Sunday, 26 July 2009

Back to work

Well that's Cornwall out the way (bummer) all though the weather was not to good i do love it down their so I'm sure Tina and I will move that way at some point in the future, it feels so good to wake up and see the sea every day, just seems really relaxing for some reason.
Well the Tour is over and he did finish on the podium all be it 2 positions lower than i hoped for but he did it 37 years old and 3rd in the tour.
I am really keen to see what happens next season when Lance's team is up and running will he ride Trek's are Nike really doing the clothing and will they get back into the cycling market etc and will he kick Contadors arse, it will be interesting to see how many races they will meet in.

Now Franco, king of the mountains what a ride a fantastic year for the Italian I'm sure he is very happy with this seasons results and fingers crossed he will still be liquigas sponsored next year and hopefully Basso's form will rise and he will ride the tour against lance just like old times.

Now before the tour began Nibali and Kreuziger both vowed to finish in the top 10 and they did also 2nd and 3rd behind schlek in the young rider classification and Liquigas 5th overall so not bad at all guys.
And last of all i stole the pic of franco's bike off Rory Mason's twitter page the only place i could actually find a pic of it. Sorry Rory but I'm sure you wont mind it's for the good fight. I'm sure it's a 2009 model the top tube just looks like mine no tapered like the 2010 model but it could be the paint job that's making it look funny but anyway it looks good and so does Cannondales 2010 range, i saw our dealer book today and they have a really good range of bikes this year so as a dealer i am really looking forward to it Lot's of lovely bikes and happy riders touchwood plus my mellow yellow supersix which i intend to use for all my charity rides as it matches the livestrong colours, lurvely.
Right I'm off to watch the tour highlights so see you all later, Ciao.

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Not so sunny Cornwall

Well I'm down in Cornwall at present visiting Donna (sister in law) in Looe bay and all i can say is it's been wet although Ive been out at 7.30 every morning running for an hour and had some nice walks as well. We are off to the Eden project tomorrow and then Newquay which is where we were going today but rain stopped play so we popped into Plymouth and went bowling instead.
As for the tour i thought i saw the old Lance today he jumped that gap and looked good to me but deep down i don't think he will take the win although i hope he does go for it after all he's a fighter i would be surprised if he lays down and rolls over but lets see.
Now Franco franco , what a climber and looking really good keeping the team green with red dots alive also Nibali back well inside the top 10 where i hope he does stay until the end.
Bradly Wiggins sitting in 3rd, amazing what a fantastic ride from the brit and he is looking very happy out their on the climbs and staying with the big boy's i hope he gets a good result and some decent press for this as i feel he was a bit over looked at the Olympics because Chris Hoy got all the glory and Cavendish gets all the press otherwise and is wiggo's effort greater than Cav's i think so even if he does race in chav colours.
Anyways I'm off to find out how Szabi got on in vontoux at the etap and have another cornish cream tea so ill see you all later this week peeps good night and vive le lance, and Pellizotti.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

The futures bright the futures yellow

Hi peep's,
sorry a bit lazy this month but Lot's going on at work with 2010 stuff and I'm off to Cornwall in a few days to chill by the sea and polish up on my Italian and mainly to see my sister in law who works their so a week of the Cornish coast line will be wonderful. Now i shouldn't really show this pic yet as its a 2010 model but i can't help it, it's the entry level supersix at £2600 and it has my name all over it in the yellow i think it looks awesome and full SRAM kit to perfect.
We also have Willier this year the oldest Italian bicycle manufacturer i beleave and thier new model the Imperiale looks lurvly, pics to follow shortly.
Ive joined the Livestrong army and awaiting my paperwork to come through so i can start earning the foundation some money. I have a few sportif's picked for later this year to start off with and hopefully do a few small mini marathons in 2010 alongside other events to keep raising funds so i get the best of both worlds, i get to run and cycle loads which i love and it keeps me fit and also raise money for a charity which will hopefully do some good but ill keep you all informed as to how things go. My friend Szabi is off to the Etape on Saturday with a couple of our great customers/friends Nick and Gavin and i hope the weather stays good for them as i know they are really looking forward to it and on the 25th Szabi has a race in Portsmouth 12hr i believe and he is looking strong at the mo so should be good.
Le tour, well it's a little boring at the moment the GC has not changed for a while although Cavendish is riding well and so is Wiggins which is nice to see but im waiting for the mountains, their are 3 stages I'm keen on , stage 13 Friday 17th Vittel-colmar stage 16 Martigny-bourg saint maurice and stage 20 mountiler- mount vontoux these should sort the men from the boys and hopefully see Mr Armstrong in yellow on line for victory number 8, fingers crossed.
Right it's tour time on eurosport so ill see yall later.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

He's Level First

Well 7 Tour De France wins, 37 years old beaten cancer 3 years off and he misses the yellow Jersey by a fraction of a second how amazing is he. I know I'm a Cannondale man and Liquigas are the best team in the world however being an old bloke i think that not only is Mr Armstrong incredible from previous wins etc but to do what he's doing now is great, fantastic for the sport in terms of worldwide coverage etc and i hope he goes on to win the whole thing, it's definitely going o be an interesting couple of weeks but remember Nibali and Roman they will come good and Liquigas done surprisingly well in the team TT today i think.
As for 2010 Cannondales theirs lots going on but the Flash, what can i say 16.5lbs and i have had a picture from my reps mobile showing it, the bike is a work of art the lightest most rigid hardtail on the planet full stop. Get your orders in quickly their will not be many of these about for 2010 believe me also if anyone wants to buy a STORCK Fascenario 0.7 55cm frame and fork or a Fenomalist 55cm frame and fork let me know i have both.
Well I'm off to bed as it's my son's sports day tomorrow and then the tour in the afternoon so see ya later peeps.

Friday, 3 July 2009

2010 Dales gottta catch em all

Well the first pic is the 2010 Caffeine replacement called the FLASH, might sound a bit tacky but their is nothing tacky with this bike. The colour may not be to every ones liking but this is i believe the top end model weighing in around 7.5kg which is awesomely light and it's on my Christmas list so get saving mum the second pic is off an American spec feminine rize but does that lefty look amazing or what, i would ride a birds bike that looks like that.
Basically the range so far looks very good and shows the big C are stomping to the top of the sales board i think so 2010 is going to be an interesting year and Warren remember their more expensive in OZ so save your Penny's and we can ship one over to you and also one for the wife sir we cant forget the good looking brainy half of the duo can we.
Well it's the eve of the Tour so I'm off to get my beauty sleep so i can post a big post tomorrow on the opening TT and why I'm fitter than Lance (he is an old bloke like me ya know)
Goodnight and take care peoples.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009


Qualcuno Aiutatemi!.Sono imparare l'italiano ma il cd di acquistare i rifiuti sono
chiunque può proporre un modo migliore.


Hello everyone hope your all well and enjoying the weather if your in the UK, their are a few pics attached of 2010 Cannondales all American though no pics on euro stuff yet but as soon as i can get it ill let you see all but I'm hoping they bring the CAAD9 BB30 into the UK this year and the colours are looking sweet but let's wait and see what happens.
Warren dear boy how are things out their in OZ hope it's stopped raining and your getting some riding time in and i presume the Tour will be on over their and guess what peeps my early money is on Armstrong just wait and see.
Good evening to you all.