Monday, 31 August 2009

A Day Off Wahoo

Well Sunday we closed the shop and had a god old fashioned day off, got up and did a little DIY which gained me a few brownie point's then we walked the hound for a few hours and ended the day poppin into me old mate Cam's house, well his new house to be exact and very nice it was to.
It was his Daughter's 8th birthday so we even had cake, i love the cake.
Tracey (his better half, i know your reading Tracey) made me coffee all day the kid's played Cam and i just waffled cause it's been ages since we had a chance to and KU the Akita pictured to the right just made the funniest noises all day from the soon to be garden and continued to eat his scooter tyre and if id let my dog out of the car he would probably of eaten that as well but theirs nothing wrong with a healthy appetite.
Just watching the Vuelta at the mo, god Holland is boring to watch on the tele, Ive been their a few times and it's a lovely place but their are no mountains man it just doesn't work, anyway the Liquigas boy's are staying up their although they hit Spain Tuesday and apparently its hot over their which will be a quick change for them and keep your eye's on Krueziger, i think he will look for a top 5 finish here, I'm a little unsure about Bennatti as he hasn't really surfaced on the radar this season so cant really comment and as for Basso, well 18 sec's down a couple of places behind Roman and Daniele , i don't think he will do anything until stage 8 Alzira- Alto de Aitana.
Climbs get better here and he doesn't really need to do anything the first week just save his legs and i think Mr Schlek will do the same and apparently Cadel Evans is riding in this tour, not that Ive seen him and if someone needs to prove their pro tour status i think it's him i don't see the Liquigas boys jumping up and down blaming the lack of their team help for their shortcomings, they just get on with it Evan's so so should you.
Right peep's time for me beauty sleep ill see you all tomorrow tatty bye.

Friday, 28 August 2009

What a life

Well the weather is a bit crappy today the ride home was fun with side winds from no where whipping me in front of car's and no less than 30 seconds of arriving home the heavens opened and freak rain shower unlike the weather a few days back which saw my hound (pictured) sunning her self and looking for some food in the distance.
No real riding this week just to and from work on the paddy wagon chucking in some sprints and burning my quads up, then Sunday I'm going to Notting Hill carnival for the first time, thought i would let my hair down with the wife and take our youngest and should be meeting My oldest friend Cam and his wife Tracey, i lied about the hair as i don't have any.
Really wanting the team 2010 Supersix but it's some serious moolah but i know it will make me faster well that's what the voices are saying.
Not much else to say really but listening to a bit of Steel Panther at the moment really feeling that 90's rock band vibe very tongue in cheek.
Night night peeps.

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Back on the wagon

Well i got back on my Paddy Wagon tonight, what a crack surprised a few roadies and a few car drivers tonight so I'm very proud of myself although i think my leg's hate me but it was worth it.
We had one of these (see pic) come in today for a service, i really can't decide if i like it or not i think it's a not and the main factor is it ain't no Cannondale, but still a weird one to look at.
Just over a day to go and the Vuelta kicks off this should be interesting, come on Basso let's get a result shall we.
Going to build my CX9 back up this week and then sell it to make room for me new winter bike which will be unveiled when i know what it is, shame really the cross bike is great but i just can't do cantilever brakes they drive me round the bend so it looks like a six or supersix, possibly synapse or caad9 but what ever it is it's gonna be a dale no doubt about it.
If you fancy a really good laugh click on the following link, a little rude but well worth the watch.

Night night folks.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Lot's Of Thanks

Well Firstly bad news from the Liquigas camp, i believe that Vincenzo Nibali fell yesterday on the final day of the Eneco tour and broke his collarbone, does this mean an early season end for the shark, i suppose on the upside he is young and touch wood will heal fast to come back with a bang next season i told you guy's to watch this young man, get well soon Vincenzo some big Win's out their next season for you.
Now Greensters a big thanks to Rory Mason for the accompanying photo of the one and only king of the mountains super six ridden by Franco at this years tour with amazingly one of our shop gillets.
It's almost like they were meant to be together isn't it, Rory you have done us proud this season god knows what I'm going to hassle you for next year sir, maybe a signature on my Super six so i can hang it along side the rest of the stuff, you can follow Rory at
a good guy with a big heart and some really cool weener dog's, follow him you ll see what i mean Cheers Rory.
Second big thanks this evening is to Tariq who has given me a hefty donation today on my Livestrong page much appreciated Mr T. You can also follow Tariq on
I would just like to say thank you all very much to everyone who has donated, to Rory for the time in his already mad schedule to get done for me what he has and to all you peep's who keep looking at this page even if it's just my mum trying to make the numbers look good and I'm really going to try and get an interview thing with Rory if he will be happy to do it and if he can ever fit it in, i think it would be nice to see the racing life from his side. People enjoy what your doing , do it safely and god bless.

