Saturday, 19 March 2011

Cipollini Sidi and More

I have been a little pre preoccupied for the past week with various bit's and peaces from trying to source bicycles for customers that according to manufacturers cant be made, random illness and general madness so im taking 5 minutes to chill this weekend and sort stuff out. The weather has been pretty good the last few weeks and customers are beginning to come out of the wood work to find their new weapon of choice for the season so are the good times ahead of us for cycling ?. With the olympics in the UK in 2012 it should be a great year for sports in general but we need the weather as this changes more than just the chance of a ride in the sun but our moods and general attitudes. We are all so much happier when the sun is out all day and life just seems simplified in general so fingers crossed we have a 6 month stint of glorious weather in front of us, bright enough for car drivers to actually see us, so sunny that all the idiots who run red lights on their bikes will just chill and enjoy those few extra seconds in the sun, warm enough that getting ready in the morning isn't the standard sprint relay from bed to bathroom to wardrobe and as you get home the neighbours are sat in the garden with a cold beer for you after a long hot commute.

In the meantime life goes on so we at the shop are trying to get all the lovely bits and peaces in that you lot want for your super summer rides and my god there is a hell of a lot of stuff. We have Oakley eyewear this year which is a no brainer in the eyewear department and joining our range of footwear is Giro and Sidi, Giro we mentioned a while back and the shoes have been steadily trotting out the door with a great welcome from there new owners. The ltd edition Rapha shoe will be us shortly as will Sidi whos range of shoes is massive and when you break them down the attention to detail and finish is wonderful, the fit is like a slipper even in the Mega shoes for wide footed freaks like me.

The 2 shoes above show a std fit on the left and a mega on the right, it's a lot easier to see in the flesh but the mega is a fair bit wider across the toe box. Every shoe is hand made in Italy which is why Sidi can only produce so many shoes per month but general stock in the UK is getting better and better.
We have also had our Selle Italia test saddles delivered to run alongside our long standing Fizik range and they come in some very funky colours which the camera just doesn't do justice to.
We also have got round to getting all our signed Liquigas jerseys out on display in the shop aswell its amazing how the smallest things can take so much time to do but they look great none the less and hopefully a few more victories to be added this year by the boys in Green.
Well that's my 5 minutes of chilling up now it's time to go back to work so enjoy your weekend all and keep em crossed for the sunshine.