Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Still around

Hi everyone sorry for the lack of posts but the last few days have been very busy both at home and at work which is cool and the evenings are lighter now which is really nice coming home it makes such a difference to your mood and how you ride.
Well the delivery date for my supersix has come forward by a month ! yes a month, we love you CANNONDALE so from touch wood the end of April ill be fully green and very seen by everyone as ill be going everywhere.
Szalbi (shop mechanic and token euro geeza) has had a new training schedule given to him and it looks quite tough to me but to be honest climbing the stairs to my bedroom can seem quite tough some days but I'm an old bloke so who cares. Well i have ordered my Liquigas rep Fizik Antares saddle due for release mid April as one of Fiziks ltd edition race reps they do once a year and i have also ordered a yellow and white one for me paddy wagon (bling) gotta be done, pics as soon as they arrive peeps. My friend Matt from Fishers dropped in today and we have decided to do some crit's this year out at Hayes where Hillingdon slip streamers ride so that should be a giggle.
The new supersix is coming very shortly i have this on very good authority from the powers that be but as it filters to me ill keep ye all posted. I'm gonna head off now to grab some Hoobastank from Itunes so ill leave you all in peace.
Big thanks to Matt Field for the liquigas book your a true gent mate, big thanks to Ian Carvel at the land of dale for getting the 2008 one for me, we all know that company would collapse if it weren't for you mate and well done to anyone one riding a bike as it's so much easier to sit here and do sod all.
Good luck to all the liquigas boys riding over the next few weeks and well done to Rory Mason for keeping all those guys in good form.
See ya

Thursday, 26 March 2009

The STORCK has landed

Well as you can see the Storck Fenomalist arrived at the shop and is 99% built just got to get the steerer length and bartape agreed with the owner before it goes off out the door.
I think it looks ok doesn't really do much for my i have to say but the build quality of the Storck frames is 2ND to none and the ride is wicked but stick some liquigas green on it baby and i would buy 10.
Did i mention (here we go again) i ordered my Supersix it's on our order list arriving 21st may so i have a few more singlespeed months to build up my fitness so i am going to set a few goals to reach meantime mainly lower fat % and work on the lungs a bit.
As soon as i have me goals ill let you know what they are and how i do.
Watched a bit of the track cycling today and i see the medals are being won all over the place which is good for cycling on the whole but i still think we need more than one but we are a few good riders down so maybe another time, well I'm off to search for some liquigas inspired wall paper for this page but I'm sure ill be back tomorrow with some new stuff.
And as for whats in and out i think Ebay is most definitely out Ive had so many idiot's on their recently it's just not worth the effort.
And as for in well from what i heard of the new Royksopp album it sounds pretty cool also my mechanic had some music on today by a Hungarian guy sounded kind of funky jazz but it is really good ill get the name tomorrow for you all.
Cheers peeps

Tuesday, 24 March 2009


Latest just in Ian Carvel saviour of cannondale europe drinker of beer and owner of a pink capo has just joined twitter, no bikes were ridden during this newsflash.

Just like Basso's

Well i couldn't wait for the new model to be announced or rumoured about so i have ordered my Liquigas supersix today, new 2009 Hi-mod carbon frame and fork and dripping with campy bits so come on Ian at cannondale see if you can get it quicker than the expected end of may, i have all me liquigas kit sitting in the wardrobe waiting all i have left to do is get below my 16 stone try and get a fraction of Ivan Basso's natural talent and chiseled Italian looks and I've got it made.
Well i know ill get the bike the rest i can dream of, the Storck fenomalist arrived at work today so pics to follow on Thursday when it's built, looks good but if you want to be seen you gotta ride green.
I'm thinking of doing some kind of sponsored ride for charity not quite sure what and where or which charity yet but you get from life what you put in i believe so time to do something good i feel.
Any ideas let me know people, well I'm back off to the xfiles movie and blowing up my exercise ball.
Good night to you all and god bless.

Saturday, 21 March 2009

Milan-San remo

Well it was a very good race today Bennati took 5th and the win went to Cav, he is so kicking ass at the moment finally our country has a sportsman to be proud of but im sure he will be overlooked as all our cycling peeps are anyway Liquigas rode well and the pace was fast they averaged 25mph for the first 2 hours which is mental i don't think lance was too hot today question is can he do anything this season or is he just in it for his charity which is what he stated in the first place.
I think im gonna start using my CAAD9 in the next few days and start mixing it with the single speed , i need to rack up some mileage over the coming months as i fancy doing some 1 day events later on in the year.
Well im going to find some new tunes to download but just watched rules of engagement on paramount comedy, quality series followed by two and half men and new southpark, im all laughed out.
Also anyone a fan of Riddick (vin diesel) as they start filming the 3rd installment later on this year so that should be a good film and apparently they are making a new Bourne movie, i personally found the bourne trilogy very good, ooh king of queens is starting so im off.
tatty bye

