Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Specializd Contador

Well if the rumours are true Specialized have just bought Contadors arse literally and possibly dare i say it a Tour De France win now that's creative marketing and also Basso to possibly join Contador in 2011, well i hope Basso puts in a good season this year and does not let him self down as for Contador h wont get a third he's not a great, big statement but he's no armstrong or Merckx i think a Shleck or to have a point to make this season and never i mean never count out Nibali, Pelli and Kruizeger a lot to come from those guy's and don't forget the bloke on the left, night.

Friday, 13 November 2009

Winter blues

Well 3 weeks since my last post how bad am i but to be honest the weather has changed it's all dark and dingy and i feel low however my CX( has put a smile on my face over the last few weeks and cross is picking up a lot of attention in the world at the moment and in the UK which is great especially the way the Cannondale boy's are riding. The pic is of Martin Gujan's new cx bike which looks lovely. Also Cannondale have released the on bike more info to follow in the next few days but we are ordering one at work for reasons ill explain later, well this was just a quick one i need to make some lunch then chase Rory to find out what the Liquigas paint job will be for next year.
Later peeps.