Wednesday, 30 June 2010

More Cannondales

Today's little beauty's are as follows, entry level supersix shes the cheapest of her sisters but don't let that fool you shes still a real lady deep down and knows how to perform and to please, above her we have SuperX shes top of her game and looks super sleek and smooth but likes to be taken out at the weekend and likes it rough and dirty just ask Tim Johnson and on top which is where he likes to be when it comes to podium positions is Scalpel Carbon hes been around the block but with a little surgery this rambling enthusiast kicks ass big style. If you think one of the above is your perfect partner just dial 0800 I NEED A DALE that's 0800 I NEED A DALE and let your cycling needs be fulfilled.

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

2011 Dales

Ciao and com i sta, the first of many pics to come people and remember the bikes shown are U.S models the euro colour options may differ slightly but i cant remember exactly which ones they were.
Tech session to follow on the shock setup but enjoy their beauty for now.The bikes above are the Jekyll ultimate and the claymore 1, both due to hit the blighty coast in January and expect prices from £5k claymore to £7.5k jekyll for the models above.

Friday, 25 June 2010

Super X

Go on look at it again and again and again it just gets better, I'm getting one and it's gonna get dirty and then it will still look just as good.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

2011 Cosmic Carbon's

Our 2nd set of 2011 Cosmic carbons arrived the other day but not much to write home about it's basically the same wheel with new big shiny stickers and on Cannondales Liquigas 2011 Supersix they do look awesome. I have also seen a pic or two of some new deeper cosmic elites but ill let you know when i know. Loads of Crank Brothers bit's arriving at present and very nice it is to so pics etc up tomorrow on that stuff if i finish riding early enough. I am now also completely clued up on Cannondale 2011 the UK range and i really cant say much until July 22nd but one thing i will tell you is the Cyclocross range is great but the Super X model just wipes the floor this year with the competition and on looks alone it has serious horn factor but more on that soon.
And if you want to be like Basso you gotta get a Blue hat peeps, it's as simple as that.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

And theres more

Firstly the Scalpel, for 2011 has had the front triangle totally redesigned and what looks like a flash rear end attached to it but i wont dribble on with all the tech stuff as every where else will be doing the sensible bit I'm just gonna say they have totally changed the BB area to a one peace design that looks super cool, as soon as we get one at the shop (your guess is as good as mine) we will give you a full road test report but for now just look at the pretty pictures and ill get some more tomorrow.

Monday, 21 June 2010

Cannondale Super X

2011 Carbon cross bike all i know at the mo other than that theres one on my christmas list :) :)

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Colnago Commuter

Now some people may look at this and think what a waste but personally if i could afford one of these for cruising around in my later years i would get one. The Colnago cross prestige is a full carbon cyclo cross F&F and looks lovely, we had a customer who although in his retirement years wanted a light carbon road bike but did not want drop bars due to flexibility and also wanted to cruise the tow paths of the river Thames in comfort so CX bike it was, had Cannondale already released its carbon one (48hrs to go) it definitely would have been one of those but the Colnago was the only bike that offered looks as well as quality. Ksyrium sl wheels were a must for there general strength and a Sram red and force group with their double tap flat bar shifters and a campy record front mech for a little stiffness.
We are still awaiting arrival of the 50/50 crank brothers pedals and currently running through the fizik demo saddles to find some suitable comfort but one thing that is for sure is the ride quality it glides everywhere and the owner is super stoked with it, another happy customer :)
go ride peeps.

