Sunday, 28 June 2009

2010 Cannondales

Hi everyone just a few quick pics of some 2010 dale's, these are american models the rize 120 which is set to replace the rush next year and the team scalpel with green bit's yummmm.
as i get more and specs and prices etc ill post them up but probably wont see UK bit's until late July.
I think they look nice what about you guys, see ya later.

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Fresh Ink and Talking Heads

Well i had some more ink done on my tribal dragon, it still has a way to go yet but I'm in no rush to get it finished so ill plod along for now. I'm clocking up a few more miles on the bike and it feels great added to my turbo trainer evenings I'm now seeing 25mph quite regularly on flat while rolling so i think my strength etc is on the up and touch wood ill get into that sportif in September i want to do.
Not long now until the 2010 Cannondales and Konas get shown to us so I'm looking forward to that, just watched Lance Armstrong's triple DVD and i have to give it to the guy he is something special, i would love for him to win the tour this year that would be amazing and I'm sure it would have the whole world talking, and talking of talking I'm listening to the best of Talking heads at the moment and it is a very cool album, i never rated this band never really listened to them etc but now i seem hooked.
a tutti i miei spettatori italiano mi dispiace di non avere scritto in italiano per un po ', ma sono stato occupato i promessa di scrivere più breve.
Well my youngest son is back from cub camp so i am off to spend time with him i will catch with you all tomorrow.
Oh and i must not forget this, Congratulations to Roman Kreuziger for 3rd place at the Tour De Suisse, watch out for this guy and Vincenzo Nabali at the Tour De France their going top ten.

Thursday, 18 June 2009

A Few Day's Off

And to your right Mr Ian from Cannondale top bloke all round and well deserves a mention.
Well i have been relaxing for a few day's at home and getting in some well earned turbo trainer time, just going for time over power and speed as i don't get enough long rides in well actually i do not get any long rides in so it's time to get serious about training instead of going out on the bike like a bull in a china shop. My back is feeling 99% better now so i can get going properly now and the bike is feeling good as i get tired i realise how efficient and easy the bike is to ride which is really good but in general it feels like a heat seeking missile on crack which means i get to my destination with a big grin.
All my Liquigas kit has arrived now so ill pluck up the courage to get out all lycrad up in team colours and i have some Nalini clothing to try out while we look for a brand to have our shop kit made from. Storck fenomalist a cracking bike, just got 5 out of 5 on cycling news and being reviewed by a UK bike mag shortly which is great as we have just bought one as a demo so come get your test rides people you know you want to, and don't worry Warren it will still be here when you hit UK turf again.
I had some more of my ink done today but ill post on that tomorrow when i have the pic's to put on also i have to go find a new background for me blog so ill speak to you all later.

Friday, 12 June 2009


Well my first ride is over and ill give my honest feedback. First things first big thanks to Szabi the bike was perfectly set up and rode perfectly which does help, i was a little nervous at first as everything was new i hadn't ridden with the speedplay pedals before and the first time in i don't know how long since i have ridden on tyres that are not Marathon plus's.
It took me a few miles before i forced myself into changing gear (to long on the paddy wagon) but soon got back into it, i couldn't go to mad as my back is still playing up so i took a rather relaxing ride home and didn't push it to much and thanks to a last minute stem change (cheers szabi again) the fit was spot on.
SRAM first, the red shifters were lovely, i didn't get any of the noise from the red chain and cassette that everyone bangs on about and the Force calipers gave loads of power which is handy as i drive through Alperton/wembley which is like Deli in rush hour absolutely mad.
So as far as I'm concerned it whip's shimano , i ran Dura ace last year and red gets it hands down (don't buy higher than ultegra it's a waste of money). The FSA K-force bars although 2007 models are super comfy in every way, the Fizik Antares saddle is without doubt lovely i have a few of these now dem good.
Mavic Ksyrium sl's super stiff super fast again I've never had a problem with these and find them great. I do not need the lightest of parts as i weigh 16st so I'm just after parts that will last and find the set up will do fine for now weighing in at 7.7kg (16.9lbs) for the complete bike I'm happy.
If i junk the std FSA bb30 chain set (entry level 900g) for a Cannondale SI unit (580g) that's 320g saved swap the Schwalbe stelvio plus tyres for somthing like and Ultremo etc and loose the carbon wrap Cannondale seat post for a ritchey/FSa one that's at least half a kilo saved the question is is it worth it ill probably do the crank anyway and plop this one in my CX9 as i build it up for winter.
Right now the Frame and fork, what can i say fast, stiff responsive very comfortable and sharp as a knife handling. I'm not going to say it's the best bike on the planet (it is to me) as their are Lot's of very nice bits of kit out their i haven't ridden yet but Ive had a passion for dales since 1990 and can't imagine not owning at least 2 of them. I need some more miles on it yet to get fully up to speed and set up properly so ill let you know as i go over the next few days.
And last of all Speedplay pedals, Fantastic i wish i found these years ago thanks for the recommendation szabi their well worth it.Well i hope this was interesting peeps and you can see Szabi's latest white spokes on the pics if you look closely.
Have a good weekend everyone.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Nearly done

