Thursday, 25 August 2011

Orbea 2012

Finally Orbea are beginning to get the picture with their road bikes, the Orca has always been a looker no doubt but costly with nothing remotely sexy under it's price point but finally they have produced the bike that should of started the range off  3 or more years ago the spanking new 2012 Orca bronze. Basically orbea have taken the 2011 Orca's front end dropped in a round seat-post and tweaked the back end for aesthetic reasons and not performance to give a sexy entry level carbon roadie. I personally love the look of the Orca apart from the Orbea own finishing kit ( stem and bars) which looks so out of place on a £3k plus bike but more at home on the new bronze. The carbon lay up is the same as the current Onix which will remain in the Orbea line up for 2012 although not shown on the web i believe ? anyway the 2012 range in general is looking sharper than ever and larger than ever aswell. The Orca gold and silver stay untouched other than group sets and colours as does the Ordu and most of the other bikes.
The Orca range itself has 20 bikes and that's not including the women's models which alone has 17.
The range goes like this- Orca Bronze 105/ultegra/athena/ultegra Di2

                                       Orca Silver ultegra/ Ultegra Di2/ Athena/ force/ dura ace/ record/ red/  Di2

                                       Orca Gold ultegra/ ultegra Di2 /athena/ force/ red /record /dura ace /Di2

Orca Bronze 105 £1800
Orca Bronze Ui2 £3000
Orca Bronze Ui2 for the Ladies
Orca Silver record
Orca Gold Dura-ace
Orbea will be putting more effort into their road bike production this year as last year was just terrible for them so expect availability to be a lot better and hopefully they will start marketing themselves in the UK properly as they are wonderful bikes but still relatively unknown in this country, fancy a go on one we have a demo Orca Gold so get in touch.
Now fancy something big and filthy ooer misses the Alma 29'er YURSE PLEASE SANTA

I could rattle on for ages as it is such a big range but i honestly can not be bothered as i do have a life that i manage to fit in here and there so if you want more info then contact me/us as that will be the best way.
We have quite a line up planned for next year so keep watching as ill post up 2012 Cipollini's shortly which look dead funky this year and you can see the first one released into the wild by us here already.
Bianchi will be late September when we get back from Italy the best country in the world ever and our new secret hush hush brand that everyone knows but just wont sus it out.

Meantime this snippet of cycling info has been brought to you by the new Red hot chilli's album I'm with you, a large fruit smoothie and an overly loud washing machine.
Until next time children check this out with muchos base and relax.


Friday, 19 August 2011

Felt 2012 and the future

Well 2012 has well and truly arrived at Bicycle with Cipollini's and Cannondales already on the shop floor and in customers garages and when you have seen what we have seen for the coming season it's going to be a truly great year kit wise for you guy's and girls it's just a shame it comes during such a financially crap time in the world. This could actually be a good thing as we all look for something that is fun and enjoyable that can transport us away from the hassle and stress of day to day living cycling offers freedom, health and fun all in the one great escape also the amount of couples now cycling together and families aswell in the UK is great, you see so much more on your bike rather than being stuffed in a car or bus your children/friends/partners indulge in conversation with you and when all is said and done you fell a little fitter and happier with things in general.
Enough with the life lecture i think as cyclists we already know this but introduce it to someone who isnt, after all it doesn't cost you a penny and they benefit 10 fold. Now soon to hit our shiny shop floor will be amongst others some that will remain a secret until Eurobike and some you already know of is Felt.
Their 2012 range expands on what was already there opening up the price points even further with a varied range of road, aero road, TT-Tri and CX bikes thats without touching the MTB's and hybrids.
Below are a few models but be aware the prices and spec/colour could eventually differ slightly as nothing is confirmed until we open the box it comes in.
First up the F75- aluminium frame, carbon fork and post, 105 groupset and Mavic rims at a respectable £1175
Next and in no relevant order as that would be far to easy is the DA3 with it's full carbon frame and fork and SRAM red TT groupset it hits the wind tunnel at £3699

Next the AR3 aero road bike, full UHC advanced carbon frame and fork, and the new Ultegra Di2 groupset and Mavics cosmic elites which are cropping up on lots of bikes for 2012.
Kerrching £3599 Batteries included.
The equally loveley AR2 with full red in white £3999.
The very discreet F1 Di2 for you under the radar types. £7499 sneak it passed the wife tips with each one sold.
Now i havent at present got UK prices for the next 2 but they are both on my winter bike list but who will triumph, disc brakes and SRAM or neon yellow and buzzing Di2, who cares they both look good.


Now i have more but we could go on all night and wheres the fun in that, im an old bloke i need sleep and rest but if there is a certain model your interested in drop me a mail or post a comment and ill give you what i can. As i get the full specs over the next few days ill post bits up here and there and also to come soonish (if you follow this blog regularly youll know soonish can mean very longish) 2012 Cipollini, Mr Mario has been busy with his glue and scissors whipping up the LOGOS for 2012 and he has even flicked the paint brush around the current stuff aswell as making it all pretty and shiny and very Italian. Cannondale we kind of did a while back but them is arriving in the shop now so me get big pics for some soon. Bianchi we dont see until Mid September and there is also a new brand to the shop which i think will cause a stir amongst you guys in 2012 with some amazing and i mean amazing value high end bikes so watch this space, we've seen em and the man from del monte says ooh yeah baby.
I still pick up our EVO every morning to remind me how much cheaper it is than a Cervelo frame that cost's twice the price oh and if you like the Cannondale EVO wait until Euorbike thats all im saying incase they decide not to do it ooh have i said to much i just dont know.
Lots of Castelli stuff, DMT shoes, sidi and Northwave and the list just goes on, right time for some quick self tanning lotion as i get in to Vuelta mode, come on Sagan explode into your first proper tour.