Thursday, 27 January 2011

Almost the weekend

Friday is almost upon us people so a general lift in mood will be noticed across the board im sure but if this weather keeps on being typically british it's not a great deal to get excited about really. so whats been happening in my head this week ? well im glad i asked because i was going to tell you all anyway.
We have managed to get our hands on a few more Supersixes in various sizes and set ups to make up for the fact that the bike is pretty well sold out until April/May now some models are June which is crazy but what can you do if their selling faster than they can be produced. Our mechanic Szabi is now running our Saturday ride outs from the shop which is great but as you can see from the picture below even after 5 years in this strange country he is still finding simple tasks very hard to grip.

Also in the workshop this week was Daniel Bents Surly. For those of you who dont know or havent heard of Dan amongst all the weird and wonderful things he has done, last year he rode his little Surly to India hence gathering the decoration you see on it. Dan has since written a book on his journey which is being published as we speak and more details will appear on here as soon as i have them. I am sure the title is "you've gone to far this time Dan" but it would seem he hasn't gone far enough as he is now heading off to do south america which i am sure will bring forth another book, I see a theme here old boy.

This Sunday brings the Core bike show to the UK trade arena and im hoping to make an appearance their on Sunday but with family duties on the card i fear it may not happen but let's wait and see. Now i did mention some time back i was training (that sentence even makes me laugh still) for Triathlon's for 2011 and despite my legs having a very different view on this i am struggling on. A torn calf muscle has lead to the last 2 weeks of no running still with another 2 weeks or so to go its quite frustrating so i have taken my few spare minutes and hit the pool twice this week which for me is a lot. I can swim no problem or fast bobbing as my son calls it but i have lost the knack of the whole breathing thing and after realising that i should inhale while my mouth is above the water i have taken action to get some adult lessons so i can reach a stage at which Coach Fi can turn me into a super hero or mega bobber the latter being more likely. The only thing that really stumps me here is pool etiquette, firstly why do OAP'S swarm the pool like locus at 6.30am when they seem to have far more time available to them than lets say someone who works all day secondly when lane swimming and following the clockwise/anticlockwise rotation system why do some of the said OAP'S feel it is perfectly ok to just turn around at any point they want and cut you off. The first few times this happened i looked around for someone at pool side given instruction in the sudden change of direction only to realise it was just complete random madness on the bobbers part. I feel something should be done about this as the elderly should set an example to all of those naughty youngsters (notice i did not include myself in the youngsters bit) so i put forth that each lane well at least the ones at the sides have a life guard that carries a long pole with a small electric discharge in it that can be administered at random to any non conforming old biddy or person (gotta keep the balance) . Ok the chance of mild spasm, potential drowning and heart attack may occur but hell if they have been swimming for the past 500 years then they should be able to hold their breath or something right. Anyway my swimming continues along with the gym and bike and soon ill even add some structure to it all so it feels like i really know what im actually doing hell we all gotta start some where havent we. Well beauty sleep, children's homework and the smell of doughnuts in the kitchen some 2 floors away are calling so i must dash. Check out the links top right for people who know what they are doing or pop back here in a few days for someone who clearly doesn't.

Friday, 21 January 2011

F1 Friday

Happy weekend everyone, well almost and i have oodles of stuff to talk about but as history proves ill just waffle for a few lines and do no more about it so let's get waffling. Firstly we had our first drop of Catlike helmets delivered today with the Whisper. Not to be confused with the Wispa from big choc company which plays havoc with your hair on hot days and only offers one colour way. Pictures below for anyone still unsure which is which.

The Whisper has a very nice retention system and i feel offers a great looking lid and with all those 39 holes to stick stuff in offers hours of off the bike entertainment. The only downside i can find is at 61cm for the large it will not fit me and after trying them of various passers by would seem that you need to have a catlike head to get in one properly so to all you who have and fit them i envy you. Various colour ways and models dropping to us over the coming months which is lucky as i saw sunshine and everything today so it's like riding weather isn't it. Whilst arranging delivery of said helmets the courier did ask me my street name to which i had to point out that being middle aged and staying in a lot im not cool enough to have a street name so just stick to Dave but apparently that's not what they meant ho hum.
Now the photo collective below will show a little number that popped in to us today thanks to one of our very oldest customers. The Factor001 , cutting edge, formula 1 tech, futuristic bla bla etc etc cut away all the silly hype and you have one very pretty extremely stiff fantastic bicycle.

