Friday, 29 January 2010

CAAD9 and about time

Good evening to you all, above you will see a pic of my CAAD9 winter training/commuting bike, firstly it rides like a heat seeking missile, it's very responsive and it turns before you think about it
it is just superb but it's a dale so it should do. I wont bore you with the full spec that's on weight weenies if your interested click me to see but it's a mix of Sram force and FSA parts so a mix of affordable, reliable and I'm gonna race youable in your car. I hope you find it easy on the eye and i look forward to riding it again tomorrow and Sunday and Monday and, you get it.

One for Grant

This pic is for a chap called Grant, dude i hope this helps.

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Di2's inner goings on

Well pretty boring really especially when you have spent as many years as i have rewiring motorcycles but today we removed a std BB inserts from a Di2 supersix for a very good friend of ours the one and only Mr Jago. Basically for anyone not up to speed the Sup6 has a BB30 BB section (a bigger hole where all the spinning happens) and because shimano cant make a BB30 chainset (stubborn little buggers) the wonderful wizard of Cannondale has to put a std BB adaptor in so it will fit. So first thing was to release this demon from the the heart of our carbon goddess so a lovely Si SL chainset can be slipped in a velvety smooth way into the frame but to do this, and i would like to point out we do this properly with a press and the frame supported correctly, anyone who does or attempts to do this with a mallet etc should have their eyes removed as there Muppet's. Sorry so to do this we first must remove the magical wires of electric transference from the area in question, its at this point i realise that the photos i have taken are far from useful but ill continue, basically you have the following,
1. Rear mech wire running through chainstay
2. Front mech wire running through seat tube
3. battery wire in bottom of downtube
4. Shifter wires in downtube
Sat between these is a 4 point harness linking them all up and sealed perfectly with heat shrink to keep out moisture and the connections themselves are very good ones not cheap and nasty stuff.
So in photographic order once std BB cups are removed you pull all wire out of BB shell, cut the clear heatshrink off and pull apart the connections, 4 in total and all marked with colour tags so you cant get it wrong.
Now you can remove the junction and push all 4 ends into the tubing leaving the BB tunnel clear from obstruction as the wires do run through this section. Now with the correct tools you can push out the adaptor (silver tube with holes in it) to expose a BB30 size hole.
Now before fitting chainset you must reconnect all wires and e shrink and seal them which when we do this next week ill continue with but until then ill find something else for you and if your fast asleep now goodnight.
As for photos the lack of and fact there not in order i apolagise but its the computers fault not mine so blame your PC, it wouldnt happen if i could afford a MAC, stupid electric laptop stuff.

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

2010 SRAM S80's

Well our new rep for SRAM popped in today and showed us these lovely little numbers from SRAM the new S80 wheelset, the 80 is for 80mm deep section rims with full carbon shelled hubs front and rear. The rear weighed in at around 1100grams if i remember correctly (been a long day) and a touch over the cost of a pair of Cosmic Carbons. Now there is like last year a 30 and 60 version which ill have info on next weekend, full weights and specs etc and an in site as to where Sam red will be in 2011, also Cannondale are working closely with Sram at present and on the Cannondale front there is a lot to come next year especially in MTB so watch this space.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Congratulations Vincenzo

Well not bad for his seasons opener, the young Italian Vincenzo Nibali has taken his first win of 2010 and the Tour De San Luis is his. A promising youngster a few years ago and now a potential TDF winner in the next few years, i think he will have a good season this year hopefully with this win and some good results later he will be calmer in the bigger tours and build some consistency in his point scoring to finish even higher than last year.
The shark is coming.

Monday, 25 January 2010

And Saint Ian did pop in

Well the magical and marvelous Mr Ian Carvel from Cannondale popped in today whilst having a fleeting visit to blighty and not only was it great to see him, and not only did he come with a bag of beer and cookies but he also dropped off a singed K.O.M shirt from the one and only Mr Pellizotti.
Top bloke mate that's all i can say so much so that I'm going to go and put it on , jump on my turbo trainer and relive last years tour in honour of our tiny permed liquigas king.
Safe journey back mate, dont get arrested and ill speak to you Wednesday.

