Friday, 30 April 2010

Ill have one of those please Ernesto

The postman delivered this today, a Colnago cross prestige frame set and it's pretty tasty. We are building this for a chap who lives just round the corner and basically he wants it built with flat bars to fly up and down the river tow paths on sunny day's and some of you may say what a waste but hell if you can afford it then do it i know i would. More to come on this little puppy over the next week especially as my kitchen will be finished and i can chill a little. I am just watching thee TT from today's tour of Romandy and just waiting for Sagan to go to see if he will keep his lead or not, also eurosport gave some great coverage of the XC racing from Dalby forest Yorkshire yesterday and it looked like a great event, one to visit next year maybe ?

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Mmmmm Candy

Well i haven't really been a fan of CB products but the new stuff is looking good and they have even got rid of that service your pedals crap they always did, now there like everyone Else's. I will have a full run down of the all new kit shortly but for now check the the new candy 4's
226g a pair, ally body Ti everything else 90kg rider limit (shit that's me out) stainless steel spring and 5 year warranty £350 ish (that's me out again) cheaper one's for fat blokes to come me thinks.

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

More mtb stuff

This arrived today as a special order, now we had decided not to stock this bike this year as we just don't get the call for Kona's anymore mainly as they haven't progressed enough over the last few years but after seeing the 2011 prototype of Barry Wicks Carbon BB30 Jake at the sea otter classic maybe that's all about to change but back to the Hei Hei, it's a lotta bike for £1635 and i think the clear coat scandium finish is gorgeous finished neatly with the white linkage plates but the downside is the weight, it comes in nearer an all mountain bike than and endurance xc machine unfortunately which will put lots of you off but at the price it's still a great fun bike. The next few days will see bits from crank brothers , Cannondale and Wilier.

Friday, 23 April 2010


Wow didn't realise it's been so long since i last blogged , terrible but in my defence the shop has been crazy of recent, I'm in the middle of a kitchen fit and with everything else i just haven't had the time but i suppose i should bring you all up to speed. There is quite a bit happening behind the scenes at the shop with brands which we will cover soon but today we were visited by a previous contact who i wont mention for now but he brought in a brand called MASI and if you don't know the name then read this- Masi history. As with many brands catalogue photos do not do these bikes justice but in the flesh they are lovely, good attention to detail and they look far more expensive than they are.
Now i know we all don't like fixies or single speeds as i call them but these bikes do serve a purpose in a complicated world, their simplicity is quite refreshing and the fact you can customize this style of bike very cheaply is a bonus if your after something different and seeing as the bikes pictured are between £500 and £650 that's not a lot of dosh for a top quality fixie, you know you want one.

Monday, 12 April 2010

Muc off 8 enduro

I spent this Sunny Sunday at the muc off 8 enduro event helping out Szabi our shop mechanic and closet racer who stupidly entered in the men's solo event (madness). Now i have to say the event was well run and very popular with a great spectrum of bikes and people turning up for a sunny day of biking. The category's were solo men and women, Teams and pairs with a running Le mans style start and a starting pistol that made more smoke than a paper factory on fire (see pics).
So the event gets under way and Proteinfabrikken/ktm and Ian leitch get a great start and there away from everyone, Szabi got caught in the pack and by the time he had left the transition area with his bike the others were already out of site. 50 minutes in and Szabi makes his first lap , a quick drink swap and some gels and hes off again for another 50 minutes (you get the idea) what you couldn't appreciate is that when the riders got down from the top of the hill they went through some pretty wet and crappy terrain so by the time they get back up the hill (small mountain) to us they have dried out a bit but are carrying some serious mud. Now Ian Leitch was consistently fast and szabi lapped consistently from lap 1 to lap 9 although everyone else did begin to drop off toward the end. It was great to see some of our customers down there racing and even Mike our rep from 2pure was there in the team event having some fun and big respect to the guy who dressed up as Elliot from ET and had the whole alien in the basket for the whole event and the unicycle team who were awesome. So the results rolled in as the 8 hours clocked up and the solos were as follows-
1st Ian Leitch
2nd Ant White
3rd Szabi
yep he got 3rd which was a great result seeing as he hasn't ridden an MTB since September 2009 and this was his first race this year to test the water as such and he is only a little boy at 20 something so he has years to mature into the sport yet but a descent sponsor can make a lot of difference so if your reading anyone help the lad out you know it's a safe bet.
Full results here Results and if you think you might enjoy an event like this then have a go, there were people of all ages riding bikes from £100 to £7000 and having a great time and Muc off had a bike cleaning zone which i waited in line for (1 hour) to clean the bike after as it wasn't going in my car with the 2 tons of east Sussex Szabi had collected on his jaunt through the woods , but at the end of the day it was all gurd.

Friday, 2 April 2010

Slice of the pie

It's a shame that as many Cannondales as we get through in our little shop that pictured above is our first Slice. Amazingly we have never stocked this bike which is weird in an area where there are so many triathletes and people whizzing round Richmond park on their TT bikes that none of them have had the sense to buy a Slice which is an amazing bike just ask Chrissie and Miranda they should know. Next year will be different we will stock them and touch wood the entry level model will have a good paint job like its big Hi-Mod brother and i wouldn't mind owning one as they look so good in the flesh.
The picture is terrible but for all you regulars you know what you get from my photos, they are raw, blurred and badly lit which is just what you expect from a mobile phone camera and lack of patience but you have to start somewhere and when i do i will know not to start their.
The 11th of April sees me venturing somewhere south , warm and picturesque ? yes you got it Sussex, for the Muc off 8hr enduro thingy where our little Hungarian chappy will be racing and hopefully winning as he warms up for his bigger events this year the funny thing is and he doesn't know yet that if he doesn't win hes walking home.
Oh and lastly the website is on its way go here for a little peek.
Well I'm off to prepare for something so see ya.