Friday, 20 March 2009

The Weekend is here

Well looks like a good weekend ahead especially as tomorrow is the Milan-San Remo which is warming up to be a good race, Armstrong,Cavendish,Bennati should be good.The pic at the top is the Ex Steve Peat V10 i was talking about previously, it's in the shop tomorrow for some wheels and bits then maybe a slow test ride round the block.
As for anyone who is reading this page reguarly can you click to follow it or let me know other stuff you would like to see as im getting a good hit rate but unsure if anyone likes it.
Big shout out to Matt Field in the surrey area for going on here today, cheers mate now do me a cheap SRAM red groupo please.
Also i just started to learn Italian so im getting pretty good at ordering shoes and coffee and finding police stations but to the few Italians that hit this page any help is welcomed.
Remember the Storck is arrving Tuesday so pics will be Tuesday night i really need to sort out a photo album on here to get all my pics on so ill get ctacking on that this weekend, anyway
Buon weekend! arrivederci!

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Milan Sanremo

Well Saturday see's the 100th Milan-sanremo the classic Italian one day road race and what a day it should be, Lance Armstrong makes his first european appearence since his return to pro-cycling and Liquigas have Daniello Bennati set for captain and hopefully victory taker with Basso and Pellizotti as his guards.
Still no Storck at work yet apparently next tuesday now which is a pain and Cannondale are dropping hint's of the new super six prototype that Liquigas are using on Cannondales Twitter page.
I do not beleave it will be a replacement for the super six as they have to many models at present to drop it i feel it will be a top of the range bike above the super six but we shall see.
Anyways nothing new to tell im afraid all pretty boring here althought the weather was good today and i could use all my summer kit which felt great so roll on summertime.

Monday, 16 March 2009

All change at the top

Well stage 6 of the Tirreno-Adriatico today and some of the best racing i have seen so far especially from the Liquigas boys, Basso rode faultlessly today and seemed to smile the whole time and ended up taking 3rd and placing him in 5th overall i beleave. Nibali rode with Basso and in the last 10km made a break to catch Martinez and it looked a sure thing for a while that Nibali would catch and pass him to take victory but unfortunately he pushed a little to hard i think and himself and Martinez were swalloed up and as for their placing i still haven't found out where or if they finished.
As i have said previously and i still stand by this Nibali has a great future in front of him and he is a strong rider i think he was trying to find his limit's today to prepare for the later part of the season.
Ivan Basso was great today though he worked hard in keeping Nibali up front potentially for the win and even when Nibali dropped back Basso was still looking and checking on him trying to decide weather or not to go on by himself or wait for Vincenzo but in the end he took the other 2 Italian riders Scarponi and Garzelli to take an all Italian win and grab 3rd for himself which im sure he was very happy with.
Now it's the last day tommorrow which will make it very interesting as the times are so close now potentially any one could take it so will Basso go for gold or will he be to tired from today.
Tune in tomorrow folks for the final standings and to see if green will become gold.

Saturday, 14 March 2009

The departed

Well it's saturday night and im home watching the departed on dvd and it's a pretty good film for a change as for the racing today i havent seen any i did hear that Contador bonked though in the Paris Nice and as for the Tirenno-Adritico the liquigas boys rode fine but didnt finish to high Nibali came in 10th and unfortunately Daniello was 10 minutes down so he has lost his 3rd overall but there is still time and more tours so let's roll with it for now.
One of our customers popped in today and he has just picked a Santa Cruz V10 but it's one of Steve Peats he got it from today so ill post up a pick tomorrow, it looks nice.
Anyaway im missing the film so ill leave you all in peace and touch wood have somthing interesting for you all tomorrow.

