Saturday, 27 February 2010

Title for Roman

Roman Kreuziger takes victory at the Giro Di Sardegna today just 2 seconds ahead of Radioshacks Chris Horner and adds another trophy to the Liquigas cabinet alongside last years Giro Di Sardegna winners trophy which was won by which liquigas rider ? answers on a postcard please.
Well Ive spent all day eating crap which really isn't a good advert for cycling but one naughty day for an old fat bloke like me wont hurt, will it ?.
I have been getting quite into the winter Olympics at present and if you get the chance check out the men's slalom and look for the Snow Leopard, he's awesome.
Now the 6th annual handmade bicycle show starts this weekend in North America and there is always some lovely kit there including the Speedvagen/Vanilla cross bike pictured above which is just gorgeous in my opinion and i would love one.
Well I'm going to grab some more bad food and watch something on the box but what i don't know so see ya later.

Friday, 26 February 2010

Gio Di Sardegna

Only one day to go and young Mr Kreuziger could be saying Czech please, did you see what i did there, Czech please ? anyway he still holds the leaders jersey and its the last stage tomorrow although Radioshack man Christopher Horner is only 4 seconds down so it can all go to pot for Roman but lets see if hes made of stronger stuff. Now after his last minute dismount Sabatini will be riding the last stage tomorrow and so will Petachhi both of which had a hard fall today when Petachhi met an over enthusiastic spectator 100 metres before the finish line leaving them dazed and grazed.

So will Roman take the title tomorrow, can the Cannondale supersix take another win, and will Tiger ever play the field again, all these and more will be answered in the next episode of ?

How many of you were gonna say SOAP

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Bike of the year 2010

Well folks cycling plus have finished their bike of the year 2010 test and the supplement is in this months issue and guess what wins (excited pause) Cannondales Six carbon, yahoo.

I have to admit that caught me by surprise i honestly thought the Synapse would of been in the top 5 and i didn't even consider the Six, i mean its a great bike but it hasn't registered on the radar much in the last 18 months. Now the top 5 bikes are a Storck scenario 1.1, a Scott CR1 pro, Bianchi C2C infinito, Felt F3 and of course the Six carbon.

All of the above are £2.5k bikes with the exception of the dale at £1799 or an Ultegra version at £2200 which would be cheaper by £300 still and then due to component upgrades in the same weight area as the others. I remember riding this bike in 2008 at the launch in the UK and thought it was great , more than capable of taking on top superbikes with the right kit fitted to it and running the same geometry as the Supersix but with a 10-15mm taller headtube which makes it that little more comfortable for sportives and the such. The Ultegra version is a great value bike and this year the frame is 100g lighter than last years ( i know a silly 100g) but as Cannondale say, Everything matters.

Well i suggest you all go and buy one and find out for yourselves and luckily i know of a shop you can get one.

Bicycle in Richmond

go on you know you want one.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Benna is back

Well day 2 of the tour of Oman sees the return of Daniele Bennati as he takes the win, now he has been with injury and bad luck for a while so it's nice to see him back at the front and lets hope this is a sign of things to come this year. Also I'm back i seem to have overcome my PC woes and have now taken the demon virus away only to subject myself to one and feel like crap, Gates this is your fault and you will pay , anyway the weather here is rubbish at the mo so you cant get out and ride properly anyway.
Now touch wood a Flash Team should arrive this week for one of our customers so pics all round when it does and probably lots of dribble on my part and touch wood my chain set will arrive soon so i can start building my Supersix to ready it for the oncoming season of sportives and stuff.
Lastly today as i need sleep now is Cycling plus has a bike of the year test in the April issue which is on sale in March unless you subscribe and you ll get it end of Feb, work that one out. Apparently a certain manufacturers bike does very well but I'm sworn to secrecy so ill say no more.

Friday, 12 February 2010

Im Back and so is Chicchi

Hey everyone sorry for the lack of bloginess but my pc has died a slow and painful death (slow and painful for me) so I'm having to squeeze time on various other units until my MAC arrives.
Anyways just a quick hello really and a big Congratulations to Francesco Chicchi for his 2 stage wins in Qatar, a very good ride for him and glad to See that guy get some of the lime light as he is a really funny character.
Blogging back to normal now so more rubbish to come over the next few days people seeing as the weather here is crap.

