Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Silent Night

What can i say Chrissie Wellington just wooped everything this year didn't she, some say she should be made queen some say she travels through time i say shes just shit quick end of and with this black little number she will be the talk of the town, why doesn't she get the recognition she deserves instead of poncy football players who have to play in a stadium in case they just wondered off and got lost.

Monday, 26 July 2010

I Love custard

Well the Tour is over for another year and i can't say I'm that bothered really after this years Giro the Tour was like a skyride in comparison but that's my view on it and poor old Cav denied a green jersey again even though he was by far the best sprinter there.
Well more 2011 stuff is rolling through the shop at present and as and when i can ill plonk stuff on here but it will be a few more days yet. Cannondale sponsored triathlete Sven Riederer dropped his bike off to us the other day for an emergency frame change the day before the London triathlon at which he came 2Nd (well done Sven) after some one at the airport obviously used it as a ramp for their forklift truck and if you had seen the size of his bodyguard/friend Andreas i reckon he could of broken it just by growling at it, the man was huuuuuge but extremely polite and well mannered don't you know. Slurp slurp custard yellow supersix above with a campy group fitted for a very lucky young mans 21st present and that colour in the flesh is wicked, such a shame it's not around for 2011.
Thins i like this week- hard turbo sessions

Things i don't like this week- hard turbo sessions

Go ride and check this out (look for the guy with no shoes)

Saturday, 17 July 2010


Basso's race bike pictured above looks yummy does it not, nothing new really just very nice. Rumour has it and i have it on very good authority that Liquigas this year are all riding a different carbon layup on the bikes, possibly the the Supersix evo we hoped for this year but now it looks like 2012 bike is what these guys are testing, who knows. Other stuff for 2011 Mavic are running a black braking surface on some of their wheels which will apparently stay black all the way through , there are lots of people asking if its a ceramic coating etc but apparently it's as simple as that but more on Mavic mid August. We are just getting some Castelli stuff in the shop that looks and feels great and at last our website will be up next week. Things to show you guys shortly, new compression gear due shortly and big things on the supplement front but no info yet it's all top secret in it.

Happening- old chili pepper albums, mento and coke rockets (check you tube) and doing shit in the tour

Not so happening- England, my dog snoring and doing shit in the tour

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Pretty in Pink

Dear Mr C.anondale please find the nearest sharp object and poke yourself in the eye with it then once the pain has disappeared and the bleeding stopped reconsider making pink a Japanese model only and then you may sell some Hooligans.
Bubble gum pink CAAD10 anyone, ooo you know ya would.

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Le crash bang wallop

Firstly congrats to Petacchi for today's win aboard his Wilier but how many crashes were there in the last few miles, makes up for 4 very boring hrs of eurosport, roll on the mountains although the misses loved it because i done D.I.Y while it was on, i almost posted pics of my wall papering skills but ill save them for winter peeps you know you want to see them but you ll have to wait.
Above Flash Hi-Mod 1 and 29er carbon 3 both very nice bikes, suits you sir.

Friday, 2 July 2010

Le Tour 2011

Well it's here the 2011 Tour de France begins tomorrow so we can forget about stupid football and typical tennis and spend the next few weeks getting excited about Brad,s first tour win and Cav dropping everyone in the sprint and giving us Brits something to finally celebrate otherwise I'm off,
always said this country was shite "when you get the weather its the best place on earth" they say to which i say "then you've never been to Italy or the Bahamas" stupid island under a rain cloud and this ain't summer it's global warming.