Tuesday, 29 September 2009

SIMON say's

Well if you are yet to have seen SIMON please take a look at this link believe me its well worth it then you can go and pray to Cannondale for bringing us the future of cycling.

Monday, 28 September 2009

Evening all

Hi everyone sorry i have not posted for few days but i have been a little busy but nothing exciting just thought i would put a few pics up of some of the new bits we have had delivered over the last few days at the shop. We have started receiving our 2010 Cannondales and they are lovely even the entry level SL mountain bikes, the images do not do them justice their much nicer in the flesh, the new Supersix is fantastic as is the Synapse hi mod which we weighed and a 58cm with no pedals or saddle sits in at 6.4 kilos not bad for a stock sportive bike me thinks. Also Mavic have been round with our new clothing and wheels and again the stuff is great and needs to be seen to do it justice so a few snippets attached to see.
Well i have had a few days back on the bike after my cold so my training begins properly tomorrow with a power session ill let you know how it goes but i will not say much at this point.
Also Good luck to Matt Field who has left Fishers and is off to work for , hang on I'm having trouble saying this word i just cant get it out, oh and my hands are suddenly cramping as i try to type it my brain is trying to type Cannondale the only proper brand of bicycle on the planet but in afraid its t t t tr tre i cant do it its just to painful, no really hes off to Trek their i said it at least it wasn't the S word then i would have had a big problem but good luck mate i hope it all works out for you and when you need a fix of a real bike pop in and use one of our demo's, sorry i just cant help it cut my wrists and i bleed liquigas green night folks.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009


Well my CX9 parts are beginning to arrive at the shop and Szabi is busy building my wheels for me so the winter project is looking good.
So far I'm running a powertap rear hub on some FFWD rims as pictured along with SRAM and FSA finishing kit and the bike wouldn't be complete without a colour mix of nokon cables, stripy red and white mmm. The only bits I'm waiting for are some more speedplay pedals my Sram white hoods and touch wood a red and white Fizik aliante from Ian at Cannondale if he can get one for me that is so expect to see this baby built very shortly then i can crack on with my power training for the winter hurrah.
Otherwise 2010 supersix will be with us Friday or Monday and as soon as i have finished fiddling with it ill take a pic or two and post em up also if you fancy meeting Simon have a look at http://thedangerousofficial.blogspot.com/ it's well worth a read as you may all be riding them in a few years and if you want a bit more info on Szabi's 24hr race win check out
two good sites if ya like ya bikes, well I'm gonna love you and leave you as Kerang is a calling, Weezer sausage and beans i think its called, (TUNE) later.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Big Solo Szabi

Well a big congratulation's to my main man Szalbi he hasn't had a great year racing this year in terms of he hasn't actually raced but he went back to Hungary last week and rode in a big 24hr event they hold their and the boy done good he actually won it and by no small margin either.
Szabi puts his win down to hard training and mental focus i put it down to the fact that he has an £8k Scalpel and does not want anyone in front of him getting it dirty and also the added benefit of working with me for mental support but which ever one is true he rode a fantastic race and got a well earned win.
For 2010 i am going to work out a race calendar for him here in the UK and see if he can get some more good and consistent results which eventually will lead to some sponsorship and make his life a little easier but well done Szabi we are all proud of you.
Other news well Basso took 4th overall at the vuelta which gives him to main classic top 5 places this season which i feel is great for his comeback season and touch wood better things for next season especially with franco and Vincenzo all rested and ready to go.
Some more pics to come tomorrow of my CX9 build which is just awaiting parts now and it's gonna bling baby.
Last but not least a quick hello and thanks to Dan - http://thedangerousofficial.blogspot.com/
top bloke and cannondale lover check out his page its well worth it.
Cheers guys.

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Almost Roman Almost

Well poor old Roman Krueziger looked as if he had the stage in the bag today but with a few hundred metres to go his head dropped and his legs turned off, but still 2nd which is great and Basso still in 4th overall with the possibility of making top 3 touch wood.
Well my winter bike is in it's early stages and parts are being gathered and to the right you can see a FFWD f4r rear wheel hand built by Zoran pulled apart in minutes by Dave (me) and soon to be hand built by Szabi but Lot's more pics to follow as it happens but this should be an interesting build.
I am actually quite looking forward to my winter training this year with lots of sportives to get ready for and the etap in 2010, should be a good year.
Night folks

