Sunday, 30 May 2010

Pink is the new Green

Well congratulations to Liquigas and Basso, i know he had it in the bag as of yesterday but i didn't want to say something and curse them. Basso rode a great Giro and so did Nibali and taking best team was just icing on the cake. So Cannondale take a good win for 2010 but what will happen in the Tour now, will liquigas be happy with this win for 2010 and just ride the tour for the sake of it well we will have to wait and see. Lastly farewell to Gilberto Simoni who will be missed in the cycling world but at least hes left happy with a good track record, another super cycling weekend.

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Basso in the pink

Stage 19 was just incredible, this is the best racing Ive seen in years and it truly has made the tour of California look like a Sunday club ride, i cant believe i will see a better stage for the rest of this year and I'm not loving it because Liquigas done the business although that helps i thought that David Aroyo Duran rode an amazing race from looking like he was finished at the foot of the Mortirolo then clawing back a minute and passing almost everyone to loosing 3 minutes in the final 10km he gave his all, Evans who Ive never been a fan of but am coming round a little after the determination he has shown in this Giro and old Scarponi doing the bizz as well true blood and grit from the Italians i have to say and apparently team SKY are in the giro, cant say i noticed.
Well done Liquigas, Basso and Nibali and all the riders that have made it what it is, roll on stage 20.

Monday, 24 May 2010

My Collection is complete

Not really but how nice would it be to have both of these in the garage to pop down the chippy on, the Flash team and Scalpel Himod 1 are the pinnacle of Cannondales XC and endurance range both disgustingly light and equipped with loads of lovely dribbly bits, these puppies remind me why i bought my first dale back in 1992 because it was just plain and simply the best.

Sunday, 23 May 2010

King of Zoncolon

Well only a few days back i was moaning about him saying hes holding Nibali back and after Nibalis solo effort on stage 14 i thought there we go but strangely and very very rarely i was wrong , today Basso showed his form and took the monster climb of Zoncolon like a true master, Cadel did his best to stay with him but Basso just kept it smooth and almost made it look easy as he just pulled away from everyone and took the win in front of some of the most amazing crowds witnessed at the Giro and Even the Tour.
Now there are still some climbs left to hit over the last week but 2 time trials as well so if Liquigas get their planning right it could be an Italian win this year and after today a well deserved one.
Complimenti Ivan

Saturday, 22 May 2010


Is it just me ?

Friday, 21 May 2010

Peter Sagan

What can i say a new talent has arrived Peter Sagan todays stage winner in California and i think he's enjoying it, watch him.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Choclate and eggs

Crank Brothers have been around for ages and i for one never really liked them but all that's about to change as after playing with all the revamped kit i have to say I'm impressed.
Basically there are 2 formats Iodine and Cobalt , Iodine is all mountain and Cobalt is xc race and these differences can be spotted in the stem alone going from a 4 bolt clamp on the Iodine to a tension grip system on the Cobalt. You also get levels 1 to 3 and then the 11 which is the top end Ti jobbies. Crank Bothers have remastered their pedal service issues and made them as user friendly and reliable as everyone Else's but with the added bling factor that there product has always had.
The seatposts, bars and stems are all gorgeous very well finished and floaty light and fingers crossed filling our shelves very shortly. Ill have some personal tests on this stuff over the next few months but in the meantime we will have to make do with the Giro and the Tour etc.
Info over the next few days on our Wilier demo day and the ooh so lovely Cento uno and plenty of other stuff.

Monday, 17 May 2010

Cav's back

Well it's that time of year again and over the next few months we should see Mark Cavendish popping up all over the place with stage wins (fingers crossed) just like yesterdays opening stage of the tour of California. Lance Armstrong came 66Th for anyone who is interested in the old bloke, i am as I'm an old bloke and i still think he has something to prove but maybe I'm just caught up the old days anyway over the water in Italy at the end of stage 8 Nibali and Basso were sitting 3rd and 4th in the GC around 1.30sec down and again Cadel Evans seeming to ride well for someone who moaned like a baby last year about the lack of team support etc etc hes doing it all on his own at present and not saying a word about the new team, lets see if that changes if he starts loosing shall we and that brings me to Nibali, little Vinnie looked a bit pissed off to say the least with Basso the other day after their crash because he had to keep waiting for him, team orders probably but i cant see Basso winning it or anything to be honest i think he should be backing Nibali all the way and using his experience to point him in the right direction, a little like the English football team, got the talent and earns places in the big tournaments then falls apart, anyway enough old bloke moaning what will be will be but watching the Giro live at the mo on Eurosport HD and the weather is shite i think Cav made the right choice based on weather but you cant beat the Italian roads and scenery for a quality tour it has everything, amazing views, terrible roads and an amazing mix of conditions none of that flat tarmac sunny road crap (oohhh flat tarmac sunny road crap Homer moment) come on Nibali.
Lastly it will be interesting to see how the Di2 boys do in all that water on today's stage.