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Choo Choo all aboard

Well first things first stage 2 of the Tirreno-Adriatico and Bennati took a relaxed second behind LPR rider Petacchi leaving Bennati 3rd in the overall standings. Nibali and Basso gave a strong ride today and liquigas looked hungry yet again, i think the changes made to the squad for 2009 have been good ones and the team looks like it's appetite for victory's this season is growing so i really can't wait for the Giro to begin but the next few days should be exciting riding, man i wish i could go and follow those guy's around a for a day or so that would be so cool.
Ill be wearing my Liquigas leg warmers with pride tomorrow as i rip through London to work, also i had my Tattoo coloured today i have a picture of it at the top but it's in a really annoying position to get a good shot (inside of upper left arm) But Mark from Taurus Tattoo in Harrow has joined it up to my Koi perfectly allowing my sleeve to grow a little more.
I am going to full sleeve my arm in traditional Japanese stuff but i need to work on my upper right arm (tribal) and back a bit first just to get stuff tied up so i does not look messy and patchy but ill get a photo album up shortly and try to get some good pics added the photo just does not do the flower justice though in the flesh it looks awesome.
Well not much else to say I'm afraid as it's been a busy day today so no new music to list etc I'm still trying to watch the Departed with Jack Nicholson but haven't found the time although a good friend Warren did lend me Pumping Iron (1977 bodybuilding documentary) which i found to be quite good as i have always followed that scene from a far so i recommend it if you haven't seen it and man Arnie looks HUGE .
Warren is off to Oz for a few years very shortly and based on friends and family who have ventured over their it sounds like he will really enjoy it, i know we will all miss him at the shop but it's only an email away so fingers crossed he will enjoy it.
Anyway my friends another day draws to an end and I'm off to dream green and think about winning the Tour De France when I'm 53 (you never know) that's as long as the UCI allow engines by that point, so i bid you all a goodnight.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009


Well we didnt get the first stage but Danielle Bannati took 3rd and Liquigas were looking strong with Basso and Nibali riding well and Basso doing a top job as a domestique, the green train is coming people so get on now, sorry to bang on about Cannondale and liquigas all the time but when your into something your into it right and they are the best bikes on the planet aswell and with a mainly italian team we all know how passionate the italians are about their sport it's a match made in heaven.
Loads of cycling on eurosport at the mo which i think is great, going to good for the sport in the uk this year i hope, makes me want to go and ride right now but it's late and my knee's are shot so im gonna do some homework with my son and then surf Itunes for a while and find some new tunes to listen to, maybe some lost prophets or a bit of staned (outside, wicked track) and the Pines well chilled for cycling to.
Well Tattoo day tomorrow so pics to follow cheers peeps, see ya.

Just a quicky

If you get the chance check out failblog (google it) well worth a look and if your on youtube have a look at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xp9Gm-aRe5A quite funny see you later.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Back again

Hi everyone sorry for not posting for a while but things have been busy, Lot's of cycling a bit of decorating and various other stuff have kept me away from the key board but I'm back.
The single speed is still running great although with the weather changing a bit I'm looking to the summer and a Cannondale Super six is calling my name in team Liquigas colours (you gotta fight the good fight).
More on the super six as the weeks go on, i am watching Paris-Nice as i type but i really can not wait until the Giro D'Italia begins as i feel that's where it all begins. We have sold a few more STORCKS from our shop in the past week a Scenario CD-1 and a Fenomalist which should arrive before the weekend so pics to come on that one. I have 2 days off now and my flower tattoo is being coloured on Thursday so again pics to come, I'm gonna be busy with the camera i think.
The pic above is a Kona King Zing that belongs to our mechanic Szalbi you can see more of it and other lovely bit's on his blog page http://soloszabi.blogspot.com/ well worth a look.
I spent a good few hours erecting a flat pack ikea wardrobe the other day, why do women do it to us their horrible things (wardrobes that is) I fookin hate them and their is always something missing and their was.
Anyway I'm lookin at old school trainers at the mo Adidas superstars there are loads of different models around i didn't realise thing is I'm a size 12 and they look like diving boards on me.
Well Liverpool are stuffing Real Madrid at the mo not that I'm into footie and as for what's hot and what's not-
Sleep, sleep is most definitely hot and all things sleep related ( you always want what you can't have)
Szalbi's King Zing, Music by the Pines and 2 days off.

In terms of not hot- not having the next 2 days off, being so tired that you get passed by a women on her hybrid whilst smoking a cigarette.
And pulling out in front of me on my way home, Idiots.

Question to you all (this includes you Ollie) who would you interview if given a one off chance, answers on a postcard please etc.
well I'm done so make sure yall come back now.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Engine Failure

Sorry for being away for a few day's peeps ive had some pc problems and im trying to follow some of the cycling that's going on aswell as building wardrobes so a bit lazy anyway what's new, not much i'm feeling dead at the moment just no power at all in the old legs a full on engine failure.
I sat and watched Babylon A.D last night which was looking good for the first 45minutes then turned into a real let down.
I think the roll fit's Vin Diesel perfectly but the story was lacking so there is an hour and a half of my life i won't get back.
My tattoo is being coloured on wednesday so big picture time i think and in terms of what's hot and what's not-
King's of leon (older stuff) quite cool , google BLOG FAIL that is a real laugh or FAIL BLOG i can't remember which way round.
Terminator 5 trailers and Szalbi's Kona king zing see http://soloszabi.blogspot.com/
and pretty much all the handmade frames from the North American Handmade Bicycle Show
see cycling news well worth a look.

Sorry this is a bit boring but im tired and my son want's his PC back so until tomorrow or i have somthing interesting to say ill see you later.