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

The Good Fight


Well guys and girls i have a unique photo for yall tomorrow but i am saying nothing else other than K.O.M, it will all make sense in the end.
Things to remember-


you can also find the shop on face book under Bicycle Richmond if your into the whole face book thing.
And a big hello to Tariq who should be looking for the first time tonight a great guy who can run like a cheetah but gets fed up with going round and round Richmond park in circles, i know how you feel buddy.
Warrenator i hope the Aussies are not being to harsh on you over the Ashe's and I'm sure your not rubbing it in over their. I read a great article earlier on Viagra and its bonuses for cyclists and I'm still laughing a few hours later i mean if you read the full article OK it makes sense but I'm just wondering how many London dynamo wanna bee's will be out their this weekend popping Viagra tabs to help blood circulation whilst cycling with their little friends lol, also Big brother is on at the mo and all i can say is what a pile of crap, I'm sure the Samaritans get a busy spell between 9 and 10pm week nights in the UK, still theirs always liquigas to bring me back to happy thoughts that said I'm off to stroke my magic jersey (pictured) remember more pics tomorrow peoples.

Sunday, 23 August 2009

More smiles per hour

Well another 60 mile day and feeling good, dealt with the hills a lot better today so I'm obviously getting more use to them which is good with 3 weeks to go it's a confidence boost, as for everything else I'm just watching the B-Boy finals on euro sport and man those guy's can dance i tell ya break dancing has come a long way since i was into it (ah the good old days).
Congrats to Roel Paulissen back with Cannondale for 2009 and back on top, hes just taken the world marathon champs again, last time was 2007 then he went to Giant and now he's back where he belongs winning big time. follow him at
Well i think it's dinner time so enjoy your evening and ill see you all later and don't forget
Night peeps

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Racking up some miles

Well 2 laps of the park this morning before work so a total of 27miles, 3 before work tomorrow then Saturday off and then 5 laps on Sunday which gives me a base 50 miles every Sunday morning and roughly 150 miles through the week so 200 in total which is the direction i want to go so touch wood September won't feel to bad.
A few of the guy's from the shop went to see the new Mavic range we are going to stock and apparently it all looks very very nice so I'm looking forward to seeing it all from September onwards as it filters through to us.
My weight is dropping which is great but today i have had the appetite of a horse on top of which Tina phoned and rushed me to get home to look after our little one so i rode a 12mile time trial a pro would of been happy with and arrived o find out that i didn't need to rush so i was not best pleased as it may effect my ride in the morning but we will see.
Anyway not much else to say at present except how shite the UK cycling trade is for example for the last week i have been trying to contact SRM's UK distributor concerning a current issue and a new customer and all you get is an answer phone message as they also run a coaching thing , and then theirs TREK, i phoned them 4 weeks ago for a free hub body for a Bontrager wheel, gave all info to them and told it's a DT Swiss part so i order that from Madison wait 3 weeks part arrives and it's completely wrong. Phone TREK again and send a photo to be told 20 minutes later i can not buy the part for that wheel as it was never an available spare which means my customer has waited over 4 weeks in total to now be told sorry mate no can do, the upshot is i make no money he walks away pissed off with me because I'm the point of contact that offers a solution then let's him down but will spend more money with Bontrager and not blame TREK for the agro.
I tell you the trade in this country is still in the dark ages it needs to move forward pronto and copy the motorcycle industry to a point in terms of customer service and better support for it's dealers or it will all go to shit like most other things in the UK, Parliament, the royal family, public transport, immigration and the weather to name but a few.
Well that's my daily rant I'm off to chill so sleep quietly and donate loudly. Night night

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

The Donations are coming thick and fast

Well with rough calculations we are up to $200 a substantial donation from the amazing Mr Cater as long as i finish that is which i will say now, if i do not finish the full 155KM all donations will be returned and i will pay the amount myself but i am not going to fluff it so do not worry.
Just a quick thanks to all you guy's who have made a donation to me or to the livestrong page
i really appreciate your support.
The guy's at the shop are off to see the 2010 Mavic stuff tomorrow night which i am looking forward to getting in the shop ASAP, some big changes for our little shop to come at the end of this year so there is that to look forward to all i need now now is a Liquigas team member to come and do a re opening thing so Ivan if your reading,venite a visitare il negozio, ne sono certo Rory swing può in qualche.
And last of all BMC those lovely Swiss bicycles which were distributed in the UK by Extra UK are now going to be distributed by, wait for it (Warren i hope your sitting down) Evans cycles yes that's right the green and gold tesco's of the bike world, what are your views on that one guys i would be interested to find out.
And a random pic of myself and Magnus Backstedt when he was signed to Liquigas in 2007, a really nice guy with plenty of time for anyone and he makes a mean coffee as well.
Goodnight all where ever you are.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009


Cheers Ollie saves you spending it on your camper dude.