Monday, 8 February 2010

Snow snow snow

More snow today but it didn't settle though thank God, although the journey home was a bit of a nightmare as i had a 6mile blizzard to contend with. I haven't really got any bike info today as i just haven't had a chance to sort stuff out but i did do my FTP test yesterday with my big Hungarian coach Szabi watching from a far. My results left me with a power to weight ratio of 2.86kg which is OK for an old bloke like me so now ill knuckle down for a month and retest in March to see if i have made any gains. My main thing this year is to get a 100 mile sportive as close to 4hrs as possible which will be virtually impossible for me but last year was 5hrs 20Min's so this year i want 4.5hrs and if i get this ill treat myself to the 2011 Etap so ill let you all know what goes on.
Bye for now.
Oh yeah what happened to Wiggo today ?

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Wiggo a go go

Well first stage of Qatar over ,the team time trial and although my mean green liquigas boys placed a joint 7th i believe ,old Wiggo showed hes open for business by putting in a very good work effort to place the sky boys 1st with another 2 Brits in the same team namely Downing and Thomas its made me quite proud to be British this morning so i wish them all the best over the coming day's as i do to all the riders let's hope there is some good racing to watch which will take my mind off of this stupid PC that now seems possessed and just opens bloody random windows whenever I'm trying to do something then just turns off completely and i know i can hear it laughing at me when it does but it wont win it just wont.

Saturday, 6 February 2010

F*****g PC's

I have had enough of pc's they are shite this poxy peace of rubbish has acquired another virus in its registry which has caused me 24hrs of mind numbing mental pain, which almost ended in a John Cleese type scenario ( the car and the branch scene, you know the one) so it's Mac time baby. I will acquire a Mac over the next few months then pass this laptop to my son who will destroy it seconds.
As for the world of bikes i haven't got a great deal to say tonight as I'm recovering from post pc trauma but the Tune hub pictured above arrived for the front of project Jago i and the wheels should be built up this week by our little Hungarian workshop mouse Szabi before he disappears off on another training camp in which case ill have pic's on here shortly. As for secret project Jago i which I'm sure everyone knows about anyway there will be a final and full build roster with all images and weights etc and hopefully this will be about the same time as the shops new website will be up and running so all will be displayed on there with a shortened version on here because I'm crap at typing. Now above there is also a Cannondale Hooligan, this particular bike is owned by xgreygoose off weightweenies and it looks lurvely, these bikes are great fun if you have never ridden one you have to have a go they bring out the mad child in you with no problem at all and later on this year there will be some very special custom ones popping up on here so stay tuned as they say.
Well that's all for now me thinks I'm gonna remove Bill Gates from my christmas card list and pin his picture to the wall on the local shooting range after i have read my incoming emails from the owner of Jago i.
Have a good weekend peeps.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Evening all

Hello everybody, i hope your well and riding your Cannondales oops i mean bicycles and being healthy, not much to say at the mo I'm afraid it seems Ally is the new carbon by this i mean CAAD9's selling like hot cakes. The magazines love em, weight weenies love em i love em and our latest customer to take one (frame and fork set) will tell me later if he loves em or not. This bike was built for one Mr John Heaton-Armstrong who up till now has been riding a Mercxx but has taken a chance on a CAAD9 and SiSl chain set for his crit racing and general all round well being.
There is a Super 6 to follow but we wrll keep quiet on that for now.
Now as in the pic Szabi (shop mechanic and 24hr Hungarian endurance champ) is keeping a closer eye on the scales to make sure there is no tampering but you can see a healthy 2.7kg for frame/fork headset chain set, bottle cages uncut steerer and a little packing which ain't bad.
The whole bike came in at 7.5kg (16.5lbs) which i think is great for a practical day to day bike weekend racer etc and if you swapped out the Dura ace wheels you could go sub 16lbs.
I will let you all know how John gets on with the bike soon but if he is as happy with his as i am mine then its a no brainer.