Friday, 29 May 2009


Well it's here and being made ready to build, i weighed it today and for the frame fork, headset, crank , seatpost, seat post clamp mech hanger and paint obviously it weighed in at 2.4kg the seatpost alone is 280g and the crank inc bb is 900g so 1500-1600g for frame fork and headset is not bad i think touch wood it will build up to a 7.5kg bike the parts list is as follows,

Mavic ksyrium sl
ritchet carbon stem
FSA carbon K-force bar
Fizik antares team saddle
Sram red groupset (except calipers)
Sram rival calipers
Speedplay pedals
Nokon cables

as for tyres and seatpost i have not decided fully but probably tyre wise schwalbe stelvio plus ( i dont do punctures) and an alloy post i do not trust carbon with my weight.

Now back to the giro 2 days left one of which is a time trial , now Pellizotti is 1min 20secs down roughly so he needs a bloody good day tomorrow i think to give the possibility of a team time trial to win him the race however i feel it is a little to hard time wise but if Him and Basso come top 5 that gets my vote but let's see what happens.
Well I'm off to watch today's riding and it's my better halfs birthday tomorrow so ill be back in a day or so, enjoy your weekend peoples and good luck Liquigas for the weekend.

Franco Pellizotti

Congratulations Franco Pellizotti what a ride, im still grinning go green peep's
complimenti Franco PELLIZOTTI un fantastico viaggio e ben meritata vittoria

Saturday, 23 May 2009


buona sera miei amici italiani e di accoglienza. e sembra che uno è in italiano vincere le carte per il Giro che sarà fantastico per la 100a gara.
Desidero BASSO PELLIZOTTI e tutto il meglio per le fasi finali e spero che il finale è verde.
ora il mio italiano è molto male quindi per favore e-mail a me se siete a conoscenza di un buon libro o scaricare etc per aiutare il mio apprendimento.
e buonanotte a tutti voi e grazie per la lettura godbless.

Friday, 22 May 2009

Friday Night

ciao a tutti da Reding italia, and hello everyone else, well it's Friday night my son and i have just walked the dog for an hour in the semi dark but it's lovely and mild out so i am not complaining for a change. Well the Giro is getting a bit easier to read at the mo and with 8 stages left it's looking good for DiLuca however Monday's stage looks hilly and i think Basso and Pelli need to make a move here on the likes of Menchov and DiLuca to give themselves a level playing field for the last stages which are pretty flat although Pellizotti will probably fair well in the final TT but he's 2 minutes down on 1st so he needs to gain at least 1min 20sec before the time trial to have a chance which is asking a lot considering the form of DiLuca.
My Supersix didn't arrive today which i expected anyway so it looks like Tuesday/Wednesday now which is fine as I'm waiting for my freehub body to arrive and i (actually Szalbi) broke my front mech today so I'm ordering a new one and Ive decided that the Sram red calipers i have would look better on the bike in black so I'm ordering Sram Rival calipers which firstly i think look better second cost almost a third of the red ones and only weigh a few grams more so I'm going for them it won't effect my riding.
I have pretty much everything else now but i have ordered something special today but you will have to wait until next week for info and pic's on that I'm afraid.
Still listening to Greenday's new album and really getting into it now the first few plays were a it weird but it's calming down now.
Well I'm in the middle of a southpark session at the mo so I'm off so until the next time buonanotte a tutti.

Thursday, 21 May 2009

G'day Warrenator and lady Sarah

First off a big hello to Warren and Sarah who although very recently made friends have moved out to Australia for a few years to try life in the sun. Warren helped us out in the shop for a few months which was really great and he was a top bloke as well so all the best guy's and this means my blog has reached the other side of the world so my work here is done, not really but it's nice to have readers.
Right next on the list the Giro, it's hotting up out there now the time trial was today which put Menchov in the lead a good 30 sec's in front of DeLuca and Pelazotti is lookin good in 5th so the next few day's should be interesting but i feel an Italian win is on the cards.
As for my Supersix it's on it's way delivery will be tomorrow or Monday and my latest part for it is the picture below, Team Green speedplay pedals just like the Liquigas boys Lurvely.
Well ill post pics as soon as i get them and i have had snippets about the 2010 Cannondale range but out of respect for my rep Russell I'm saying nothing yet but it's gonna be a good year for the big C.
Check out szabi's blog for the latest on his team Scalpel which is just waiting for the fork to come back from Europe and at present the whole thing (minus fork) is weighing in at 6.4kg which is mental.