Big Thank's To

A big thank you to Simon Smith and Bryan Reeve for their donation's much needed and appreciated so come on everyone else follow the leaders. Even the boss is happy.

Monday, 17 August 2009

A Long Day

Well it's been a long day, quiet at work today but news has spread that Rory got my Liquigas signed top to me so every ones been round to have a look, first Amy pop's round for tea with Tina and a look at the shirt we manage to get rid of her and Jim Carey turns up runs round like a loony and gets the Karaoke machine out for Tommy, on top of that Robbie's walking the dog past hears the music and Fancy's a go himself, obviously the misses is all over him so in the end Robin Williams comes round to get rid of them all as it's a little noisy by then, and finally Bab's pops back the biscuits she borrowed poors us a nice cold one and leaves's us in peace. I'm knackered goodnight.

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Sunny Sunday's

Well i left home at 8am today and notched up 50 miles before work which was nice, I'm feeling a little better on the climbs now so touch wood come September's sportive i should cope but we will see. Nick popped in the shop today he rode a sportive this morning in wantage i believe, unsure of his time yet as the results are not posted but he feels he done well but the main thing is he enjoyed it which is what it's all about peep's.
I received my top from Rory mason via cannondale (Ian) the other day with all team Liquigas tour riders signatures on it ill post a pic later but i cant wait to get it framed and on display.
Tried the demo for tour DE France on the xbox 360 yesterday and i think it's pretty pooh really so no more to say on that subject.
Noe remember my sponsor page well get on their and sponsor me people only a few weeks to go and if fatty here does not do it you don't loose out and if i do do it you still don't loose out as your helping someone worse off than yourself.
Not much more to say at the mo other than my trap's are sore as not use to the mileage but it will get better I'm sure so get sponsoring or I'm sending my mate woody round to your house to collect. (the one in the middle)

Friday, 14 August 2009

Please Please Please

Come on readers i have 30 days to hit the target.
Give anything you can someone will benefit from it.

Thursday, 13 August 2009

A Day Off

Well i have had a couple of days off and we spent Wednesday in Knebworth house Hertfordshire, which has a really beautiful gardens and House to look around plus their is a large adventure playground for the kids and a dinosaur trail with life size models of the said dinosaurs as per picture. The weather was a bit rubbish but beats staying in doors which brings me to the next bit, if you are indoors and have an xbox 360 try Trials HD Ive got the download off xbox live and it's wicked trust me.
Ive just got a Garmin edge 705 from the Great Nick Cater (top bloke) and top of my Christmas card list, sorry everyone else you've all dropped a position, so I'm trying to set it up at the mo which i think i have almost done but ill tell you more tomorrow when it tells me how unfit i am.
New 2010 Wilier Izoard arrived today (yum) it looks quite nice ill post a picky tomorrow if i remember to take one.
Well one month to go until Sportive day ill get my Livestrong donation page info up shortly so if you want to sponsor me or make a donation you ll be able to, and now i have to go and watch the last 5 minutes of Big Brother with the hope that someone will put Bea out of her misery.
Later people

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Richmond Park

This morning i set off from home and met 2 friends/customers at Richmond park for a little ride.
Nick and Gavin are 2 of our long standing customers and 2 very good friends plus they ride 2 very nice bikes which helps, we set out from Richmond gate at just after 9am this morning in glorious sunshine with more cyclists than Ive seen in my life, the amount of money circling the park on 2 wheels this morning was frightening however if your into it your into it, right.
We covered 4 laps which added to my ride their gave me a total of 42 miles which was great as i need to get my mileages up in the next 4 weeks so i can finish this sportive.
Riding with Nick was rather amusing one minute he was their chatting away the next second i would look up and he was gone chasing down someone else in the distance then he would wait for me to catch up and then do it again but i must admit i wish i could keep up with him he's a quick old boy maybe one day.
The weather as mentioned was great which probably accounts for the 5 litres of water Ive taken in today, i do not think i have ever drank this much before although their was that party in old Hatfield when i was 15 and managed 5 litres of cider then 2 litres of cheap lager before i collapsed but that's a different story.
Anyway the day was great i really enjoyed the ride and look forward to the same next weekend and a bit more through the week to get up to speed a bit quicker.
Thanks again guy's great ride.

