Friday, 25 February 2011

2012 supersix evo ?

Well we are just receiving 2011 models as we speak but these images are doing the rounds at present so thought id pop on them on. Rumours are it's the 2012 supersix evo question is is it ?. It seems to be a carbon CAAD10 or Super X with tweaked geometry so is this the big EVO we have all been waiting for or just the entry level supersix  for 2012 who knows but as long as it rides like the current model thats all that matters. The only real thing you notice is it seems to be running a 27.2mm seat post like its little ally brothers and sisters so will this be a 700g frame as speculated, 5 or so months and i guess we will all know but ill have one regardless.

Now as for the present our Cipo's have started to arrive and they look good and should offer some amazing custom builds this year and judging by Australian mag Rides road test on the RB1000 it's one hell of a bike. If your local to the shop come in and have a look as much nicer and sharper in the flesh as always and i am talking about the Cipo  of course.

Now a little more down to earth literally as Danny Bent embarks on his latest adventure on Shirley across south America only days after his first book gets released. Now the book although only half way through is a really great read about his journey to India on his little Surly we built up for him (shirley) so dig deep it's the same price as a visit to subway and will last you a lot longer and will not make your fingers as messy. The book pictured below is available on Amazon and various book shops we even have a few copies in the shop. Dan can be followed on Twitter  @dannybent and Facebook and will be worth following as He and Caroline head in to the unknown you can share there fun, good luck buddy and look after Shirley and her little sister.

Well a big happy birthday to @cleopompom today and have a great weekend and for any budding photographers out there who twitter @wiggys has been posting pics like those below of his Aurora adventure and i am now sold on it and off there myself in the next few years to witness this phenomena up close before our continual destruction of the planet makes the sky every where look like it.

Well thats pretty much it for now everyone but lastly my quest to become a world conquering Triathlete continues as i reach a mile stone this week and start hitting my first 10K runs. 10K whats so great about that some of you may say well ill tell you, this is the furthest i have ran in 25 years possibly my life and along with it im loosing weight and gaining strength which is a personel bonus but like the swimming and time in the gym it's all about the journey, i couldn't give a toss about the destination at this point but i have to say that with all the sports i have been involved with over my life Tri seems to be the warmest and nicest bunch of people i have ever met so for anyone considering it just jump right in now who cares how fat or old you are if you can only run upstairs or cant even ride a bike you'll learn and their are people that will gladly help you on your way and it just breaks up the day to day monotony called life we all know and love so much and you know what, you might just enjoy it.

Night peeps

Friday, 18 February 2011

YUM YUM New Shoes

Hello everyone i hope your all enjoying the lovely english weather unless your reading from another country in which case you probably are not, lot's of bit's and peaces arriving this week and we start with one for the Ladies, new shoes. Giro have dipped their toe in the shoe market with a few offerings that i touched on briefly a while ago but now we have some lets have a closer look. Top of the pile is the Prolight SLX available in 2 colours black or white simple and safe. The upper is made of Teijin microfibre which is very soft and helps to take your foots shape giving great comfort the 3 strap's D-rings are offset so they do not cause any real pressure points across the top of the foot their are made of Titanium for weight and you will also notice the lack of a ratchet on the top strap for the same reason.

The sole is EC90 slx hi-mod carbon giving great stiffness to weight ratio's and with Ti hardware. The shoe also comes with 2 insoles 1 super light for racing and one slightly heavier ( a little over the top i think) and 3 different arch supports that attach to the insole on a fine velcro style attachment. All in all a very light and good looking shoe with full road test to follow soon. Dropping 2 models lower is the Trans at almost £100 cheaper this shoe takes a cheaper carbon sole and upper material adding 70g in weight but has a buckle and a semi fetish shiny bit which i really like and in terms of value for money about £169 i think is a fantastic value for money shoe. The Trans also comes with a medium arch support but the arch kits are sold separately.

The Trans pictured above is also shown with a Mavic pro-road which is a very light and comfortable shoe for pretty much the same money, the picture doesn't really quite show what i intended here but for anyone who has seen the Mavic shoes they are super thin comfy slippers that feel floaty light on your feet the Giro much like a Sidi is a slightly beefier shoe sitting a little taller on the foot and probably being a little better in the colder temperatures aswell as the Mavics are extremely well ventilated. The 2 brands compliment each other nicely and with Sidi due in to us in the next few weeks you should be spoilt for choice when it comes to proper footwear. MTB shoes in the next blog if that floats your boat but in the meantime Zipp, Zipp have been a big and leading name in aero wheels for years now and hold a huge market share in the Triathlon market and with the 808 Firecrest it's no surprise as they are a truly beautiful wheel in the flesh with their dimpled surface and fat chunk stance they make any bike look a million dollars.

