i had a great ride to work on my Paddywagon, definately burnt a few calories there. I am off to see the newest arrival to the family tonight 2 week old MJ she's a real cuty ill post a pic or two later in the meantime i have a day off tomorrow so im resting my legs ready for friday night as i want to do a few laps of richmond park before settng off to home.
If anyone should need one of the above bikes just pop in to the shop and see us im sure we can help.
I am just waiting for the tattoo on my inner arm to heal so i can get it coloured and then move on to the next one, im glad it's expensive and painful or i would be covered head to toe by now.
I'm hoping Szalbi is going to build his CANNONDALE team scalpel soon as it is a beautiful bike and i want to show some pics of it on here.
Right ill leave you all in peace and be back later with more stuff hopefully.

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Not just bikes

As their is no racing on for a while i'm going to spend some time getting my tattoos worked on.
I use a guy in harrow called Taurus Tattoos. H e has only been open a few weeks but ive had work from him in the past and he is very good, the approach and honesty you would want which is great .
Ill put some pics up shortly also i'm listening to the Prodigys new album INVADERS MUST DIE and it's mental just like their older stuff up to and including Fat of the land which i felt you could never beat but i reckon this one is close the thing is i listen to it when im cycling which makes me go at 100mph so the old ticker will be struggling soon. I'm also having to shift a little weight i got a little lazy over christmas so now im 16st 3lbs and could do with dropping a bit so along with our shop mechanic and star endurance rider Szalbi (he's hungarian) we have devised a little keep fit program of our own and ill let you know how it goes.
Please leave some comments if their is somthing in particular you want to know about so i don't bore you all with the same old drivel.
Right i'm gonna find some pics so back shortly.

Monday, 23 February 2009

Cali's all done

Well Astana and Levi took it all but my man Nibali was up for it on the last stage and rode a strong race even though at times he did not seem like he wanted to but he did the green proud and as i said in and earlier post he's one to watch for the future.
So we look forward to the next tour now which means ill have to talk about something else meantime to bore you all with so where do i begin, well some quick snippets ill tell you more about as we go and not all cycle related Kona are to release 3 paddy wagons for 2010 (see earlier post with pic) a track specific the std model and a scandium one HHMMMMMM sounds good to me.
The prodigys new album Invaders must die was released today and as i hoped it rocks, bit of their old school feel about it but definitely in my top 10 their playing wembley in April so may take a look.
Apparently Ivan Basso's knee is OK he's back training tomorrow so no worries touch wood and a big thanks to Rory Mason (cannondale/liquigas team liaison) for updating me on his progress, he is a really busy guy so to reply to one of my messages means hes a worker not a slacker in my book.
Right I'm gonna find something cool to add for you guy's to look at so ill be back soon and thanks for looking Ciao.

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Basso's out

Ivan Basso is having an mri on his knee as we speak but seems to be in a good frame of mind, poor guy i hope he is ok, just as he returns he hit's a problem. I think he will bring a lot to the team later this season along with Benatti who has huge potential and also Nibali who is still a young guy and i feel eager to prove himself but being mature about when.
Liquigas have a great line up this year and i'm stoked to be a Cannondale dealer with these guys riding the prototype super six's, i keep pestering Ian @ Cannondale to pre-order one for myself but i think im gonna have to work on Rory Mason (Cannondale/Liquigas team leasion) to get me an ex team bike at the end of the season, that would be so cool to ride a bike that has seen that kind of action remember it's passion not pounds that make cycling the good fight.
Anyway my legs are killing me today, the single speed is showing who's boss but not for long, i'm just waiting for my Cannondale CX9 frame to arrive so i can get my bike up and running again but as the better weather approaches i hear the calling of full carbon super six's so keep watching for my summer bike to be pics coming soon.
Well im off to sleep so Rory, Ivan and the team good luck and to you all God bless and goodnight.

Friday, 20 February 2009

Oh well

I was expecting a better position than 14th for Lance but he looked like he wasnt out for the win i think he is respecting Levi's position and staying true to his word that he is their for his charity.
Right enough of the tour for today i have changed the gearing on my fatty wagon and just dropped 1 tooth off the back and it seems fine keeping in the low 20's on the flats which is where im comfortable and just a little harder work on the hills but let's wait a few days/ weeks yet and see how we progress.
Well not much to say really as i'm knackered so im off to bed touch wood ill have something of interest tomorrow. Goodnight all

Come on Chicchi

Well another stage of the cali tour out the way and Chicchi (cannondale /liquigas) takes 4th on the final sprint behind a deserved first place by Cavendish. Quite a flat stage really with not much happening but today (Friday) it's time trial day so lance will be back on his stolen bike and we could see a big change round on the leader board. Im actually expecting Lance to do quite well he always used to be strong on his TT's but we shall see.
Now i am an avid Cannondale supporter and my my blood runs liquigas green but at the mo im riding my new bike a Kona paddy wagon and im really enjoying it.
A good old steel deda frame and fork with big comfort and a good work rate to keep it spinning, why i didnt try this sooner i do not know but it rocks so if you haven't dabled in the single speed market have a go.

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

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Surprise surprise

Well im watching the tour obviously but the liquigas boys are midpack today so im not expecting much to happen. I'm seriously over weight at the mo after a few months of being lazy and not riding properly so the bug has bit and im on a mission to shed the extra fat. I have started riding my single speed (Kona Paddy Wagon) which is great no getting out of the climbs with easy gears but i think ill up the gearing a bit in the next few weeks as i'm flat out on the flat at 20mph which is a little slow so ill drop a tooth or 2 on the back and see where it takes me. Also ill have to get out on some rides with Szabi shortly, he can ride for hours which is good as it makes you feel so unhealthy that you have to try a little bit harder.
Hassleing Cannondale loads at the moment for an exteam bike at the end of the season which means ill get one before the model is actually released which would be great for the shop aswell.
Oh well Tommy (my youngest) and my wife Tina are at the circus at the moment so imm going to do a few things before they get home so see you tomorrow peeps goodnight.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Stage 3 Tour of California

Well the day started ok i got my Tattoo a bit further along (forgot how much it can hurt) and walked the dog, settled down in front of the box for the cycling and good old eurosport gave me 2 hours of live snooker from Wales (far more painful than the tattoo) so im gonna settle for the 11pm showing although the bits i have picked up so far shows it was wet and there were a lot of crashes on the first decent, apparently Levi went down but regained his pace one of the american riders got broken bones and facial abrasions (nice) when he missed a corner in the rain and the one im concerened about is a Liquigas rider went down hard but has yet to be named, hope it's not Basso or Nibali so im gonna jump on to Twitter and check if Basso is on to find out the situation.

Tour of California

Well i am at home today i have an appointment at the Tattoo shop this morning then ill walk my dog and spend the afternoon watching stage 3 of the california tour. Todays stage is from San Jose to Modesto a reversal of last year when it was Modesto to San Jose which means at roughly 5 miles in from the start they riders will hit a tuff climb straight in and a further climb later on although they finish the day on a very flate fast twisty section which i beleave will see the peleton catch any break away riders early today and touch wood will make for a sprinters finish. It would be great to see Nibali or Basso from Cannondale liquigas up their but we will see.

Monday, 16 February 2009

Supersix 2010

This is the prototype Cannondale supersix for 2010 that Ivan Basso is riding in the tour of california at present. The rest of the Liquigas team seem to be running the present Himod carbon S6 at the mo but let's see what happens when the Tour De France begins but one thing i know for sure is my order is already in for one of these babies.
And remember if you want one go to


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