Sunday, 15 January 2012

It's beginning

Well after a fairly dull year last year this one has started with a bang. It may be cold out round here but the sun was shining this weekend and the cycling has been mental. Are the Olympics having an effect im not sure. It's far to early to tell but im seeing Nike posters every where of Cavendish and Harry Main, the local area is rammed with roadies, you cant drive round Box hill for all the cyclists churning up the Olympic course to be and even the local skatepark is stacked out with kids from 5 years old upwards doing tricks i would of said were impossible when i was a teenager (very very long time ago). Now whilst i mention skateparks and how well cycling seems to be doing here in blighty at present can i just throw a few facts out there. English down hill world champions Steve Peat and Tracey Moseley, world champions for feck sake and who new about generally yet premiership footballers shed a toe nail and it's front page of the papers. Jamie Bestwick anyone , anyone no never heard of him well imagine if we won the world cup, what an achievement we would spend the next 60 years bragging about it, Jamie Bestwick holds and has held the past 5 X-Games vert gold medals (world cups) and 7 Dew tours as well and when you watch what he does you'll know why. Its about time these athletes started getting the recognition they deserve as they push their sports forward day in day out , they dont earn Manchester United wages and they work extremely hard and have done to get where they are so i hope 2012 see's these guys and girls up there in the public eye.

Cycling covers all different disciplines so lets support them all and make it a great year for the UK, who knows a few Golds wouldn't hurt now would they.
In other news lots of nice shiny things leaving the shop over the last few days and lots more shiny things to come, there is a lovely EVO Di2 custom build around the corner, ltd edition Sidi shoes, Kask helmets new Cavendish model to come , Ultegra Di2 first ride and Scalpel 29'rs so im going to be busy over the next few weeks and then come April we go for a spin with Cipo, the Lion King as he lives and breathes so lts to do. The shop site is now and to an extent still being updated with the web shop due in Febuary.
Well tomorrow is my day off so i have an early appointment at the Gym then ill send a few hours at Harrow skatepark on my BMX whilst all the kids are at school pretending im Jamie Bestwick as i hop over a coke can and generally hurt myself so enjoy your week peoples and i will return.

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