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Flash Time

Well i know you've all seen or read about it but our first Flash team finally arrived and it's pretty nice really and then you pick it up and its pretty f*****g light as well, 7.5 kg on the nose, exact ,spot on not a gram over or under just perfect and so is all the detail on the bike. I have to admit you don't go running round shouting oh my god its incredible i must have one or ill die you just look at it pick it up think fook me and then admire it for the splendid bike it is.
If its not carbon its green and if its neither of those then you cant see it so it doesn't matter, and unfortunately my pictures are crap which don't do it justice but I'm sure the owner will just sit in a well lit room and study it for a few days and think wow its gorgeous attach it by string to something heavier than it is like a paperclip to stop t blowing away and consider riding it, the problem there is that because it looks so good and is so sooooooo light (seriously it is for a mtb) will the ride be less impressive and spoil it or will it be a cosmic experience, ill tell you next week when Ive blagged a go on it and Francis if your still in Scotland i just want you to know im writing this sat naked on your new toy and its really nice oh and did i mention how light it is.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Told you so

Well i did say it and Ive said it before Nibali is one to watch hes an up and coming youngster with a good head on his shoulders, its a bit early to discuss possible winners and stage 5 will favour the sprinters more but lets see what the week brings but top 3 places in the GC cant be bad can it.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Giro a go go

Well its been an interesting first few days with so many crashes its been more like its a knockout but boy has it made it more interesting to watch with all the chaos. Now there off to Italy and hopefully some interesting riding to come and i was offered a weekend wined and dined out there to watch the racing courtesy of ATB and Wilier but short notice and a lack of passport have pooh pooed that one what a bummer anyways i got some stuff to come this week so keep em peeled and apart from Wiggo in the pink which will be good to see again, hes a proper Brit don't count him out keep an eye on Nibali, every ones going on about Basso but personally i think his days are done, i would love to eat my words in a few weeks time but he just hasn't got it, Nibali has it and so does Sagan, Pelizotti had it and by the sounds of it he had to much of it but we will say no more on that one.
laters peeps.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Come and have a go

Well come the 19th of May the shop (Bicycle) will be holding a Wilier open day where all road models will be available to ride , so why not pop down and take a spin up to Richmond park on a Cento SL to see if they ride as good as they look, i know i will be.

Friday, 7 May 2010

Best bike in the world ?

Supersix Di2 best bike in the world or not well based on everyone i talk to who has ridden one properly and their views over other bikes they have owned i reckon it is. The one pictured above which was collected today seems to have put a smile on it's owners face and that's it now i cant take anymore people telling me how good they are and have one sat on the wall unridden so I'm building it up this month and getting it going before I'm to old to enjoy it and then i can tell you how good it really is. Now the Giro starts tomorrow and there has been a few last minute changes due to some over enthusiastic supplement takers but lets hope it doesn't put to much of a dark cloud over the whole thing but let's face it they are all on something i think more people look for who will be caught next than for who will actually win it. I wonder if there will ever be a day when races are won based on natural ability and not doping (day dream moment) nah oh well lets see what goes on.

Monday, 3 May 2010

Pass me the Scalpel

Today i have mostly been looking at this Cannondales Carbon Scalpel 2 which has taken months to arrive but well worth the wait. It's dripping with green bit's which really finishes it off even down to the green lock rings on the grips (picture above doh !) and green semi erotic XO rear mech (to much excitement me thinks) but i do like an anodised part or two and i dont care what you ride or what you think but deep down we all love a bit of bike bling or we wouldn't of grown up attaching bits to our spokes that made silly noises, or was that just me, it was the seventies , oh well those were the day's etc etc now back to the bike, a mix of SRAM and shimano drivetrain (SLX front mech that's it, oooh went to town there ) Avid brakes and DT swiss wheels and it sure looks pretty so much so that Ive decided to keep and the customer can fight me for it, i say that as i know he's much smaller than me. As for other stuff poor old Sagan, a shitty time trial drops him from the lead and the overall win in Romandy but for his first proper season hes raised a few eyebrows, the boy has passion and wants some shiny mugs for his shelf so one to watch and come on Giro i want to watch more exciting cycling on the box as I've watched all my recorded episodes of Ashes to Ashes and all other TV is shite. And last of all May the 19th (a Wednesday) will be a WILIER open day at the shop from 4pm into the evening with lots of shiny bikes to ride so come and have spin and a beer, Night.