Sunday, 12 February 2012

Castelli Liquigas and Cipo

Quite an Italian feel to this weeks blurb and rightly so, firstly with the cold weather we took a look at Castelli's 2012/2013 winter collection "a bit early for that isn't it" i hear you say but its never to early for Castelli's clothing as it's all so good. The main theme for this on coming year will be Green. This isn't me on a Liquigas rant saying i told you so and green is the future etc etc (although funny enough it is) but various Italian clothing manufacturers and ill expand on the various in a few weeks, have shown and told that 2012 is the year of green. Below are a few items that we at the shop all agreed on in the flesh are lovely, some will be a very definite yes or no for most but the UK is so boring, black black and black with a touch of grey/black no wonder cycling looks so dull to some people. Come on chaps and chapesses live a little and indulge.
Firstly a few nice Jackets.

And for the Ladies.


Awesome jersey's
There is loads but ill wait until nearer the time to give full specs as the range can always change but look out for the winter suit which is a Transparente jersey joined to a pair of Sorpasso tights, colour aside (which is wicked) its a great suit for the long winter days and there is also a cyclocross set with a short and super Roubaix inner.
Shorts tights and bibs stay as are really but as usual the collection is massive , well made and uber comfy and as soon as our Summer range lands next month ill post all the good bits up then. As for Mr Cipo and his cycles our first Logos has arrived and we are very pleased, the frame looks very nice in the flesh as expected, a little more subtle than the RB1000 with its angles and bends but equally as stunning and whats also nice and was embraced by us immediately is the removable cover under the BB area for cable routing and set up.

The frame weighs in at 1150g in a med which is highly acceptable given the ride quality of these puppies and they really do need to be seen in the flesh as images do not reflect the sexy lines of these bikes. RB800 and RB1000 on their way aswell so a full range on display shortly. The RB800 just got a cracking 10/10 from cycling weekly, Bianchi's Oltre just got a storming review from cycling plus and Cannondale ? well what can i say all our brands are kicking arse just ask Elia Viviani as he snaps up what he can aboard his EVO. Isn't this a pretty thing Evo team and little brother CAAD10 resting in the warm.

Well thats enough for today but keep an eye on our website Bicycle for info in the shop and our soon to be online store for all your Green needs or pop in for some Cipo love and a general natter about nothing in particular. Feed time Ciao.