Now i will not dribble on with the tech side of this bike as the website for it is great and all info is their ready for you needing a tech fix. but ill skim briefly over the beast, one of the stiffest bikes i have  ever ridden bar none in every way, i can usually get a good bit of flex on with most kit due to my chocolate powered motor but this wouldn't budge, bars wheels forks nout which although great took a while to compute. Di2 with lots of carbon jiggery going on like the custom hoods that encompass a hydraulic brake master cylinder on top of them.

Oh yeah built in lights aswell, the hoods look funny in pics but when you ride it you just dont notice them.
Custom carbon battery cover to look funky, the crank measure torque for each leg, speed and cadence etc which is all viewable via the integrated enterprise bridge esq dashboard.

Ok so the pics upside down but for £23K yours will be the right way up trust me. Rolling on spangly carbon wheels and disc brakes corners and stoppies are superb fun and strangely it's a real head turner.

Now this is a 56cm and a touch small for me and as i only got a tiny ride in i could not say anything bad about it, people always love to find fault with this kind of thing and maybe it has some maybe it doesn't but riding a £23k bike round was quite a nice experience and shows where the future of cycling is going but on a personel note a bicycle or 2 weeks surfing and bmxing down Newquay way with a new team van and a hefty deposit to my savings account i think i know what id be doing for the moment.
Yall come back now ya hear me.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

About Time

Finally our first Supersix 105's have arrived and sadly almost gone as quickly. I know i go on and on about the C word but what an awesome f*****g bike for under £2k of your earth pounds people, this would kick the arse out of pretty much any bike on the road however the plus point here is that you get a 105 groupset and shimano wheels so it's affordable and ride/raceable out of the box, sprinkle a few quid on it at a later date and that's good by competition, i cant wait until EVO day.

on a completely different note i have been informed that when viewing this blog on various PC's not all my images are being displayed and alas i know not why for this is down to the gods of electro wizardry and those little gremlins in the internet stealing my images of joy but i will do my best to investigate.
Now so far this week i have looked at clothing by Fusion, Dunning and X bionic and it's all pretty good stuff and shop bound over the coming months but ill pop stuff on here as i get it and try it also to come ISM saddles and wetsuits by 19 and a few hush hush bits as well.
Tamsin's Di2 TT bike build will start this week as soon as the rest of the bit's arrive and as soon as our websites updated both Tams and Mr Heaton-Armstrongs schedules will be up there with results and everything. Now as i write this im questioning my sexuality as after a huge I tunes download fest i noticed that the majority of my albums were - Erasure the best of, The pet shop boys, A-Ha's greatest hits and Simon and Garfunkel to name but a few. A large dowsing of the chilli peppers i think is needed to calm my fears "he thinks to himself in a deep manly voice".
Nutrition is set to grow next month as well with new items from Mulebar and Honey stinger to be added to the below collection and Mulebar's new cherry bomb gel rocks.

Now going back to earlier there are 2 pictures on this page if you can only see 1 or less than that i urge you to write to your local MP about something far more important. Finished.

More Micky and a little Cam Sinclair

Friday, 14 January 2011


Well the last week has been moist to say the least so lets see if we can bring a tiny ray of sunshine to your otherwise drizzly lives except if your reading this somewhere in California in which case i hate you (not really oh sun blessed ones). Well stuff has been happening in the shop this week with more 2011 product arriving and already being given 2012 info ? how much does that suck i cant get all the 2011 bits i have ordered and im already geting fed mouth watering info on 2012 bikes which im not saying dick about just incase its all lies planted to see if ill break and spill the beans publicly.
Amongst the important questions put to me this week like whats the best sauce to have with fish finger sandwiches by twitterer @TEABAG75 and if i eat fruit and nut over whole nut will it be better for me i found time to look at new product from ZIPP, MULE BAR, and CATLIKE to name but a few and with a few trade shows approaching hopefully a whole lot more.
Now first on my picture list is a quick pic of old Ivan chilling at the Cannondale Liquigas launch in the spanking new kit which obviously i lurve big time. This year it's easier on the eye and made by SUGOI who are owned by DORELL who also own CANNONDALE, do you see what they have done there do you.

So the kits looking better even though i have the last 3 years worth which all rocked and for the first time the team is Cannondale Liquigas, a few new members and set to make some impact this year i hope and retain the pink and red jerseys forget the Tour the Giro is for real men some riders have already complained that it's to hard (they must be british) now continuing on a slightly green theme we had our first Super X delivered today and strangely enough it also sold and left the premises as well so not much drooling time and believe me when i say my photos do not do it any justice what so ever, in the flesh it's mental.

