Sunday, 29 January 2012

Bits and peaces

As it's been a week since the last post i suppose i should do something otherwise what is the point. We have had a few Ultegra Di2 bikes arrive these last few weeks from Bianchi and Cannondale but just had no time to build them so no road tests as yet but we have group sets in stock and i know they have been all over the web for months but now having them in the flesh shows just how simliar they really are. Excuse the usual standard of amazing quality photos but just so you can see both together thats all. Apparently the Ultegra is a little slower on its change than the Dura-ace but other than a few grams thats about it so really is worth considering and after the typical reliability shimano offer with Di2 the Ultegra will be just as reliable which is great from a UK weather perspective and daily user point of view and at the groupset cost makes me think is it time to go electric.

The mechs although really not interesting or exciting to look at still look just as good so money well spent me thinks, road test to come shortly.

Other things looking good at present are 3T's stealth stem and post , Mavic's cosmic ultimates and my belt drive hybrid from Focus, oh yes ive turned 40 and im doing my mid-life crisis on a budget. My newish commute monster is an 8 speed internal hub belt driven beauty, quiet as a ninja , faster than Usain Bolt and only for the most testosterone packed animals of us but an in-depth view into the belt drive shortly.
Meantime Shabi oops i mean Szabi (personel joke) is preparing for his second holiday already this year sorry i mean training camp i dont know whats come over me tonight. His Cannondale Flash carbon 1 29'r trail muncher is due into the country in a few more weeks and Cannondale have already sold through on 29'rs in carbon for the year and strangely Scott have also ran out of bikes so maybe a factory in the far east somewhere forgot to order enough carbon ? i dont know but still it's a shame only January and already gone i wish i could say the same for politicians. So Shabi and his new bike will soon be back from holiday and rolling round the woods in the dark but hes feeling fit and has some great sponsors on board this year who he will do proud im sure. We are off to the Core bike show tomorrow for a little fun and to see what we can blag so photos and incredibly funny belly cramp inducing stories to follow from there im sure. Well off to bed as its gonna be a long day.

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