Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Fresh Ink

Well my dragon is still in process but my wife popped down to Taurus Tattoos today and got the above done, it looks a site better in the flesh and it covers an older tattoo that she wasn't happy with a little heart with a vine. A few little coloured stars to add to it next she thinks but i think it looks great.
Well the Supersix is now due at the end of May and I'm not sure if i can wait another 4 weeks but the alternative is a synapse hi-mod which is now also end of may. What is it with 58cm Cannondales, i ordered this bike last July/august and was eventually told they had run out so i wouldn't get one (bummer) then they came back in to stock so i ordered again and now it seems to be running away from me again. Now the new model is released at the Giro D'italia in like a weeks time and the full dealer specs and prices in July but these puppies won't hit dealers until probably Christmas and then i think they are only doing expensive models so the current Supersix should still be relevant next year touch wood.
Oh well ill see what happens over the next few day's and see if my Cannondale rep Russell can do some magic and find me one somewhere. Cheers people.

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Victory for Basso

Well the man is back, Ivan Basso has won the the Giro del Trentino and is looking for the Giro d'italia as next on his list. I think he is looking strong and in previous races this season has looked very comfortable, almost smug with himself as if to say i have the power but i do not need to prove it just yet ill pick my moments.
I have been 100% behind liquigas these last few years but this years team looks good with Bennati and Nibali firing on all cylinders and Basso ready to kick ass May the 9th is going to be good (giro d'italia) and also ex-team member De Luca is hungry for a victory after taking the final stage of the Trentino today mix that with a bit of Lance wanting the win and it should make for a really good Giro.
Well my supersix is moved to the 30th of april which is fine as i havent cycled for a week now because of this stupid flew i had so i need to get back on the paddy wagon this week and get the legs going, and we have had a surge on Synapse sales this last week, seems to be a very popular bike this year and so it should be it looks great, it's a Cannondale and Basso rides one.
Ivan and his Cannondale are so going to whip Lance and his Trekies otherwise ill eat my cycling shorts.
Goodnight and godbless to you all, dream green now.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Almost better

Well i havent added to my blog for a few days as i have been in bed with some mad virus and although it is still lingering i think im on the mend so back to work tomorrow and back on the bike so as soon as i have caught up on everything ill let you all know the latest.

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

I'm not well

Well it's typical just as my cycling is beginning to feel good i get a cold, cough thing which means that ill take a few days off the bike and when i get back on it will take a few more days just to feel normal then just as i start feeling good it will happen again.
This is a pattern i have noticed over the last few years, anyone i work with will tell you how im always ill it is a royal pain in the arse so if anyone has any miracle cures please let me know.
Oh well my Supersix will ship on the 23rd so ill be all liquigassed up by the end of the month then the paddy wagon get's a gearing rise and push push push for me.
Easter has been very quiet for us at the shop because everyone around their goes away for a little holiday so not much to say really, had a bit of a chat about 2010 Kona's today a new model running the magic link called the normal i think ( a dawg basically) 3 paddy wagons and a few more in the urban range apparently, the main thing so far is a real overhaul on the paintjobs to bring the bikes into the millenium and wait for it, roughly a 20% price increase which it looks as though all manufacturers will be doing as this year has caught them all on the hop so next year they need to make some money which is fair as this trade has never really made any money so touch wood we might make some money in the next 24months.
My friend and rep from Fisher's Matt Field will be popping in soon to show us the new bits from Sram which should be out in june/july i think so news and pics as and when.
Well i feel like crap so im off to bed so ill be back in a day or so cheers everyone.

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Ink Addiction

Well i had to go and get some more ink to see me through for a week or so as i was in need of a fix so i went to Taurus tattoo in Harrow and Mark hooked me up with the beginnings of a tribal dragon to keep me quiet for a while, sorry about the poor photo but it's just the outline so not much to see until it's blacked and shaded but touch wood it will look nice. So at present i have my Japanese side and my tribal side but somehow I'm going to have to join them on my back at some point so i better get drawing, and as for my Supersix delivery it's looking good 24th April so a few more weeks then i can mix it up with the paddy wagon.
The cannondale synapse seems to be very popular at the moment and it is a lovely looking bike this year but no Liquigas model ? what's that all about.
Tuesday morning i have to chase tfl about my bike that a large hole in the road destroyed a few months back as i want it paid for, pictures to follow.
Right i have a few bit's to go and do so ill sees you all later.

