Thursday, 28 April 2011

Di2 Builds new shoes and the Giro

well 9 days left until the 2011 Giro gets underway and it's going to be a biggy. This will be the 150th anniversary of the Giro and im sure the Italians will be looking for a home win and fingers crossed Vincenzo will have the stuff to do it. As a rider he has matured a lot it seems over the last few seasons and you never know this could be his time but if it is or isn't one thing is guaranteed, with the likes of Contador and Menchov wanting a nice shiny cup and Mount Etna it's going to be seriously exciting.
The likes of Basso and Evans will be missed after last years battles but the line up so far looks strong across the board so it should be good viewing on the old Eurosport and if anyone fancies dragging me along for free around the 15th of May let me know.

Now these last few weeks we have gone a little Di2 crazy it seems with quite a few custom builds rolling out the door which has been very nice and there are still a few in the pipeline so lot's to come on all of those shortly and also Electronic Ultegra, yes it's real being launched at the Tour de France and supposedly available from August. I have had rough prices and specs but ROUGH these will probably change over the next few months but lets say 50% of Di2 for now "bargain" you say, wait to here the full spec first and it is cheaper for a reason but all shall become clear.

Nice to see Rabottini grab a victory today in Turkey on his Cipo and i have to say i always had Turkey down as a bleak place to go but after the coverage on Eurosport i must admit it looks bloody lovely so ill add it to the must go to list.
The Cipollini booth is coming along nicely and there is even word of a £3k frame-set for 2012 with std seat post to make life a little easier and we are also due our demo RB100 shortly so a true reflection of the ride quality to come asap.

Lastly new shoes, i was going to wait and see what Sidi offered in a mega fit for 2012 to see if i could buy anything top end,ish colour wise etc but i couldn't wait and my current Northwaves have lasted 2 seasons and been great so i grabbed another pair which feel even more comfortable and as far as shoe prices go for a top end model they are cheap and for us wide footed freaks super comfy.

Well that's about it for tonight as im pooped and still need to watch the rest of fight club again for like the 50th time as it's just great.
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Monday, 18 April 2011

2012 Cannondale Felt Wilier and so on

Well while the cycling world gets its knickers in a twist over 2012 product that wont be available until the 2013 stuff is on show let's roll back the clock and tip toe through those precious 2011 beauties that are only just washing up on our little island shall we. This year has been a bit of a let down to say the least as most manufacturers havent managed to get 2011 product into the UK yet but are quite happily showing 2012 stuff already when there are people who have paid their deposits on bike porn that they may now not get. The bikes below are all truly awesome machines and really dont need to be superseded or tweaked as much as they are as most owners will never get them to perform to there limits anyway if the truth be known. Firstly Orbea's Orca gold an ultra high modules carbon frame served up in this case with a SRAM red groupset slipping in at £6600 and this particular beauty is a demo model so if you fancy a spin id and deposit please. Orbea run 3 levels of carbon the gold as mentioned the silver which is High modules and then Bronze which is on the likes of the Onix. Bronze is comfy and buzz absorbing, Silver is still comfy yet lighter and stiffer giving a slightly flightier ride then Gold which is Pro level aimed at stiffness weight and power transfer.
Next in our Spanish bike porn collection is the Ordu which comes in a silver or gold model. The black bike is a Silver model (confused) with Ultegra groupset and also available in 105, the blue/white is the Gold. Frame is the same but purely the carbon is the only change with an offer of Dura ace/ Di2 and SRAM groups.

The Gold models both Orca and Ordu and to an extent the silver aswell offer a downgrade upgrade option on various parts like wheels, chainsets and bars hence the above £6k bike with entry level shimano wheels in it as the lucky owner already has some nice hoops to chuck in it.
The following 3 bikes have also shot out the door this week to be used and abused for the summer.
Cannondales Supersix team model.
Wilier Imperiale.
Cannondale Slice Hi-Mod custom build.
So anyway the bikes are beginning to arrive just like Mavic's exalith rims and Sidi's shoes and shortly Felt and Enve product should have landed. I am in the process of trying some clothing by Etxeondo which i have to say so far is very nice and a full report to come on my CAAD10 which im afraid to say is fecking awesome. Well you can go back to your 2012 scalpel 29'rs, Wilier 799, and disc clad Felt cyclocross bikes but for now enjoy whats available and just bloody ride it.
This weeks blog update was brought to you by Blink 182, Galaxy hot chocolate and my youngest son locking me in my room for embarrassing him in front of his friends, being a dad has it's plus points.

Next time on why do i read this crap, none of the stuff i promise to write about like Martin @ Suppleworx for fixing my old knackered body, my CAAD10 (it does exist ive seen it) and other random mythical babblings.
Peace out Bra