See you later peep's

Saturday, 16 May 2009

New Bit's

Well my 2 Fizik Antares saddles have arrived the yellow and white for my paddy wagon and my Liquigas rep for my supersix which i have been told will be here on Thursday (wahoo) finally so a strip down as soon as it lands for a few pic's and a weigh in then ill get it all built for the weekend touch wood so more on that as it happens.
My friend and shop techy Szabi ( has been very busy recently riding load's of miles every day and loging it on is blog so take a look it's well worth a read.
Matt from fisher 9Also a mate) has receaved his new Deda frame and fork and touch wood will get that built soon then we can get a few of these crits done.
Right im off to watch the day's event's at the Giro so ill see you all tomorrow touch wood.

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

ciao a tutti i telespettatori italiani, Sono imparare l'italiano in questo momento e di qualsiasi consiglio o aiuto sarebbe apprezzato. si prega di e-mail me con tutto l'aiuto.
buona fortuna a Ivan Basso al Giro e grazie per la ricerca bye

2010 Supersix

Finally some pic's of the new S6 which will get presented to us in the UK on the 20th July but I'm sure more images and info will leak out before then. It's reported that the frame is both lighter and stiffer than the current s6 and looking at the differences in the headstock size and build mated to an enormous down tube and bigger BB area which is now named the beat box i can understand why.
Their are images of a red model which i personally don't like but the D12 model looks quite good i think but to be honest i still at present prefer the model i have on order which by the way is now being delivered 12th June (another month) i can see summer will be long gone by the time it arrives.
Anyway have a look at the pics if i can get them both up and see what you all think, meanwhile the Giro is rolling along nicely and i know it's early day's but Lance is in 5th place at present and if he watches his times i reckon he could do quite well but we will have to wait and see as I'm sure Basso will up hi placement a bit over the rest of this week and i think he will manage quite well today in the mountains, i know he is not an outright climber but he seems to climb very well so I'm off to eurosport to watch it but ill be back tomorrow with my new Fizik saddle pics.
Cheers peeps.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Cannondale 2010

Well sorry Ive been a bit slack this month but i have loads going on and this is just a quick one to say i have dribs and drabs of info on the 2010 cannondales coming through as i get some pics and juicy info ill post it straight up so far it's just the new supersix with the new ultegra on it which is going to be like every other bike for next year but as i get it ill post it up, also just got a Sram red group for me Supersix Mmmmm i cant wait to get that bike.
Right see you all later.

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Qui viene il giro

Well for those of you who do not speak Italian qui viene il giro stands for here comes the giro, 7 days left and probably the best race of the season, well that's what i feel and it this year will be the 100th Giro D'italia (92 have taken place the other 7 were missed due to war etc).
I know the tour DE France gets all the publicity but i feel the giro is a tougher race condition wise and this year you have Armstrong, Basso, De luca and Shlek amongst others who really want the win.
If an Italian wins their will be mayhem on the streets of Roma on the 31st may however could lance pull it out of the bag or is Contador leading the team to victory (team orders Lance remember your just their for Livestrong) anyway my lire is on Basso for overall win various sprints to Bennati and Cavendish and watch Nibali in the mountains he descends like a demon, and hopefully May will be green in more ways than one as my super six is now due to ship 28th may so i should have it 1st June touch wood at the very latest so Matt I'm sorry mate but i cant do next Sunday ill give you a buzz this week.
I have had a few days of listening to Incubus which I'm getting quite into and I'm back on the paddy wagon after 2 weeks off, god it feels like it weighs a ton it's amazing how quickly you get unfit if you know what i mean.
Also word on the street is that bike prices will go up between 20-30% for 2010 so if your looking buy now and a whisper that Cannondale may introduce a £600-£700 road bike for 2010 ill keep you posted.
Well I'm off back to Kerrang to listen to some proper music peeps so good night god bless and pray for the Green team.