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Red is Dead

Well no sooner have i mentioned there could be room in my life for 2 groupsets (yesterdays blog) and my Sram red cassette goes bang. I left home this morning in proper shoes and leggings no water proof stuff with the sun shinning and a gentle breeze thinking awesome a lovely ride to work.
Almost immediately my front tyre pops (bugger) so a quick fix and I'm back on my way to work , 7 miles in and all of a sudden my chain locks up as if my freehub body as jammed, a quick back and forward pedal and it loosens, Hmm so i carry on all going well until the traffic lights. Poised to accelerate away like a rocket from the traffic the light goes green and CRACK! i have moved absolutely no where but now have no drive, the offending item is pictured above. I have never been sure of those cassettes and now my doubt has been confirmed ill stick to standard cassettes the kind where each sprocket is toothed to the freehub body and I'm not going to mention any other new bits in case they break tomorrow. And that reminds me my Ritchey stem also pictured that's 7 months old and has been looked after but whilst removing it due to the fact the paint was tying to leave it as quickly as possible i found the crack/split which you should be able to see in the pic.
What the hell is going on with my bike.

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Nail biting nibali

Well the young Italian Vincenzo Nibali ( the one i told you all to watch last year remember) is still leading the the Tour De San Luis by 30 secs which is quite a good margin but still with 2 stages left he and team Liquigas have a lot of work to do if he wants to take this win. I think it would be a great boost for him to win his first tour of the season giving him a massive confidence boost going into the Tour De France etc however is he peaking a little to early this year, i would of thought he would of waited until March/April to stretch his legs but i suppose he has plenty of time to relax and anyway what the hell do i know.
Well i have my chain set as pictured for my CAAD9 which i will build over the next week i promise, then i shall retire my liquigas 6 to the gallery wall in my garage which is gathering quite a collection much to my wife's disapproval and then i can just sit and stare at them all.
Basically its gonna be a Sram force group with FSA ,Fizik, speedplay and FFWd bits finishing it off.
Now i have to consider a new build for summer (2010 super six without doubt) but what bits do i transfer me Red group over or do i look down the Di2 route which although a few months back i had no interest in what so ever (British weather and electronics just does not go) i have to say after playing with it in the shop and reading all reviews its looking very good but maybe just maybe Red 2011 maybe battery powered to you just never know.
Lastly a big hello to Chris who popped in the shop today after reading the blog, Chris it was lovely to meet you and ill be in touch shortly.
Guys and girls if there are any enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Crank it up

Well it's rest day today which is handy because I'm shattered so ill keep this brief. Today saw the arrival of another Si sl chainset from Cannondale which I'm sure you have all seen before but i still love the fact that you whack the whole lot including BB on the scales and bang 590 grams, lighter than a cheese quaver. I still have Mavics K10 to show and a Cracking stem from ritchey.
Well i said brief and it is I'm struggling to keep my eyes open so goodnight folks.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Tour de san louis

Well that's a nice start to the season, fist leg of the Tour de san louis and presents Liquigas with their first stage win of 2010. Could this be a good year for the green train or will the likes of Radioshack and Sky rule the rankings well we will have to wait and see but in the meantime whats happening at the shop, well our first Di2 synapse has arrived and it looks lovely, pics will follow shortly, we are also looking and talking to retul about their bike fitting system but more to come on that. Ill post up some pics of Mavics K10 wheel set tomorrow but for now the turbo beckons.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Assos cotsos a lotoss

Well i was going to put something else on here tonight but i didn't get the photo's across so ill save that for tomorrow so meantime i have something else to examine.
As usual with this brand a pretty box is first, they do package their clothes well i have to admit instead of stuffing everything in bags.
Now by the time i had taken the 3rd photo i gave up and used a web image of these tights as my photography is crap (which you all know anyway). Now after a good look round these they seem to have a very plush pad in them, some toughened/windstopper style material on the stomach and the knee area and the bit i like most although probably of no importance to anyone at all is the foot straps. These are not little strips of material stitched on to the leg as a bit of an after thought they are a substantial part of the leg and look like they will stay in place and be very comfortable.
Now i cant use these as they are for a friend but after a good look at them i think i will have to get some to try at some point. Now touch wood tomorrow ill have the images i wanted of Mavics K10 wheel set which i had a look at today and i have to say there very nice.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Hot Hot

