Friday, 13 August 2010

Friday Night in

Friday night in and feeling knackered this week with 3 hours on the bike in the morning before work that i would rather spend in bed but i have new GU gels to try so in some respects I'm actually looking forward to it. Other things I'm looking forward to are finding a Triathlon to cut my teeth on , buying 2011 Cannondales and something i shouldn't say much about yet but we (bicycle) have taken Mario Cipollinis bikes for 2011  the deal at present is you buy a frame and fork for a sum of money, we measure you up the frame gets made Mario gives us a bell and says frames ready mate, you jump on a plane to Italy to pick up your frame from the man himself. All this included in the price which from what Ive seen is actually very reasonable. Italy is an amazing country with some great places to visit and worth the trip alone but you also get to shoot the breeze with the big man and if you plan it right you could be out there for the Giro, bliss thats my holiday solved for next year just need to break it to the misses but in the meantime check him out in this vid , watch for the wink peeps.

My blue hat theory continues.

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

More Stuff

Nothing exciting but I'm going for a big skate 3 session on the xbox so i thought ill quickly post a few pics up. Firstly or lastly a Synapse carbon collective and all 3 colours looking sweet in the flesh so i expect to see loads of the black and white sell this year especially with Sram apex (which we have in stock ) at £1600, next but where on this page I'm unsure as blogger now just puts the pics randomly on the page is the lovely slurp slurp must have one super x, i cant wait until the weather turns shite for that baby and lastly a cool I phone carbon cover ( blagged). More to come and a little bit of stuff on Rotor cranks as well.
Grant i have all your info ill get it to you later on.

Skate 3 :) :) :)

Monday, 9 August 2010

2011 Gt's and Cannondales

Today myself and head spanner Szabi visited CSG UK for the official 2011 launch, firstly great place and the guy's and girls there were all really cool. Not all Cannondales were their but what was missing was made up for by a one day only Ian Carvel appearance, top grizzly from Cannondale Europe with all fingers in the right pies ( more on the pies to come) so a plenty chit chatty we had. I took some pics which are up to my usual high standards ( sorry peeps ) which ill plop on tomorrow but don't hold your breath their crap.
 I must say though the one bike apart from the 2 old school Patterson race BMX'S that really made me think bank loan was the GT fury pictured above or below depending on where this random blog thing puts it.
Now as you usual suspects may be thinking " he hasn't winged like an old fart yet what's going on" Winchester services, £3.89 for a pre Ive had the life and every bit of goodness sucked out of me Packed sandwich, P**s off id rather look for crisps under the cars back seats than pay that you tight b******s, what a rip off where I'm from you could eat out for that, remember that ladies i like to show a girl a good time. Any how's ill leave you with pics of the ever youthful Mr Carvel and the Fury but you guess which ones which.

Sunday, 8 August 2010

A true champion

Roel Paulissen not a champion but "THE" champion in many ways, this guy is a true down to earth mtb racer who can even find time to answer questions from me, what a star but his full bio will be up on the Bicycle website shortly and if you want to find out more about the king of socks then try clicking on the coloured words.

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Specialized ( not that much)

Take a read of the below link after looking at the above pic which is from the start of 2010 , well done Dan shows them backstabbers for what they are.Now im off to sue Nokia as i just remebered i invented the mobile phone, and arent spesh trying to claim rights to the wheel as they probably thought of that aswell bless em.

Chrissie Wellington what a girl

Well firstly a massive congratulations to Lady Wellington not only for setting a new record at Roth but also for knocking 12 minutes off her time from last year, 12 minutes for god sake that's an amazing difference and if you check her results this year you can see she is on fire. Again another top British athlete setting records every where she goes, i mean she should have her own county or something but no ask a member of the general public who she is and they just draw a blank, now if she spent her time throwing tiny spears at a circle on the wall with fat drunk blokes or had 10 other team members helping her kick a pig's inners around a field of course they would know who she is, this is why our country sucks at sport because it doesn't get the coverage go to the states or Europe and it's a different story. People recognise sport for it's health benefits and general good fun, English citizens cant have fun as it's far to non British, twatting government anyway (happy thoughts) down at the shop which has a new website if i hadn't already mentioned it ( bicycle Richmond dot bla bla) we have been trying compress sports compression garments and i have to say so far it's very good compared to other brands so expect to see our shelves dripping with it as soon as Tim can get round and stock us up. Also Chrissie wears it and loves it so it cant be bad can it, and she rides a Cannondale why what a coincidence the fastest women in the history of tri uses the products we sell how uncanny.

Now come buy some you know where we are because our address is on the website silly.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Web time

Website is live peeps so clear your cache if you need to and drop me some honest feedback, enjoy.
Thanks Francis.

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Thieveing Scoundrals

Well first up anyone coming across a 54cm black CAAD9 with dura ace group, Deda finishing kit and SISL chainset going cheap in the clapham area please let me know as it's a friends. He took it in a shop with him that sells gym equipment and the next thing a group of kid's stormed in grabbed it and ran , one of the shop staff chased them but got another bike thrown at him. So like i say anyone coming across it or got info rewards will be given.
Now Above Blue supersix looks sexy and the Jekyl i love, awesome colour but not UK bound I'm afraid. Next Monday I'm at the launch so ill have pics on GT and Mongoose as well, i have all the Dales for the UK and it's a great range maybe a little to black and white in colours but there is grey, blue and of course LIQUIGAS colours in there. The ladies range is great with the Lexi (wmns Rize) and supersix's looking sweet. My powertap bearings are up for change this week so ill do a pic by pic thing but first I'm in for some new ink this week, my ink man (Taurus Tattoo) has some new colours and needs a guinea pig and I'm skint so it's great. Maybe a big green supersix S on my chest or to much you think Hmm.
Music wise Ive been doing that old man thing and listening to music that's way to young for me but that said the new Eminem album ain't to shabby, it's my son's so i did the checking it for language thing and it's a good album 3rd listen in and Ive learnt new naughty words but i wont tell you what they are coz your all my bitchies and that's how i roll mofo's, or something.
New Mavic gear end of the week and the website DUN DUN DUN DAAR should be live tonight, there is a little man in Wandsworth frantically banging fingers to make it happen so he can grab his Flash team that I'm holding ransom so please keep checking peeps and feed back would be good on, enjoy your week people and in the words of the big dog himself Westwood, don't smoke it's a bad look and your gonna die.
Peace out