Tuesday, 31 May 2011

DMT shoes and Oakleys

Well the giro is over with for another season and although Nibali didn't claim a second year on the trot for Cannondale Liquigas it was a close run race with Scarponi putting up an equally good fight and Contador head and shoulders above the filed especially on the climbs , almost a bit to good but i will not let my personel feelings interfere here and just say well done to all. Now the shop has been busy of recent with what seems a funny year so far with sales up and down all over the place but far more expensive bikes rolling out the shop this year than ever before which is great and the workshop is rammed and has been for months now, i dont think poor little Szabi has seen day light for ages but as long as he has his daily 2 tons of fruit he seems quite happy. Now we do like an Italian product or two in the shop and our newest is DMT footwear.
DMT have been around since the late 70's producing various forms of sporting footwear and are a main contributor and supplier to NIKE yes thats right the biggest sports company in the world get their cycling shoes from these guy's just ask the likes of Cavendish for starters who makes his shoes with the tick sawn on them. The distributor is bringing in 2 models at present the Prisma pictured above and the Radial pictured below.
The Radial is based on light weight and comfort hence no weighty buckles but an anatomic padded tongue for comfort, an external anatomic heel counter for stability and a super lovely carbon sole.
The Prisma although weighing the same as the Radial offers a one peace lace system called the RAM, which as you adjust the widget on the side of the shoe tenions evenly across the foot top so although giving a secure fit allows an even pressure across the foot for comfort. For those of you like myself who live and breathe speedplay pedals DMT even offer a speedplay specific fit which is great and offers a stupidly low stack height aswell. The full 2012 range beginning under £100 will be available from around September but if you fancy something a little different and not on everyone else's feet this summer pop in the shop and ask to try some. I am awaiting my first pair to arrive in the next week so i can let everyone know what kind of fit and comfort they offer as i ride Northwaves due to a wide fit so keep checking back for updates.
Oakley's have also landed in the shop now and we have all been busy using the custom order option and coming up with the silliest colour ways possible on Jawbones which are still the glass of the moment it seems.

We have found that so far all custom orders have been delivered within 4 working days so treat yourself for the summer. If you need advice on which colour/type of lenses to go for which really is the important bit just give us a call or pop in with your requirements.
Apart from the amazing world of bicycles i do also have some form of a private life which this weekend involved my lovely wife's 40th birthday and a visit to Bournemouth ink which is a yearly Tattoo festival here in the UK and all i can say is that the entertainment was great and the artists were awesome it's such a shame my pics were crap as there were some amazing peaces and my photos will do them no justice however if you get a chance to check out Rakhee her portraits are just stunning.
Well that's it for tonight folks the shop website is being updated as we speak and over the next few days will get a little more up to date as will my I tunes collection as i need something to listen to while pressing all these buttons.
If your into health and diet's and stuff check out Szabi's blog page for the latest on Fruitarians.
If you suffer from a really short memory go back to the top of the page.
Lastly 1st June Ace cafe london, hot rods and rockabilly's its a good night out for free.


Monday, 16 May 2011

2012 Cannondale EVO

Well firstly the EVO has not only made it's debut at the Giro but we have ordered ours and have been told delivery is in July. Im a little dubious about this to say the least as im still awaiting 2011 bikes but the info comes direct from the big C so there has to be some truth to it. Get your orders in peeps as they wont be hanging around. Now the Giro is not even half way through and apparently Contador's already won it, come on people we are only on stage 9 of 21 there is a way to go yet including another great climb and maybe Contador will win it although i still look forward to an Italian taking a home victory and although all eyes will be on Nibali in this house i must say so far there has been some great showings from Farnese Vini aboard their Cipo's and Androni Giocattoli with their Bianchi's. The bigger teams dont seem to making as much of an impact so far but maybe that will change toward the last few stages.

Visconti's RB1000 looks gorgeous in this paint job i think, a ltd edition beckons Mr Mario please maybe a bit over the top for a London commuter but dam it looks good. Well while the riders take a day to rest and look at their strategies im going to sooth my latest ink with some cream and hit the Gym in preparation for tomorrows Giro stage and to see if the Tour of Cali actually gets going. Travis Barker quede up on the pod so off we go.

Friday, 6 May 2011

EVO 2012 will green still be the new pink

Well Cannondale have officially launched the EVO so we can freely look and discuss it now with out fear of being told off. First impressions although from a month back were that i wasn't keen , just looked like a carbon CAAD10 how ever since getting a little more used to it's looks and Cannondales typical build ethic it makes perfect sense it looks fine, it's not going to just sell on looks but quality and simplicity above all and will still be as good if not better than most other stuff out there and strangely cheaper than Mr Cervelos project California thingy and all at 1 gram lighter. Now im never one to go for light weight as with my weight it usually brings problems but my CAAD10 is awesome and i for the first time in years can not see why i need a carbon or more expensive bicycle as it performs superbly however at half the weight (frame) but same geometry etc it has to be a must i think and that Liquigas paint is simliar to my 2009 rep therefore it has my name written all over it.
Now the EVO will replace the Hi-Mod frames only beginning at around £4k fior the SRAM red model then going up to Dura ace , Di2 , Team and Ultimate which as a full build is just shy of 5kg ouch !.
I will not go into all the tech stuff as it's all over the web but reading our dealer pack is quite interesting.
Now it looks as though the new Slice and short travel Jeckyl have been shelved for 2013 release as the big C need to concentrate on just getting bikes out their at present and dont want the same problem as they did with the Jeckyl this year which we are still awaiting delivery of (not impressed) but the std supersix will stay as is but looks as though all prices will go up 5-10% next year for everyone.
Now revel in the EVO's beauty before we finish off.

Sorry for small images but it's all Cannondale have given us so far. Now as things evolve ill tell you more but still to come this month, Willer's new 07 , various new gear and builds, my CAAD10, and Vanilla goes Lavender this will make sense shortly and trust me it's worth waiting for.
Giro is less than 24hrs away will Liquigas green retain pink with Vinnie or will Contador take the pink only to have the title stripped when the UCI do him for something if that ever gets finalised, they seem almost as useless as the Government here in the UK.  well im back to some old school Jay-Z and looking at shite on eBay but before i go,
Grant rims due Tuesday bike being built midweek.
Mum is your car fixed.
Moped rider that i took on both acceleration and top end coming home tonight, 1 large stuffed crust meat feast please.
And finally to all who arranged hot rod night at the Ace Cafe on Wednesday wicked evening and thanks.