Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy new year

Well we are here 2012 has just begun and hopefully a great year for us all. This will be a big year for us in the UK with the Olympics and high hopes for Gold medals especially in the cycling. Cavendish at SKY will im sure make for a very interesting Tour, how will the team work it with Wiggo will they go for sprinter, overall points and placement and so on and that's if there are no injuries or changes due to the Olympics but whatever happens im sure it will be a memorable year and hopefully one where we stop hearing about all the doom and gloom of recession. So far the shop has been buzzing over christmas with people eager to get riding, a mix of mild weather and the excitement of whats to come i think.

I will try to run a good mix of things this year from whats new in the shop to what just plain works regardless. Lots of cycling miles to do this year and comment on and also just general fitness achievements. I have managed to drop 2 stone in the last 10 weeks so hills are feeling enjoyable now and ill share with you how i did it. Szabi has a busy year of races this year with his 24hr solo career and his first year with a group of top notch sponsors. Follow his blog for all that goes on but i will keep you informed anyway with a pre season write up to follow this week.

Turning 40 this year has messed up my thinking and made me buy a hybrid to commute on, dark times i thought but actually not thanks to Focus bikes and my new belt drive beauty, also the addition of my BMX via ZEAL BMX (thanks Mr Hitchcox) ill admit i love BMX and have done since the age of 9 and quite frankly couldn't imagine the last 31 years without it in my life, its character building, it keeps you fit, it makes you determined and to continuously push yourself plus keep A&E busy so works all round but ill do a stint on my visits to XC in Hemel and Harrow skatepark with my son soon.
The shops online store will open shortly which we are all quite excited about and hopefully will give people a bigger insite to what we sell and what we are about.

I will give an up to date link shortly for the shop just awaiting a few amendments to be done first. Strava what fun this site is after a bit of a slow year for me and lack of interest in the road bike this site kicked me straight back into touch with routes and records to break all over the place including competitions and so on so if you havent seen it yet take a look and feel free to join our club Bicycle richmond to help us build those KOM points. Now i must go and ready myself and get my blogs, tweets and god knows what other things in place so once again Happy new year folks, get out on the bike get down the gym be positive and lets make 2012 a year to be proud of. I will leave you with this video Congrats to Robbie and Levi what a way to kick off the year.


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