The 81mm deep rims sit at a porky 27mm width but for a reason, im not going to go into all the tech detail quite frankly because it bores the shit out of me but if you really want to read it click here, basically by testing different rim profiles Zipp have managed to move the centre of pressure caused by wind on the rim nearer to the centre of the wheel giving a much more stable feel and allowing the wheel to be far more efficient.
Even the skewers and hub/bearing covers are shaped to help cut through the air so if your already running Zipps make sure everything is facing the right way or you could be giving away precious seconds on the commute home. Now while on the subject of aero rims we all know EDGE/ENVE dont we ? well you should as this year they are set to place a foothold on the market in the UK with their product. Now i can not tell to much yet as that would be unfair on the UK distributor but there are a few new rims on their way and they look very good and offer some very interesting wind tunnel results but more on this later im afraid all i will say is start saving as the wheels will be offered in complete build packages with Chris King hubs to name but one variety, that should make your life a little easier Grant because i know i dont, sorry but Grant knows who he is and for those of you that dont hes the bloke that will have blinging Enve/king wheels in 2 months time. reference to the wind tunnel bit good news for Cannondale owners but again ill spill the beans later.
Well i need some rest after this mornings early run and bike session but thank you Cytomax for todays energy boost.

Night Yall

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

TCR show and jolly nice people

Well this weekend gone saw the TCR show at sandown park to which myself and Soloszabi made a visit, i have to say that the show lacked a certain something and i think the words happiness and excitement should cover it. There were various trade stands their i new and they were quite happy go lucky but the general mood seemed some what British really, if it were a colour it would of been grey. There were various bike shops their but it didn't seem to be the right place for them i think trade only plus loads of talks and demos/workshops would make it far more interesting or maybe i just visited it at a down point in the day however Tim from Compressport was on form as usual with what i have to say is the best compression gear on the market full stop. There was also a stand for Cytosport those lovely people who brought you Muscle milk which if you havent tried is awesome, they are a switched on focused company using a great distributor who are 100% behind their product and make sure you know the ins and outs of all if it and SiS have this mentality aswell which brings them to the top of the pile in the nutrition market i feel so expect to see cytosport take a big standing in Triathlon and cycling in general this year.

I picked up some new ZOGGS goggles aswell along with a pool buoy to crack on with my swim training which i have ignored for a week due to a cold so we will see how that goes in the morning with all the old bobbing biddies in the pool when i wash them aside as i pass like a torpedo (floating doughnut) in the cold morning water. Lots of energy product tried and all quite scrummy including new Zipvit flavours and Yum Yum flapjacks that really are Yum Yum and must be tried but we will have them next week (oh thank you god) so expect pics of empty wrappers.
Also spotted on the Compressport advert that was everywhere was one SoloSzabi in full Bicycle kit which was nice, hes taking a year out from racing to do stupid stuff like 100km running races and the like but will return next year with a vengeance so keep em peeled peep,s.
There is more to come this week in the way of new products from Giro and Zipp, Compressport and others and also my CAAD10 build tee hee new toy joy.

Some things that are rockin it this week- Giro shoes, Fruitairianism , yum yum bars, muscle milk, slipknot and early morning runs.

Things that definitely are not rockin it are - early mornings, people who run red's , the cost of my son's driving lesson's ,  my fruit bill  and ticket prices for the Olympics.

Darren wheels in progress buddy, Grant i have all the ENVE info now and bikes due 1st week in March, Hello @cleopompom and @Tbag75.

Whatever your doing make sure it's fun or stop it immediately unless it's reading this which you must keep doing like every day and all that.

Oh and the shape of things to come.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Happy Tuesday

Well another typical day in the life of etc until Coach Fi popped in and wished us Happy Tuesday which actually worked and made us all feel far more enthusiastic than we were so thanks Fi.
So what news do i bring to ye readers of this tripe, not much really as im on a Happy Tuesday come down now and feeling just a little tired oh yeah just a little. We blinged up a Slice a little this week which has been noticed by everyone and their mother so far and i must admit 2 sizes bigger and i would of taken it already.

Now i with deep regret have to share some bad news, today after a serious phone call to which i am still in a state of shock was told that Mavic will not be releasing these puppies to the public this year.

Yes its true my summer wheels the CC80's will never be however there is a help line for all of you feeling the need to talk to someone about this cruel act 0800 you bastards , yes dial 0800 you bastards now to help come to terms with this pain.

Oh my god another picture im so sorry the tears meant i couldn't see what i was picking oh the agony, but suddenly.
 Well hello :) things are looking up with this little black beauty "woof woof "summer wheels sorted then oh and if you Mr Mavic for any reason should now try and take these away from me then i suggest sleeping with your eyes open.
Let me break it down for you chick a chick ah, The black rim has had the Exalith process which basically strengthens the rim and slows braking wear whilst leaving the lovely blackness, this process allows the rim to be made slightly lighter (thinner) without risking strength and quality. The purpose of the carbon spokes "Tracomp technology" traction and compression is that they will work better under the loads of compression and traction giving a wheel that is both more responsive and gives less flex and if you dont believe me then ask my mum cause she know's its true she does so in your face. Actually my mum does know as i have bored her to death almost with the entire process but anyway lot's of change from Mavic in 2012 but thats enough info for now as it's only Febuararary.

Right what else what else, the Liquigas boy's have been track testing to get them super aero for TT's this year and as usual Mr Basso was killing it in the hat department and i would post a pic but apparently ill get sued or something if i do it again, actually it's Happy Tuesday corporate bullies wheres your soft side.

ooooh that kit rocks shame Trek LEO pard (careful how you say it or get sued) didn't get someone that was alive to design their kit.

Right weekly shouts- Grant and Emma super6 is on it's way and ill buzz you about fork tomorrow dear boy.
Darren hub and rims ordered chap, Ollie rims on the way for project super x, Fi im chasing Orbea, Mum put my zipp 2-11 presentation down you tech freak.

Goodnight John boy.