Wednesday, 31 March 2010

April 7th is good

Well i have not been around much lately due to kitchen building and just being plain old busy also the shops been quiet as the council shut our road for 7 weeks (genius) but now it's open again those customer things have been coming in and ordering bikes and according to pretty much all of our suppliers the 7th of April is the next delivery date for most of the bikes and bit's we need and if you think I'm just being silly then your wrong. After years in the motorcycle industry and being able to order the weirdest and most rare parts from the likes of Yamaha and Honda Europe and have them delivered in 48hrs max, factory Japan being 5 days it's amazing that in the world of bicycles its nearer 5 months.
I know there are reasons for it etc but it's 2010 for god sake this even makes me look efficient.
Anyways rant over let's look at lovely yellow shoes, Mavic Huez to be exact and they are plain old wicked, extremely comfortable and light but best kept for Summer days. More to come over the next few days but keep an eye on as the web site will be up very soon peeps.

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Wilier wont ya

Well although my blood runs Liquigas green and ill ride Cannondales until the day i die i have to say the last few days i have become a secret Wilier lover. Ive been looking at lots of different brands lately and taking a closer look at the Wiliers as we stock them but it just seems under £2k there isn't a lot worth looking at however when you look at the Izoard at £2400 against say a Cannondale six carbon ultegra at £2200 it does that Italian thing and looks like a Ferrari against an Audi, it does 100mph standing still, it makes you lick your lips , its got campagnolo all over it, its just one of those Italian products that looks spot on. Next time you see one take a while and appreciate it, i know i do and as for the Cento dont get me started.

Friday, 19 March 2010

Hello again

Well sorry i haven't been posting recently but destroying my kitchen to make place for a new one is quite time consuming, now whats been happening at the shop and land of bikes, to be honest not a lot, the weather has picked up a little and bikes are rolling out the door like the RZ120 one pictured above, CAAD9's are still top of the list with the six carbon taking a close second. Now i cant confirm this until Monday but the deal of the century is on its way if you contemplating buying a Supersix but ill let you know more next week when the T's are crossed and i's dotted.
More importantly my speed weaponary has arrived, Zipp zedtechs these puppies will propel me round the countryside this year on my supersix once the Hungarian black magic has been cast by Szabi with a powertap hub on the rear unless metri gear actually produce a physical product soon, anyway ill keep ye all posted especially on the Liquigas green Zipp stickers, ooh er

Friday, 12 March 2010

Milk it

Well i can not miss the chance to milk this can i , Sagan takes 2nd win in Paris -Nice, Kreuziger holds best young rider with Sagan 2nd, Bennati takes stage and overall lead at Tirreno-Adriatico.
Its Liquigas green every where which is just fantastic all my dreams are coming to i just hope this is the start of a big trophy cabinet season for the green team.
In other news if anyone is remotely interested which i doubt as I'm not but my ripping the kitchen out for a new one to keep misses Liquigas happy is going well but lets not dwell on that shall we, oh i know a big hello to Jason out in Washington DC who i haven't seen for ages mainly due to the fact that he lives in America but Jason it was good to hear from you mate and i hope all is well, just funny you found my blog (you should get out more) and if your ever back in blighty pop in for tea and biscuits chap, and anyone else who wants to pop in for Tea and coffee your all welcome just bring lots of cash as mind blowing conversation and amazing tea doesn't come cheap.
According to Mavic R-sys ultimates look like they wont make the shelves due to not enough pro rider testing so if you were saving your Penny's for a set of them potentially don't bother.
Right I'm off for a can of Quatro and a Texan bar so ciao.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Super Sagan