Well the picture isn't great but it's nearly done i just need to fit up the cables get the chain on and I'm done so touch wood this weekend ill be ripping up the locals with my green machine and if your reading Warren dear boy can you see the wheels, I'm sure yours would have looked better dude.
My friend Ian at Cannondale is trying to source me some green goodies as i wouldn't mind putting Cannondales SI crank in before the end of the year but let's get some miles on it first to see.
Well I'm off to watch the cycling followed by bill bailey then who knows see you later.

Beh l'immagine non è grande ma è quasi fatto solo i necessità di adattare la cavi ottenere la catena e
Ho fatto questo fine settimana toccare legno malato essere strappa il posto con la mia macchina verde e se la vostra lettura Warren caro ragazzo potete vedere le ruote, sono sicuro che avrebbe esaminato il vostro migliore amico.
Il mio amico Ian Cannondale è in cerca di un po 'verde fonte goodies come non mi dispiacerebbe mettere SI Cannondales manovella prima della fine dell'anno, ma veniamo alcune miglia su di essa prima di vedere. Well I'm off per guardare il ciclismo seguita da Bill Bailey poi chissà see you later.

Monday, 8 June 2009

Nothing new

Hi peep's nothing of much interest I'm afraid, Vincenzo Nibali is 5th overall after stage 2 of the 61st criterium du dauphene libere so ill keep an eye on the young liquigas rider as Ive always felt he has a lot to show other than that Ive got my last bit of bike bling to go on now my Nokon cables ( sorry about the crap picture) touch wood ill fit these up tomorrow and get some pics on the go otherwise work is super busy and I'm going to get some more ink done on Wednesday so maybe a few more pics their.
But last of all i had a bit of a film evening the other night, A History of violence which was quite a good film and then Transformers which i have to say from my boyish side was wicked well worth a watch. On the music front 2 albums ill be listening to over the next few days are Placebo's and madness's new albums so reviews to follow on those.
Cheers people see ya later.

Friday, 5 June 2009

What a day

as you can see by the pic above we were a bit shocked when we realised Szabi had ordered the wrong spokes for his wheel, a £100 mistake . Actually the FFWD wheel he was building has a sticker on from manufacture with the dimensions and in this case the wrong one was fitted so that was the mistake. He is building a powertap carbon rear hub into his FFWD tubs and using white spokes the front is done and looks wicked ill post pics when i have them otherwise check his blog soon for pics, he has a 100mile plus sportif on Sunday with a few of our good customers so I'm sure images of that will be around as well.
I started building my bike today so touch wood a pic or 2 tomorrow and a road test report as soon as it's done but this weekend looks shite so it may be next week now.
Not much else to say today I'm afraid so I'm off to watch Transformers goodnight.

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Sunny Brighton and Bike boxes

Well i spent Saturday with my better half and my youngest son down in Brighton (for non UK peeps it's on the south cost below London) and all i can say was it was hot, very hot. We parked up in Hove which is about 1 mile down from Brighton pier spent a few hours in the sun on the beach then walked into Brighton watching among many things a basketball game, flatland bmx'ers and a really good live band then we strolled out to the end of the pier and home again and really chilled out day, result.
Now bike boxes we had our first bike box from alanbikebox delivered today and i have to say it's the best one i have seen full stop, very sturdy and all wheels and hinges are fully serviceable we are just waiting until he does them in pink before we all buy them as i think that would look wicked.
Well i haven't built my bike yet which is a royal pain but hopefully before the weekend so pics to follow on that one.
Well roll on the Tour and see you all later.