Monday, 9 January 2012

Back to normal

Well finally we are back to normal, as much as i love Christmas and all that festive stuff i do love to get back to a routine, mainly for my stomach i think as one week a year of traumatic expansion is enough. So we are 200 days away from the Olympics and we all wonder here in blighty if it will be great or a traditional cock up. To be honest i was thinking along the cock up route but over the last week seeing the amount of people in the shop looking, enquiring and buying bikes to get in shape and ready for this massive summer i now begin to think it's actually going to be ok medals or not im sure it will go down well and hopefully get such viewing numbers here it will help prompt kids to get out off the X-box with their massively over worked opposing thumbs and zombie stares and find out just how much of a laugh sport can be with your friends which brings me round to Cav, S.P.O.T.Y what a result and a truly deserved one plus the guy is so much a team player hes just what the sport needs so well done to him.

So more 2012 product is beginning to land in the shop and ill be displaying it as the weeks go by and we get to use it but for now the Sidi Ergo 3's are in and looking lovely. Firstly the speedplay specific sole offers more adjustment for and after than a std shoe would do it also lowers the stack height and saves you weight 62g to be precise. The carbon is T700 and comes from a factory that also makes parts for believe it or not Ducati and Ferrari, Come on it's Italian what do you expect. New this year is a vent at the front of the sole which opens to allow air flow up into the mid part of the shoe keeping your feet cooler in the hotter weather. The shoe has 4 closure systems on the upper, your standard security velcro strap nearest the toe, the second is the techno 2 system (twisty dial bit)  in the middle a buckle and strap at the top of the foot which can be adjusted on the non buckle side side to allow for a high or low instep giving closure and pressure on the correct part of the foot and lastly the heal closure system which was tested with Liquigases Ivan Basso a few years back. This lets the shoe give a secure fit above the heal that does not squeeze or pinch or effect blood flow but means if you were running your straps looser due to very long miles, aches, discomfort or just need a little room to keep your feet awake it keeps the shoe in place and feeling safe.

The current RRP is £309.99 and their in stock now, a full range of colours and models from Sidi will be on our web shop come mid Febuary when it goes live. Keep an eye on here or here for more info.
And lastly if your lucky enough to be a Liquigas sponsored rider you get these.

Super bling im on the blag as we speak or you read and i write etc, oh you get it. Well thats enough for tonight i need sleep and protein.


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