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Dopey Di Luca

Well Di Luca failed his drugs test from the giro and it looks like a 2 year ban on it's way for him so i suppose the question is who's next I'm sure there is going to be more over the next few months, i just can't believe these guys have been riding for so long and still think they will get away with it that's if they know their actually getting it i suppose.
Richmond park time trial tomorrow morning hope that goes well id like to sell a few TTbikes this year. I'm meeting a couple of customers tomorrow morning for a 2 hour session round the park which i think will kill me so we will see tomorrow what happens and ill let you know.

Friday, 7 August 2009

Not so fit afterall

Well we all think we are fit don't we, it may be the commute to work or the Sunday ride out but it's surprising how fit we are not. My shop mechanic and token euro buddy is one very fit and fast rider this i can confirm after riding with him, a week or so ago he went to Ventoux for the Etap and his time was around 7hrs, he did not have the best of rides for many reasons but still a good time, the winner however was the french national champion with a time of 5hrs that's a whole 2 hrs plus difference which is just mad. The reason I'm going on about this is that i have a sportive to do on the 13th September with a distance of 155 km (96 miles) now I'm doing it for charity and the goal is to finish however being a bloke i want to do it quickly but this week alone Ive been doing some extra miles etc and it's amazing how much your diet plays a part in this, i am really noticing the lack of umph on certain day's and it seems to link up with the food or lack of from the day before etc so now I'm beginning to worry about race day will i eat properly before will i eat the right stuff or will i end up looking like a junky trying to get my fix of gel's and powders down before the start- who knows i suppose we will have to wait and see but as long as i raise the funds and the charity gets it then all is groovy.
I was on my 2nd lap of Richmond park the other morning before work climbing a long mild rise in the road, sun in full glow, deer walking around the only noise to be heard was me gasping for air like i had just sprinted 500 miles when some old lady in her 60's comes tootling past on her Raleigh shopper with shopping basket and fag in mouth gives me a husky voiced Morning and carries on, i felt like Armstrong watching Contador disappear up Ventoux knowing i could do nothing about it and limped back to the shop pretending it never happened.
Well I'm off to rest my legs for tomorrow's laps and to dream of revenge when i see the wolf in sheep's clothing next.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Big win for Jacopo

Well Liquigas rider Jacopo Guarnierintook his first pro win today on stage 3 of the tour of Poland and only 21 years old, well done Jacopo.
The green train continues to build speed this season and Roman Krueziger has just been placed 3rd in the UCI rankings due to his recent results which is great, it's good news all round for the team so let's hope it continues.
I have my first cyclo sportive entry confirmed, the 13th september is the day and 155kmh is the distance so i need to get me sponsorship forms out as all money taken will go to the Livestrong charity. This is my first so im starting off small with a total of $500 to reach roughly £300.
Now that does not sound like much but when everyone sponsors a few pounds a time etc it takes a while to get their so anyone feeling flush and willing to sponsor me ill have all payment info from Livestrong shortly and ill post it up on here.
Well it's 1am ive had a day of ironing and building flat pack ikea crap so im off for my beauty sleep and to dream of my new black and yellow supersix so goodnight to you all and good morning Warren and Sarah hope your well guy's.

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Sunny Sunday

Well the weather picked up a bit today so i had a dry ride home unlike saturday night when it poored the hole way back. I had a lap of the park with Salbi the other night which was nice, i really need to up my mileage on a daily basis now as im not gaining much fitness at present so touch wood this week ill start going a bit further.
The tour of poland started today so im hoping Basso get's his thing on and win's it and if Nibali, and Kreuziger and KOM Franco are all fit for 2010 it should be a good year for the boys in green.
We placed our order for 2010 bikes with Cannondale the other day and it's a lotta cash but worth it as the range looks fantastic this year let's hope they ride as well as they look, some of our Wiliers have arrived and look lovely so it's just the Kona's to see now, i hope they get it right this year.
And last of all Rory Mason from Cannondale has a little present for me which is in the post at present so as soon as it arrives at the shop ill flick the pictures up, your a star Rory have a good time in the states. You can follow Rory and Ivan on Twitter
2 really good guy's, have a good evening folks