Well young Mr Sagan and Mr Kreuziger are placed 1st and 2nd in the young rider standings at the Paris Nice as well as both of them being in the overall top 10 with Sagan being pipped to the line today and what about Chicchi, what's going on with him this year hes like a 9 year old on a diet of shot bloks bouncing off the walls of every event he enters, which is great 10 out of 10 for enthusiasm and effort, if only more riders were like that it would be great.
Maybe they could jazz up some stages by blowing a whistle at random at which point all riders have to dismount, run round their bike 5 times get back on and go, that would be a giggle but enough stupidity and back to serious stuff from the world of grown ups.
Tirreno-Adriatico starts tomorrow so sprinters out in force which should be good to watch and Eurosport is showing both and it's my day off f*****g fantastic.
And in events closer to home we had a look at the winter kit from Mavic and ordered loads of stuff even though we cant get it until September at the very earliest which seems a long long way off i mean shit we haven't had summer yet and we probably wont as ill probably be working or sleeping for all 4 hours of it when it comes but at least in September i can look at summer stuff which will cheer me up, also looking at Rapha for next year as a little boutique bit but we shall see.
The above white Jacket is the Hydro which is a close fitting waterproof little number and if i can loose a few more kilos it will fit even closer, the Orange jacket modelled by angry ugly bloke is the Signal Jacket i believe which is new for 2010 and is a snug warm racers training jacket basically, very nice race fit but in orange (the new yellow/green) with loads of Hi-viz stuff so you look like a stand in from the movie Tron and i think it will sell well, better in the flesh than in ugly bloke pic, sorry Jay you miserable old sod. Tatar for now people

Monday, 8 March 2010

General Stuff

Well Ive sat down after a marathon Absolute 80's session ripping out yet more of my kitchen only to find that Kerang is playing some well girlie style music, expecting heavy guitar, men in funny masks and lots of screaming I'm listening to what i can only describe as utter crap so enough of that shite let's talk bike stuff, well ill talk you listen but read it first otherwise you wont hear anything right, good well I'm hoping you all read yesterdays post as ill be asking questions at the end so pay attention you , yes you in Australia pay attention.
Now i hope you all saw the Supersix on weight weenies because its lovely and its a Cannondale and that's all the excuses you need i just wonder how he is going to explain yet another bike let alone the fact its staying in the bedroom, he has also ridden it now and states that it is awesome and that the Di2 group is just fantastic so that's enough about that bike as I'm getting jealous.
On the pro scene front after day 2 of Paris Nice Roman sits in the top 10 and Levi is looking focused people so i feel hes one to watch, as for sprinters they are all starting the Tirreno-Adiatico on Wednesday as a warm up for San Remo so that should get interesting , will Cavendish show early form or not and i had to laugh tonight reading wiggos Twitter feed when he referred to Russell Downing as a curb crawler , i don't know why but it just cracked me up.
Right rest and beauty sleep for my ride tomorrow.

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Supersix Di2

Go see this bike people Supersix Di2 and do it now.

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Yet more bits

Well i missed yesterdays blog so there goes my daily record, maybe next month but anyway i have more lovely bits to talk about.
Now the owner of this bike will be posting it on weight weenies tomorrow (Sunday) or ill go and get it back and do it myself so until its been posted by him i will not show the full build specs pics and weights etc but i will drip feed you the parts bit by bit and trust me when i say as a complete bike the thing looks awesome. Right today we have brakes and stem, the calipers are TRP's latest offering the 970sl's and by um they are lovely little magnesium numbers, extremely well made and finished and worth every penny. We looked at Zero gravity and M5 calipers but the TRP's seem a lot easier to set up and adjust and after playing with them seem well worth the money, we also had a choice of white and black but felt the white would look a little tacky on a black bike and i think collectively we made the Right choice, they also come with swiss stop yellow king pads which was a result as these were needed anyway. Next we have a 3T arx ltd stem, again we were going to go with edge composites stem, post and bas but unfortunately the lead times on them are not set so we could of been waiting forever but the 3T components seem to be of a high quality, the finish is excellent and there are lots of guys in the states using 3T kit with no problems so although we are waiting for the seatpillar until late April the stem and bars are here and on. Touch wood this bike will be on weight weenies tomorrow and ill get a link on here so you can take a look but it is gorgeous and as its ridden ill get some feedback for you all.
Well i have 2 weeks of AMA Supercross to catch up on so I'm off.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Ill have what he's having

Well i don't no where to begin, firstly 4 days and 4 blogs secondly project Jago has begun. All parts except the seat pin which will not be due until mid April have arrived at the shop and the jigsaw has begun so over the next few days ill give you the low down on the build until the final thing all weights etc will be displayed on weight weenies and ill provide all links as soon as they happen.
So tonight's bits, well it has to be the wheels so here the blurb.