Sunday, 13 September 2009

My first sportive and im addicted

Well that's my first sportive out the way and my first 100 miles and i loved it, i was a little worried about the distance so as we set off i quickly decided to let Nick and Gavin go in case i burn out to quickly, Nick who should be tested for EPO or something was gone out of site before the first corner and Gavin pulled away quite quickly so i just tried to find my pace and smiled at everyone who passed just trying to enjoy the day. To my surprise i caught up with Gavin after 20miles but as we hit the first proper hill he pulled away again i hit lowest gear and crept passed (without being cocky) lots of people who then proceeded to pass me again over the next few miles.
Without know the course i was unsure when i could go mad and when to hold back but as we reached the half way mark i started jumping from group to group and picking up my pace, its weird one minute I'm struggling as everyone seems to slow for me i grab the next group and their just a little to quick it was so hard to find a good pace gaggle of riders to go with but as we hit the last 15-20 miles where i thought i would suffer i tagged a group of riders who obviously had the same problem as me and had settled together and we steamed along almost like a 20 mile sprint constantly swapping places and taking our turns up front all comfortable with each others pace and it was amazing and as an added bonus i got the job done in 5hrs 30minutes and got a gold in the time band, Gavin came in a few minutes behind me as i didn't stop at the food spot and he did and Nick done a 5hr ride which is amazing so we all went home happy.
I have to say the event was really well organized and ill be going for all 5 of them next year plus the E'tap and hopefully some crit races time permitting but right now it's some good old recovery time and get working on my training program for next year the target is to knock an hour of my time and thanks again Southern Sportives a really great day.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Boxhill ride

Well as i only have 5 day's left until my first attempt at the art of sportives i took a ride to Boxhill with my friend Nick, we had a really nice ride down their and reached a road he calls the zig zag which is a 1.5 mile climb of around 5% that twist it's way up the hill (mountain in my books).
I managed my first accent staying with nick but at the top i felt like i might loose a lung so i decided very quickly to pace myself. Nick done 10 reps and with each one he seemed faster and looked happier, i on the other hand managed 5 over the same time period which i was very happy with as i don't really do hills but i am finding them more fun. We set off home on a slightly different route through some lanes and had a fairly quick ride back i felt until we reached the hill up to Richmond gate where i ended up in front off some traffic lights so not wanting to hold up Nick i gave it my all and arrived at the top ready to loose my other lung only to find that Nick just took his time and i didn't have to go mad, doh!.
I set off home from Richmond in glorious sunshine and ran out of fluids, got a few twinges in my right leg expecting a cramp but it did not happen, got home and laid down and then proceeded to feel like death for 2 hrs but now i feel great so bring on Sunday. I got 76 miles done today so I'm happy with the 96 i have to do but it's going to be how the hill's affect me that will cause problems but we shall see.
Cheers peep's.

Friday, 4 September 2009

TT time for Liquigas Boys

Well tomorrow sees stage 7 of the vuelta and an individual time trial which after the opening one at Assen could be good for the boys in green. At present Bennati stands 3rd in the gc and Basso 7th now if all goes well tomorrow and Cancellara and Farrar are the only ones to give them a run for their money the to B boys in green could stand in the top 5, I'm sure Benna will stay up and it is a large field but I'm sure Basso has enough in him to gain a few seconds as he seems quite strong on his TT's and also Krueziger may well jump a notch or to up the ladder again as a strong time trialist and general overall rider.
Benna pictured to the right just in case you have forgotten what he looks like he has been a little discreet this year i feel but it would be nice to see these boys lift a trophy in a few weeks.
Green trains comin baby.

Friday night in

Well Ive finally put my feet up for the evening, done my DIY made dinner etc etc sat down poised to watch today's vuelta stage but just a few quick bits.
Photo is our Cannondale rep Russell an excellent guy who brings all the fun stuff for us to play with and as for the flowers that's a very long story.
Please take a look at the next link, a friend and customer of our tiny shop" Tariq" who is warming up for his half iron man but although working full time and training hard he devotes a lot of time to charity as the link will show you, Tariq your a true star.
Go on give him some money it all goes to a good cause.
Not really much else to report and a Liquigas update due shortly.

Play it now

Turn it up, Turn it up loud

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Oh yeah baby

I think this image Say's enough and i think i just found my new winter bike tee hee, enjoy non believers.

Who's got balance

Check this out---http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b36Yi-Pb1wM

11 Day's and counting

Well 11 day's to go until my ride and i am really looking forward to it not because it will be my first sportive but mainly because i will have raised money for a charity which is what it's all about as far as I'm concerned.
It will be nice to see how my training will of paid off and weather or not ill get a gold or silver time if i finish that is, gold would be great but i think silver will be my aim and then i can train harder for the next one and gradually build it up for the e'tape next year.
Not much new stuff to tell I'm afraid, the CX9 rebuild will begin this week and i really need to pick a winter bike quickly as the weather is changing now wet and windy for the last 2 days which sucks and i can't have my Liquigas time travelling vessel getting to wet and the paddy wagon used daily will kill me so what do i go for, CAAD9, six carbon or Supersix Hmmmm Lot's to think of.
Rest day over and the Vuelta continues tomorrow with some hot Spanish weather touch wood and after that mass crash the other day hopefully Benna's cuts and bruises are healed and he is ready for action so fingers crossed for the boys in green tomorrow and as for some ride to work inspiration the photo to the right is Basso giving it large at the Assen circuit in the opening Vuelta TT, bring on the morning ride.
Night folk's