The super X comes in 2 models to the UK this one with an Ultegra spec at £2400 and a SRAM red model for a fair few pennys more but it is disgustingly light and ride quality is superb. This time of year is great for cyclocross bikes anyway as a winter trainer or commuter but this will give many smiles per hour i assure you.
Also appearing this week was supersix 105's some CAAD X's and soon a few more Bianchi's and Orbea's, ooh there was also some slices as well which now has me thinking cake so i may need to peel off for a snack.

Whats hot and whats not, its been a while since this appeared but it's back for all you sad cases who can not decide things for yourself.
HOT- Comedian Mickey Flanagan check him out here.
           Timex global trainer, milka daim bars, Dunning sports wear, and an old favourite Family guy.
COLD - Britain, minicab drivers in the Harrow area, torn calf muscles and manufacturers who claim their bib tights are waterproof.

Bit personel on the cold stuff but i do like a moan. Now go away go on chill out a bit have a laugh phone an old friend just make sure its fun as thats what its all about peeps.

Monday, 3 January 2011

Back to work

Well that's it all over again for another year  so i now have 11months of hard training to make room for all next years chocolates and alcohol and during this period i will try and give you honest tests on everything i can except chocolate, apart from celebrations truffles as there just class although after almost one tub the word celebration is not the first thing that pops to mind. Somewhere above or below should be some pics of Giro's offering into the shoe market, now we wont actually get these until February so no ridey testie stuff until then however they are very nice in the flesh as in most cases pics just dont do them justice.

Three offerings for the Roadie the Trans, Factor and Prolight six. The trans is the entry level shoe 2 straps 1 buckle and an EC70 carbon sole a very nice general use shoe the Factor with it's EC90 carbon sole gets a little lighter then there is the prolight which is the top end super light racing shoe, no buckle  but an EC90 SLX (woop woop) sole and to be honest their all nice it's a shoe for god sake how amazing can they be but saying that we will try them soon but what i really do like is that instead of a million different insoles sold separately with the prolight only i believe you get a fairly std insole but with different arch supports that can be swapped and interchanged to give a more custom approach and Retul allegedly helped with the design so they should work quite well and for the really weight conscious among you you also get a waffer thin mesh insole that's super floatie light for race day, personally my weight problems are much higher up than my feet so in my case they wont make much difference but i have discovered that any pocket on my cycling atire designed to take a gel is perfect for those small dairy milk bars you can buy although if wearing white open the choc at arms length as it get's quite soft after the first 30 mins of a ride people and melted choc on light colour lycra isn't a good look for anyone. Mmmmm hungary now night folks.

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy new year

Well firstly happy new year to you all, it's been a while and there is a lot to get through. Let me give you a brief on whats gone on as apparently little and often is good so ill abide by that rule this year. The shop Bicycle ltd has undergone a fairly moderate extension these last 4 months giving us some well needed space and allowing the following brands to be stocked - Bianchi, Cannondale, Cipollini, Kona, Orbea and Wilier to date with a few options on the horizon but we can cover those another time.  Parts and clothing brands will also be growing shoes from Sidi, Mavic and Giro wheels from Mavic, Zipp and Fulcrum and quite frankly the list goes on and will continue to do so until we are happy with what we can offer our customers.
Triathlon still the biggest and fastest growing sport in the UK and probably most of the world as well so much so i have decided to get my feet wet this year and have a go to see what all the fuss is about and to back this up we have teamed up with Triathlon Europe who are or rather is Fiona Moorhead-lane who's results speak for themselves as does her coaching so if your looking for some help take a look at their site.

We will also have our own teeny tiny team consisting of the following, Bandli Sazbolcs (Szabi)  our shop spanner person who will be concentrating again on his 24hr endurance races in the land of MTB's
Mr Johnny Heaton-Armstrong contending road and Tamsin Lewis for all you Triathletes. This is the first year we have attempted something like this and it will be a learning curve for us but hopefully a fun one above all.
So to recap ill be keeping you up to date with the shop and what's hot and whats not, the team and their results, Triathlon Europe s very busy schedule and fantastic training camps and amazing levels of suffering and failure as i try to attempt something sporty along with all the usual old crap i rant on about as most of you probably well know so have a great new year people train hard sleep long and chill on the in-between bit's otherwise it all gets a little stressful. TTFN