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Early Days

Well Mike Cotty (cannondale UK marketing guru) has ridden it, has already had the pic up and now its my turn a lesser spotted 2011 CAAD10 in its photographic flesh. A little to early to give frame mods over CAAD9 but a touch lighter and look at those seat stays, how thin are they but overall not very different which i think is a good thing as the 9 is a wicked peace of tackle regardless of build spec, bring on the others.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

2011 Mavic Ksyrium SR

OK people get your tech heads on because I'm going tech talk crazy, to be honest i was going to use loads of big words and sound real tech guru but with the letters E and R missing from my pance pc keyboard its just not worth the spelling hassle so lets keep it simple, pictured above are an early release wheel from Mavic a rear R-sys and front Ksyrium SL with white bits (must be the same french designers that designed my car, Thrilling really pushing the envelope boys) but there is more to come for 2011 so lets not get to pessimistic to soon. The rear wheel is basically an R-sys giving a lovely light very stiff and comfy wheel, easy to spin up and with Tracomp technology (traction compression) that was the tech bit in case you missed it, basically a lighter and stiffer wheel when it comes to lateral flex over a std spoked wheel but what those clever little frenchies did was pick a box of Ksyriums instead of R-sys for the front giving a more aerodynamic wheel to cut through the air, anyway they look nice in the flesh and if your after a good set of climbers then these should do or you could just get some nuts and man up and pedal a little harder or go for one of Cancelaras engines :)
More crap to come people so please stay tuned.
Today's episode of old man Dave was brought to you by the letters E and R and the number 0
it is a number.

Monday, 14 June 2010

Dr Jekyll

Well this seems to get earlier each year but we are already trying to get as much info as possible on 2011 models which is a bit sad as it's only June but hohum, pictured is the 2011 Jekyll which comes in a 140-160mm flavour from what i can make out so far. There is a 180mm travel bike aswell but look at a Giant or a Specialized and you have seen it as far as im concerned but the Jekyll looks good so roll on July/August then i can actually see it for real, stupid UK last to see everything.
The Cento has had a few little outings so far and the general word is good. As i rack some more miles up ill let you know what i think but first of all ill compare campy 11 speed to sram red so tune in tomorrow.

Thursday, 10 June 2010


2011 Liquigas Supersix, ooohhh it looks good, actually it looks the same except Mavics cosmics get big stickers for 2011, these wheels and more will be with me next week so ill let you know the score including the Ksyrium SR's.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

New Toy

Well i couldn't get a Liquigas super six this year and i haven't got round to building my Hi-mod frame up so what should i do. Well i had some one wanting the six frame to use immediately so i bought one of the above to use for summer, the Wilier Cento uno. I actually only had my first ride on one of these the other week when Colin from ATB popped over to the shop and brought all the demos with him. I was impressed straight away with the ride quality enough so to get one and secondly i love the curves of the frame, i know it's shiny new toy syndrome but i just cant stop looking at it and discovering little bits of detail i hadn't already noticed. Now the maiden voyage was postponed due to rain that we didn't get so ill now have to wait until Tuesday weather permitting and until then i will decide what if any changes i will make to it. The seat mast will have to have another half/full centimetre taken off it but this ill decide after the first few rides, secondly the mast topper may be swapped out for a 0 offset one as i need to be a little further forward in the saddle then stem length etc but all in good time. firstly some loud bar tape and a campy 11spd freehub body for my ZIPP zedtechs. More to follow.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

The new stuff come'eth

Well its the start of June the whole summer ahead of us and Cannondale have run out of bikes, seriously we are stuffed at present no Six carbons no CAAD9's and the odd wiff of a super six which is a real bummer. Don't get me wrong Cannondale have been super popular this year and look to be equally as popular next year but we will have to wait and see. Now Wilier are in stock at present but not for long me thinks as suddenly people are snapping them up and I'm not surprised as they are a fantastic ride and the pics up top are the 2011 Cento colours taken out in Italy a week ago by a friend on a dealer launch that unfortunately we could not attend but it looked like a great do with loads of factory pics and the Wilier Museum. Ill add some more pics in the next few days but my friend said that once you have been there and see how it all works you realise the passion that goes into these bikes , its like one big Italian family sharing the cooking a lot of effort and care with a wicked end result. Now there are certain pics of the new Gran Turismo which i cant show as its not officially released yet but all i can say is dribble mats out, its gurd. The Cento above just gets a fresh lick of paint so it doesn't hurt to show these but as for the rest wait and see and do they really ride well, i think so and i just got one.