Rims- Edge 45 carbon clinchers 395g
Spokes- DT swiss aero lite in white 209g
Hub Rr- Powertap SL+ 412g
Hub Fr- Tune Mig 75g
Tyres- Schwalbe Ultremo R white 180g each
Tubes- Schwalbe SV15 who cares
Skewers- Tune Skyline 18g

Total pair 1864g + tubes

Now i think that's pretty good for a pair of deep section wheels with a pt hub and wheels that will be strong and last with edges proven track record in durability and Szabis special build quality's.
Weight and price aside they look awesome and i just couldn't stop picking them up and playing with them.
So that's the brief on hoops tomorrow will be other goodies but for now i have a few minutes left to make this a legitimate 4th of march blog so I'm off.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Green is Better

Wow 3 day's and 3 blog's i must be ill or something as I'm actually being consistent but I'm sure it wont last, anyway today, what did today bring, to be honest not a lot the phones are beginning to hot up about the bike of the year thing (did i mention a cannondale won) but otherwise its pretty quiet on the western front especially as the council have shut the western fronts road and dug the said road up to replace the western fronts sewage pipes leaving the western front very quiet, Bastards.
My SiSL chain set did arrive though at last with my shiny green bits which although when dropped on the scales both red and green weigh the same although everyone who i tested with them said the green were definitely lighter, its the powers of good and Liquigas see when mixed give you the likes of Yoda (green and on the good side, funny ears though) green veg both green and good for you and green traffic lights not that anyone on my route pays a blind bit of attention them anyway, I'm sure there just for the amusement of local nut jobs and small children. Now tomorrow oh tomorrow yes what a day that will be because we are getting stuff and stuff means pictures and pictures mean interesting stuff not the crap you've spent the last 5 minutes reading wondering why you keep returning to this page to torment yourself with the drivel i have typed out badly on Satan's keyboard which is missing the E and R button and that is a royal pain in the arse, its amazing how many words have those 2 letters in, even my spell check thingy is getting fed up with it now its crazy but hey like a true Brit ill battle on like a pig headed fool instead of just spending some money and fixing it because that's just to easy.
Inglorious basterds watch it it's great and now old Pearl Jam tracks are on so I'm off to rock.
Peace out and stuff.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

In the shop today

Well we had a STORCK fascenario in today for a service and it was wrapped in expensive goodies, consisting of the following :-
Schmolke bars £240 + lightest in the world apparently
Tune mig an mag hubs £400 a pair roughly
Tune starke stuck seat post £95
Tune crank £200
and other bits, now this bike probably cost around £8k which is a lot of dosh and its got some nice kit on it oh and a record 11spd group but it weighs 6.6kg, now whats wrong with that i hear you ask its a reasonable weight and a good quality build, my only problem is that Szabis (shop mechanic and euro loon) 2009 supersix that's running a powertap hub and and although lovely is built with sensible parts weighs the same exactly and cost under half the STORCK price.
My argument is not against the build of either bike or parts choice but considering how well the Cannondale rides compared to the Storck how can manufacturers charge what they do for some components and frames when a model at a much lower cost can match if not beat it on performance and quality.
We sell both the above brands so I'm not be Cannondalist as usual i just hate being taken for a ride financially.
Anyway that's my silly moanie bit over for today I'm off to the land of nod to dream about my chainset that arrived today, pics tomorrow, well sad i know but who cares.
To quote the Warrenator " keep it chunky"

Monday, 1 March 2010

New Shooz Sir

A big yellow box with big yellow shoes arrived today and by jimminy they look good. The said banana slippers are MAVIC'S zxellium weighing in at 300g per shoe UK size 9 these are some seriously comfy puppies. Running a 5.5mm thick carbon sole gets the foot a little closer to the pedal which according to some science bods is good so I'm not arguing because their clever and I'm not, although some people (like 2) that have tested mavic shoes have mentioned hot spots above the cleat, whether or not this is due to the sole thickness i honestly don't know, probably more to do with there feet as the science men are clever remember and they made the shoes and other clever stuff.
So on the whole these are some comfy velvet foot lovers and as soon as weather permits , because these ain't seeing the current crap we've got ill let you know how they feel and they also come in a heavenly white if the yellow doesn't flick your switch.
I will have some of the 2010/2011 winter mavic goodies on Thursday so although its not even summer ill let you know what its like seeing as summer clothing in this country is only good for roughly 4 days a year.
Good evening all