Well i didn't ride today as we had more snow in the UK, someones obviously making up for the last 10 years of us not getting any so now it will probably rain then the UK will flood and the country will come to a stop again. Amazing really we should use it as an excuse to sledge and make snow people with our kids, and wear wellys and take long walks in the wet soggy country side instead of getting all stressed over work and making our kids play on games consoles and get no exercise, quality of life people not how much your cars worth. So i digress back to bike stuff, a fairly quiet day really but my Mavic Inferno jacket arrived today and it's lovely. I have used a photo from mavic as the ones i took were crap. The jacket feels lovely and thick around the shoulders and chest with a chest pocket, one full width rear pocket with 3 smaller divides inside some very well placed vents and i absolutely love the cuffs, they have a Lycra style inner cuff for stopping drafts etc and the off set zip takes a few minutes to get used to but feels more comfortable when on the bike as their is nothing under the chin.
Ill use it over the next few days and let you know how it goes.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Vo2 again

Well not much to share on bikes and bit's today I'm afraid but that will change shortly, but i have taken a 2nd Vo2 test today as i was concerned my HR zones were a little high but the same zones came back again so it seems like the old ticker is working OK but I'm just crap at dealing with Lactate and pain.
Now on the plus side although i did not feel as up for it today and didn't reach the same Vo2 max my Aerobic base however has risen from 167 to 182 which is a huge jump in 2 weeks possibly to big a jump so the guy who supplies the software and Vo2 machine is having it all checked to confirm readings are right. Now at this point I'm not sure if I'm as fit or unfit as i think i am until the test results comeback however a progression in my fitness is a progression so it's smiles all round anyway.
Well tomorrow i promise to get some pics up of something but until then you ll have to make do with 2010 team kit.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Shiny Scalpels

Well the snow is beginning to melt and it looks like i may venture off the turbo trainer tomorrow to join the rush hour traffic and all the other Monday morning madness. Now in the last few weeks we have had lots of interest in certain Cannondales Mainly the wonderful CAAD9 which at the end of the day is a great bike.Di2 bikes have also had a good look in and the Scalpel Hi-mod 1 which has had a lot of interest this week with various customers enquiring about it. Now i do think i will buy one towards the end of the year for a little mtb fun over winter but i think ill wait and see what goes on for the 2011 range just in case there are any major changes and also to see what happens to the Flash.
Now as much as i love road bikes and that's my thang i think a little mtb use is a good break from the norm and helps to wake you up a bit over these crappy months.
Now touch wood tomorrow ill have a few new bit's to show and keep tuned as i may have some very secret Cannondale news and this will be the first place it will be released but not for a while.
Thanks for being bored and popping in.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Flash in the Snow

Well it's still thick with snow here and i think i have found the perfect winter commuter.
The Flash F1 arrived in the shop today and it looks lovely in the flesh and i think it would look even better out in the snow with me on board. This bike also runs the new Integrated lefty speed 110 which also looks awesome, a real improvement on looks me thinks.
My fork also arrived which means my CAAD9 build for winter can now continue but more on that over the next week and a look at some of Mavics clothing for 2010 also to come. Well I'm off sledging so see you all later perhaps.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

England is Broken

Well a few cold day's and the UK has broken, it not worky. Amazing how unprepared we are although i did ride between 6 and 8 am on Monday and it was bloody freezing and i mean freezing my water bottle froze solid which was a shock, so when our Mavic rep comes in on Thursday some new winter tog's are top of my list and you know if i buy some winter clothes it will turn mild.
As for bike stuff we had a Cannondale quick arrive which looks lovely in the flesh even though i don't do hybrids so pics to follow shortly and touch wood the Flash F1 will arrive tomorrow along with a certain Di2 bike which i can't say much about at present.
As for other stuff I'm blasting a mix of Kasabian and Dead by Sunrise on the old pod which is good and I'm awaiting Big Brother to start hoping Vinnie Jones is just going to loose it, go all bullet tooth Tony and do everyone, that will get the ratings up.

Friday, 1 January 2010

HAPPY 2010

Well it's 2010 and the first day of a new year and hopefully a very positive one for you all as 2009 was a bit of a stinker really wasn't it. Well my training has begun already and for the next 8 weeks ill be working on my recovery and endurance heart rate zones. The reason for this is i took a VO2 test last week to see what my body was really doing and the results were great, showing my max heart rate at over 200 bpm which apparently is good for an old bloke like me and my max VO2 at 53% which puts me just in to the elite category, all good you think but the really interesting bit is my lower heart zones and my body's ability to burn fat stores. In these 2 zones my body quite quickly decides it wants sugars instead and goes to find them so by using a structured training plan to pin point these zones i should be able to get my body more efficient at burning fat instead and being able to stay in these zones longer but 8 weeks from now ill take a retest and we can see what happens.
Well enjoy your weekend people and we will speak later.