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Good evening viewers

Hi everyone hope your all well and enjoying your week, I'm in the middle of a few days off so feeling quite chilled out which is nice. The pic shows some of our shop kit which is actually very popular and so it should be as i think it looks great and i will give one of our tops away free to whoever can get a picture of them wearing it in the coolest place so all you have to do is email me on tell me where you promise to get the pic taken (arc DE triomphe etc) what size , colour and where to post to and that's it then email me a copy of the pic however no pic and ill chase you to the end of the earth and send your soul to hell for all eternity (not joking) .
Now as for everything else there is not much to say I'm awaiting the Paris roubaix to begin fingers crossed the Liquigas boys will get a result and a belated Congratulations to Frederik Willems for overall winner of the 3 days of De panne and also the Cannondale Synapse for being voted cyclo sportives bike of the year.
Formula one looks quite good this year as it's all on its head the underdogs are winning and the winners are loosing, Ferrari have car problems, oh how my heart bleeds the officials obviously hate McClaren and Hamilton again this year, i think Hamilton should make loads of fuss and say their picking on him because his black then they wont say a f***ing word for the rest of the season.
As for music and stuff i really haven't changed my play list yet so I'm still listening to Staind and the lost prophets, well they are welsh after all.
Well Shameless is just starting so I'm off to watch that then get some beauty sleep so goodnight ye all.

Saturday, 4 April 2009

il benvenuto a tutti

Hi everyone and Gradito (italian for welcome I'm still learning) Well I've just sat down and watched Guy Richy's film Rock and Rolla and personally i thought it was great, a perfect follow on from Snatch and Lock stock although i still think Snatch was the best anyway well worth a look and last night i watched Quantum of solace which although story lacking was OK. I think Daniel Craig does the roll justice it's about time Bond got a little reckless, and the state of the Aston at the start, it pains me to think about that poor car. Well I'm listening to Staind at the moment and getting very addicted to their music I just hope they stay uncommercialised and don't get fucked up like most other bands. If you get the chance check out tracks like OUTSIDE and EVERYTHING CHANGES it's all good also we are playing Lot's of Royksopp at the shop at the moment very catchy.
Well i treated the paddy wagon to some new bars as the std ones were to compact and i think a 48 tooth chain wheel is on the horizon as my Supersix (in the background angels sing as i say that word) Supersix , as i was saying my new ride will be here 30th April now less than 4 weeks so i better get pedalling, got to loose that stomach baby or ill need a sidecar.
Jamie at Extra UK is sorting out my Fizik Antares team saddles for me and it's all coming together nicely.
Shops been busy this week Lot's of people getting the bug and some nice bikes being bought although we need a refit badly the shop has got us through 3 years but needs a service if you know what i mean but it will have to wait until nearer Christmas.The pic above is our demo Supersix outside the shop and everyone who rides it wants one anyway it's time for me to go back to my music and record Wrestlmania for my youngest one so good night people enjoy whatever your doing and until next time ride it like you stole it.

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Corporate Cannondale the latest

Well i was a bit shocked when i heard that Cannondale will no longer produce frames from the states after 2010 as up to now i have felt that the one thing on their side is the fact that it's not a frame knocked out of some factory in Taiwan however look at Storck super lovely and super expensive, they are made in the far east in a factory owned and run by Storck with their own employee's.
So will it affect the quality, i don't believe so I'm sure that Mr Welder in Asia can weld as well as Mr Welder in the USA so as long as the material and design stays the same all should be good my real concern is that Dorel industries who own Cannondale ( pacific cycles, own schwinn, GT and Mongoose) will turn Cannondale into some sad high street brand you buy in supermarkets. They have not done it with the other three brands but as far as im concerned and can see the other three brands are pretty poor. I have held Cannondale as one of the best if not the best quality off the shelf frames for more than 12 years now and as much as that's my own personal view i really do hope they don't go down the same road as dare i say it Specialized who although probably the biggest selling brand in the world i find one of the most bland unlike the specializeds of the mid nineties which i thought were great.
Oh well all we can do is see for ourselves what happens but Mr Dorel if your reading this, if you sacrifice the ride quality of my cannondales to line your pocket's with more $'s you better watch your back.