Saturday, 23 July 2011

2012 Wilier

Well i did promise some Wilier news a while back so here it is.  The laveredo and Escape disappear this year  to be replaced with the Monte Grappa (sub £1k) the Triestina gets a facelift and the Izoard stays untouched along with the Gran Tourismo. The Imperiale becomes a frame-set only and i feel this bike has missed out big time, it had the looks and performance a year before spesh and Scott started doing aero stuff but it's been completely missed by the cycling world especially in the UK, sort your marketing out guy's. The Cento starts at £3500 for a complete bike and obviously the new Zero7 is the big news for Wilier this year however  im sure their new TT bike will go under the radar without some kind of push advertising wise and there are a couple of nice single speeds chucked in for good measure and cheap £500 the blue one is a must, look at the pics below and see for yourself. As soon as i get the proper images next week ill post them up but until then you will have to make do with Szabis photography.

Now there will be more to come and Wilier as usual will have bikes hitting the UK from September onwards with no real price changes which is good so if you fancy one let us know.

Saturday, 9 July 2011

2012 Cannondale continued

Just thought i would add a few more images before we move onto next years Wiliers and other stuff. As i said previously i have no exact UK line up yet so these images are mainly europe and U.S bikes and basically if it's black, white or black and white it will be UK bound (how exciting). Thank god for Italian manufacturers and loud colour schemes.

Enjoy peep's

And just for Dan.gerous the yellow supers are back buddy.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

2012 Cannondales

Ciao everybody, firstly i apologies for the lack of blog recently but a mental few months has just simply not allowed me to dedicate the time. Not that much has changed but i have a small window between family and superhuman duties so i thought i would use it wisely.
Below are some pics of the 2012 Cannondale range. Now at present we do not have our confirmed UK model and colour range as that's a few weeks away yet however i thought i would share a little info with you on what's happening.
All CAAD's seem to be staying the same except paint obviously, the same goes for synapse ally, Super X and standard trim supersix's. The EVO is all new and we may even see some Jeckyl's this year even though we are still awaiting the current one's (thanks for that Cannondale). And it seems although theres lots of spy shots of the NEW slice floating about that the bike stays as is with no deep rim spec just a ladies and a couple of bloke very std versions. Potentially the new model will be a late or early release next year so we do not get another Jeckyl balls up. The carbon Synapse gets a little tweak if you notice it or not is another matter but until i have the official what have we done to it im saying naff all about the seat post's.
From what i have seen theres lots of 29er's and a big women's range which most of will hopefully make the UK rather than 50% of the range and everything in black.
Oh yeah and Ui2 on various Supers. Enjoy.


Flash 29r


Evo Team

Synapse Hi-mod
Supersix Ui2

Scalpel Hi-mod

Scalpel 29r

Oh yeah and helmets, mmm not so sure but we will see.
Want some info drop us a line or email etc and soon we will have 2012 Wilier up as soon as images are ready.