Friday, 20 January 2012

Cannondale Evo 2012

Our family of Evo's is growing nicely at present however some of you members of the cycling public keep coming in and buying them so we have to get more and they are already selling out for the year in certain sizes and models which makes me think come May and Giro time there will not really be any left.
This may sound a little over the top but im afraid it isn't so hopefully Mr and Mrs Cannondale will get it on a little more often over these coming months and produce some more offspring.

So as it stands above you have the SRAM red bike nearest followed by the Di2 model them the (dribbling again) Liquigas Team model. All Evo's run the same frame and fork set up but different paint finished leave different weights. The Red and Team models both weigh 6.5kg dead without pedals (size measured team=56cm  Red=54cm) the Di2 model 58cm weighs 6.4kg (54cm pictured) and your more than welcome to pop in to see for your self. The spec of all 3 bikes is great and doesn't require any upgrading at all unless it's for personel reasons on preferred equipment. Complete bikes begin at £4000 to ober £8k for the ultimate and we will be offering frame and fork sets from March onwards in the Dura-ace black and white but these will be ltd so if your genuinely interested let me/us know asap.

The ride quality is as expected with these, fantastic. Lots of people were quick to say its more comfortable than the old one and its less comfortable etc etc before the bike had even hit the tarmac. The bike is stiff fast and very agile even more so than the original Supersix and with the light weight it just fly's and climbs like thing that climbs really well, really really well it even makes fat blokes like me want a red poka dot jersey. The steerer tubes come through quite tall and 99% of them will probably get the chop but at least you have the option to play around as we are not all rubber band bendy.

As the CAAD10 is to the CAAD9 the Evo is to the Supersix all amazing bikes but still a step up the ladder in performance and all round usability. The Team model has always been my favourite since i bought my first Liquigas bike in 2008 i have loved them all and my collection grows, i know why ride a team bike if your not in the team or even race etc quite frankly who cares there are millions of people wearing football shirts who can barely string a sentence together so i feel justified and if your going to spend £500 or £10,000 on something then buy the something you want not what others suggest, your only here once as far as we know so make the stay a good one.

Yum to the Cannondale SI chainsets and BB30 bottom brackets that everyone now adopts and double yum to the SRAM red/black/green (Dear Mr SRAM colour options on the new group please how hard can it be)

Tidy internal cable routing for the rear brake which exits from the top tube alla Synapse on the smaller framed models.

Lastly and we have been asked, why no go aero tube shapy, Cannondale wanted to keep and better the ride quality and comfort as you get more aero you get stiffer and heavier so they adopted the sensible bit, the tubes have been downsized to cut through the air quicker basically but with a different carbon lay up to allow the stiffness etc to be kept.  Think 5 Chocolate biscuits in your mouth apposed to one biscuit, one biscuit gets the job done quicker, strange analogy but it works on my level. Well all that talk of biscuits has made me hungry so im off, i hope you have learnt some new words today and enjoyed the pictures. Todays blog has been bought to you by the colour Green and the number 6.
Kettles on Ivan get a move on.

Bless him he's last again.

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